• Journal Entry #3

    Ott 4 2005, 5:40

    I have been listening almost exclusively to music from Disney movies since Saturday. Love'll do that to you.
  • Journal Entry #2

    Set 25 2005, 11:30

    This audioscrobbler tool is somewhat unsuited to my listening habits. I tend to just have three or four different areas of my music folder open at any one time and click songs on a whim, listening to perhaps 20% of each one before impatiently clicking another. Most of the time this is due to conversations or websites or smells or anything touching upon a moment or a memory which I desperately try to capture with a song.

    My impatience with silence dictates that I must have winamp set to repeat and this, coupled with my aforementioned erratic track selection means that I hear many small snippets of a lot of songs and then if I get interested in something I tune out and half an hour later I will realise that I've just listened to Gentle on My Mind six times in a row.

    All of which equates to patchy statistics.
  • Journal Entry #1

    Set 24 2005, 23:34

    I have impeccable taste in music

    so friend me up.