0hootszone 2013 abstract ambient analog balearic bass beats beautiful best of 2015 better than 2pac bong rips casio preset core childhood pictures chillwave coal mines connect 2 the web via cd-rom cosmic drones cosmic synth dark shit deep house delightful ambient depressing disco downtempo dream pop drone drone techno drum 'n' bass dub techno electronic epic epic drones experimental field recordings of dads folk found out about this guy thru a youtube comment lol get money glitch helium tunes house i am a pretty victorian lady and i shall haughtily fan myself as i listen to this… idm imaginary soundtracks in the witch house circlejerk industrial industrial techno jazz jazzy hip-hop keyboards like 8-bit seagulls like opening a new box of lucky charms and pouring yourself a great big bowl and… lo-fi lost in the forest m83-esque majestic manila envelope meditating with the tin man microsoft encarta minimal minimal techno modern classical music about siblings new age noise nudes4music on my grind opal tapes pop pop rock porn porn soundtrack post-abstract probably electronic psychedeli psychedelic r&b real recognize real and this nigga the realest retro logotones rip emeralds sausagecore simple rhythms space disco synth music synthpop tech house techno that scene in titanic where jack and rose stand on the edge of the ship the all-encompassing blackness of eternal night the old west the owls are not what they seem this 1 this song smells like pumpkin-picking saturdays as a naive youth under 2000 listeners underrate wat wayne rooney weed well under 2000 listeners woocore your dad might like this