• Feature #165 - Alex Boman gets radioactive

    Nov 1 2011, 15:19

    Swedish house music shooting star Axel Boman has just released an album that would make Kraftwerk proud: 'Radioactive Orchestra featuring Axel Boman ' is all about listening to the sound of radioactivity.

    Radioactive Orchestra is actually a web-based musical interface (accessible here), which has been developed by Sweden's Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in collaboration with the Nuclear Safety and Training Institute (KSU). Co-designed by media artist Kristofer Hagbard the software makes the processes of atomic gamma decay audible and has served as the primary tool for six tracks of wonderfully subtle electronica house and ambient by Axel Boman.

    Released on the Studio Barnhus label, which is co-run by Boman, the album is out now and exclusively available through zero".

    Check this article with his video on our blog:
  • Podcast #034 - G.Rizo

    Mar 24 2011, 13:50

    Chances are you've seen G.rizo on stage on Patrick Pulsinger's recent album tour, behind the decks at her own Art Klub, or starring in performances by US artist jen ray.

    For the past few years G.Rizo has been busy making waves across the music and art scenes, editing New York's Repellent magazine, releasing on DJ Hell's Gigolo imprint, and working with musicians like In Flagranti, Snax, and Jimmy Edgar.

    Most recently the multi-talented singer, DJ, and producer has embarked on yet another new venture: Setting up her own label, Hezekina Pollutina.

    First releases on the label have seen G.Rizo team up with long-standing collaborator Sasha Crnobrnja of In Flagranti, with remixes coming from West Coast electro legend Egyptian Lover and Parisian new-rave producer Dinamics. From what we've seen so far the mission of the label seems clear: Rocking the dance-floor with pop and poise.

    Born in the US to Nigerian parents G.Rizo recorded her first release, 'Je Me Mentis', in 2003 for In Flagranti's Codek Records imprint. Her distinct voice, commanding stage presence, and extravagant fashion style immediately triggered comparisons to Grace Jones, and G.Rizo caught the attention of DJ Hell who released her 'Eye Wanna C U' on International DJ Gigolo in 2006.

    The single was backed by a remix by Austrian techno legend Patrick Pulsinger, who invited G.Rizo as a guest vocalists on his 'Utopia Parkway EP' the same year and more recently his current album 'Impassive Skies'. Leaving New York for the post-imperial glamour of Vienna, G.Rizo began to host her own free-style club nights under the Art Klub banner, contrasting club DJs with Klaus Nomi impersonators, art performances, and camp movie screenings.
    With G.Rizo's new single, 'Boys', just released as a zero" exclusive, we've asked her for a mix to introduce the Hezekina Pollutina sound. G.Rizo came up with a selection of wonderfully eclectic music, including neo-electro by Jimmy Edgar and Siriusmo, disco by In Flagranti and Pollyester, minimal funk by Maayan Nidam and Chloé, and old-school indie-pop by Andrew Weatherall.

    Listen to it on our blog:
  • PODCAST #029 - Harald Björk

    Feb 16 2011, 15:14

    Hot on the heels of our Stockholm City Focus our DJ mix this week comes from one of the city's finest young artists, Kranglan Broadcast label owner Harald Björk.

    Over the past few years Björk has defined a unique style of melodic, electronica-influenced techno for himself, across EPs for Traum Schallplatten, his own Kranglan Broadcast label, and most recently his debut album 'Bigfield'.

    Having grown up in the suburbs of Stockholm, nature has served as a constant inspiration to Björk, whose music is naive and emotional, yet bears an elegant and experimental edge.

    Björk's fusion of dreamy melodies, minimalistic techno beats, and freestyle editing has gained him numerous supporters, among them them Border Community's James Holden, whose psychedelic techno concept is a close match to Harald Björk's sound aesthetics. Consequently Björk has joined the roster of Border Community's booking agency not long ago.

    Recently Björk has been touring his 'Bigfield' album, called 'one of the best techno albums of the year' by Germany's influential Süddeutsche Zeitung, with a brand-new live set. Swedish video artists Jossystem have further completed a trilogy of inspired videos for the album.

    Harald Björk's zero" exclusive DJ mix neatly unravels the elements of his complex sound cosmos. From melodic techno by Jürgen Paape, over elegant minimalism by DJ Koze and Isolée to edgy electronica by Oni Ayhun and Com Truise.

    Listen here:
  • Podcast #025 - 2010 Crew Picks

    Gen 9 2011, 14:15

    For our 25th and final podcast this year we would like to look back on a year of amazing music with our most personal podcast edition to date.

    Each member of the zero" team - those that haven't gone missing in the holiday snow chaos that is - presents his favourite track of 2010 in this podcast edition, the one track that has made this year special for him or her.

