16. Shuffle it!


Feb 21 2010, 14:00

Part One
Write the first line of each song

1. You wake up and hear your mother screaming:
"I can see"
It's kinda weird. Like "I See You" from Avatar. Unless my mother is from Na'vi oO

2. You come downstairs to find:
"There goes my valentine again"
and I must catch him in cellar ;D

3. The doorbell rings and your ex is standing there, and says:
"Who hears the voices calling - who calls to rise above them?"

4. As you take a jog around the neighborhood, as people see you they think:
"Saw you on the street we had to meet"

5. You arrive at work late and your boss says:
"Szło zło przez świat, miało zwykłą twarz"

6. Your best friend picks you up and the radio plays:
"You found me here, waiting for your chance"

7. You see a hot guy walking and you think:
"Hate the reflection that I see"
yes, I always think this way xD

8. You sit alone and think:
"Why do you keep looking at me"
cause always when I'm alone there's someone who is staring at me oO

9. When life gets shitty you always say:
"Whether it's rock and roll or old soul (it don't matter!)"

10. You arrive at a party and everyone is singing:
"We can remember swimming in December"

Part Two
Write the Song Title

1. You wonder why life is so..
like Empty Walls

2. Your ex believes that you are..

3. Your boyfriend thinks of you when he hears..
Breathe <3

4. Your best friend hates it when..
Fairytale Gone Bad

5. Your future looks like..
Kurewskie życie

6. Your best quality is..
Taking Back My Love

7. This is what most people think of you..
Lake Of Tears

8. You always like to do this..
Climbing Up "Iknimaya - The Path to Heaven"

9. Your parents wish you would..
Żyj na swój koszt
Haha, yessss! :D

10. This is what you say to the world..
Give It to Me :P


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