Can you tell?


Apr 1 2011, 4:00

when you really wanna have something, something dangerous, somewhat smolder that would burn your soul into ash, unreachable yet very tempting, the flavor’s of sweet, very sweet lethal venomous temptation…. what will you do? take it, or.. leave it?

such a guilty pleasure, I know. I’m taking a sip of it, gulping it really slowly, one hundred percent realize that it’ll kiss my life away. half sober, to be precise. because I’m drowning in the rhythm, the melody of my own requiem.

will I be the same if I follow it, the devilish whisper which poisoning my brain every time?
will the devil crowned and be able to control my body?
will I still be me?

I’m walking on the border line of good thoughts and bad thoughts. what I can say now, I don’t care. can you tell?


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