    With a number of different tastes and penchants represented by the people that zero" keep up and running, we hope that you will enjoy our selection of favourites.

    The on-going permutations of the dubstep genre seem to have been the predominant trend this year however, with our 2010 Crew Picks featuring music by James Blake, Mount Kimbie, dBridge remixing Synkro, and even Leipzig's Kassem Mosse delivering an amazing broken beat track, 'Hi Res'.

    Adding some variety is lovely synth pop by Chromatics, exquisite house music by John Roberts, and 'country-tronica' by Vienna homeboys, Madchen Amick. Our track of the year, Actress' 'Maze' is of course included as well.

    We hope that you enjoyed our podcasts this year - thank you all for listening, and we hope you will tune in again when we return in 2011. Happy New Year!

  • Podcast #024 - Crew Picks - Georg

    Gen 9 2011, 14:05

    This week's podcast is once again our Crew Picks edition, which brings you a fresh selection of our favourite tracks from the past few weeks.

    For every Crew Picks edition each member of our team selects five of his current favourites to be assembled into a one-hour mix by one of the DJs in our crew.

    This time around the mixing part has been done by Georg, editor-in-chief at zero" and also known under the name of DJ Glow from his productions of Detroit-style electro, mainly for his own TRUST label.

    Assembled digitally this time around, his mix includes some of the most memorable moments in electronic music this month, with a selection that crosses over techno, dubstep, electro, and free-style hybrids thereof.

    Highlights include positively unclassifiable productions, such as Tolouse Low Trax's stunning remix of our own Clara Moto's 'Deer & Fox', which brilliantly dissects Mimu's haunting vocals, further Regis' doom-dub of Raime's 'This Foundry', and Shackleton's primal drum workout, 'Bastard Spirit'.

    Alternating with the avant-garde we find sure-fire crowd pleasers as well however - Redshape's techno epic 'Future Shock' for instance, Oleg Poliakov's fittingly titled 'Stellar', or DJ Sprinkle's lovely 'House Nation' mash-up of Marco Bernardi's killer dub techno piece, 'Klinsfrar Melode'.

  • PODCAST #023 - Cosmin TRG

    Dic 17 2010, 11:35

    This week's podcast comes from someone who certainly ranks among the hottest artists of the year 2010: Bucharest's Cosmin Nicolae, better known as Cosmin TRG.

    Nicolae originally become known under the name of TRG when he single-handedly put Romanian dubstep on the map back in 2007. His very first single, 'Put You Down / Broken Heart', was the first release on Ramadanman's Hessle Audio imprint and provided a template for the label's influential deep and reduced dubstep style. Both tracks received much attention at the time, spawning equally acclaimed remixes by Martyn and label boss Ramadanman the following year.

    More TRG releases on followed in short succession immerse records and Dutch imprint Subway, before in late 2008 Nicolae signed to London's Tempa imprint for the brilliantly shuffled-up single 'Decisions', making him the pioneering label's first artist not to hail from the UK.

    After a rather quiet 2009 Nicolae returned to the release circuit early this year with a surprising change to his sound - and his name. Now going by Cosmin TRG, his second Tempa release, 'Now You Know', incorporated straight 4-by-4 beats into his productions for the first time, presenting a remarkably unique conception of dubbed-out and funked-up house music.

    Amsterdam's Rush Hour label was quick to take note and offered Cosmin TRG an ideal platform to experiment with his new style. His two singles 'See Other People' and 'Liebe Sünde' undoubtedly factored into RA's decision of choosing Rush Hour as its label of the year 2010 - a year that further saw Cosmin TRG exchanging remixes with New York's Falty DL, contributing to Modeselektor's 'Modeselektion', and reworking Aardvarck's 'Nosestep'. And if all that wasn't enough, Cosmin Nicolae also revived his TRG alias for a recent single on Hemlock Recordings, 'Tower Block / Béton Brut', proving that his love for abstract dubstep hasn't subsided either.

    Cosmin TRG's exclusive zero" podcast has the inventive producer focus on the housier side of things. Starting out with Basic Channels classic 'Q1.1 III', Nicolae mixes his way through a highly interesting selection of current productions, including highlights such as Nick Höppner's remix of Airhead's 'Paper Street', and Schatrax 2010 edit of 'Champagne Dancer'.

    Listen here:
  • Phthalo - Reissues, Remakes and News

    Nov 26 2010, 10:40

    Ever since its inception in 1997 Californian label Phthalo has been a treasure chest for the discerning electronic music fetishist. Lovingly curated by Dimitri Fergadis, known as Phthalocyanine from his productions for Plug Research, Planet Mu, and A-Musik, Phthalo has been home to early works of renowned artists like Daedelus, Vladislav Delay, Kit Clayton, and Jimmy Tamborello's Dntel project.

    Vladislav Delay has just resurrected his Sistol alias after ten years for a new album on the label, and both John Tejada and Dntel have reissued some of their early works via Phthalo. A startling line-up of prominent artists has further been asked to reinterpret the original tracks, including international all-stars like Redshape, Dominik Eulberg, DMX Krew, Alva Noto, FaltyDL, Oneohtrix Point Never, Mike Huckaby, Bodycode, Jori Hulkkonen, and Scuba.

    The Phthalo name guarantees that this is no empty name-dropping - across the board the remixes display the same attention to detail that Phtalo is famous for and treat their source material with utmost respect for some phenomenal tunes. Dig into the Phtalo treasure chest on the zero" blog...

  • Juke, Ghetto House, Footwurking - Exclusives at zero"

    Nov 19 2010, 9:49

    For years the sound of Chicago Juke and ghetto house has remained one of the last untapped and truly underground genres of dance music. The origins of the style can be traced back to the first half of the 1990s, when DJs like Paul Johnson, DJ Deeon, and DJ Funk started speeding up Chicago house music and stripping it down to its bare-bone grooves, bass-lines, and raunchy lyrics on their productions for labels like Dance Mania. Ghetto house - or Booty house, as it was commonly called at the time - was born.

    In recent years ghetto house has become even faster, with speeds reaching up to 180bpm, and incorporated more and more elements from hip-hop and r'n'b. Termed Juke and championed by artist such as DJ Slugo, DJ Clent, and DJ Rashad the style has remained a predominantly local affair, with countless productions appearing through underground imprints like DJ Godfather's Databass Online imprint, Juke Trax, Juke Trax Online, and Slugo's Subterranean Playhouse.

    In the course of 2008's Baltimore bass boom, Juke gained more international visibility due to its similarities in tempo and party attitude. DJ Gant-Man's 'Juke Dat Girl' became a minor hit via New York's hipster imprint fool's gold, and Parisian nu-rave stalwarts Ed Banger invited original ghetto house icon DJ Funk on a European tour.

    Ghetto House, Juke, Footworking

    Meanwhile things were cooking home in Chicago as yet another generation of artists introduced the perhaps most radical change to the sound: abandoning the 4-to-the-floor house music kick drum altogether. Young bedroom producers like DJ Nate and Dj Pierre (not to be confused with the acid house pioneer) started recording tracks that seemed to float on a wave of staccato bass stabs, fluently switching between breakneck speeds and half-tempo intermissions. The new style became known as Footworking, after the hyperactive break dance variant it accompanied, and suddenly well-known UK DJs began to drop footwork tracks in their dubstep sets.

    Planet Mu's Mike Paradinas was one the first to take note, signing leading Juke artists DJ Nate, DJ Rashad, and DJ Roc to his influential label. A compilation of footwork tracks is bound to follow next year. Another label currently making waves is Chicago's Ghettophiles imprint, whose first release, '4 The Ghetto' by DJ Spinn & DJ Rashad, went down like a storm this summer, receiving enthusiastic reviews from magazines like Resident Advisor.

    Juke Exclusives on zero"

    zero" proudly presents three exclusive releases representing the cutting edge of ghetto house music - two by Juke legend DJ Slugo, and a Ghettophiles compilation highlighting some of the most interesting artists out there, including DJs Spinn, Rashad, Clent and Tre.

    Check 'em out here:
  • Fenin Presents Mixes and Maxis

    Nov 12 2010, 13:01

    Berlin's dub master Fenin has recently been raising attention once again with his releases for Echochord Colour (alongside like-minded producer Deadbeat), as well as his own label, Dock.

    Now Shitkatapult presents two new volumes of Fenin's music: 'Mixes & Maxis', a retrospective compilation of some of his finest productions transcending the borders between techno and dub, as well as 'None Of Them (Robag Wruhme Remixes)', a single featuring two distinct interpretations of Fenin's evergreen by former Wighnomy Brother Robag Wruhme.

    See the rest here:
  • Five Years of Ostgut Ton - Special Offer at zero"

    Nov 12 2010, 12:58

    As Berlin's Berghain club has become nearly synonymous with the German capital's night-life scene over the past five years, its label, ostgut Ton, has done an exquisite job of bringing the club's distinguished sounds of underground techno and house to the world.

    Ostgut Ton celebrates its fifth anniversary this week with a truly unmissable compilation, 'Fünf', and we are happy to join the festivities with special prices on all Ostgut full-length albums as well as a retrospective of some of the label's defining releases.

    Go here to see what's on offer: