• Baby I Like It!

    Feb 7 2011, 8:53

    Sat 5 Feb – Enrique Iglesias, Jay Sean

    Let start off by saying that I had high expectations from Enrique for many reasons. One being that he's an artist that I don't normally listen too since 2001, the other was I usually go to small indie venues and never attended MSG or any other big venues berfore.

    When looking back all I can think of are confetti, light up ballons, and two amazing special guest! Let's be honest here and we all can probably agree Enrique's voice isn't all that great, but man can he perform so well that I overlooked his imperfected voice. He's a hella performer/ entertainer and a very humble man, he even brought 4 lucky fans on stage with him.

    You may ask if my expectations were met?! The answer is YES!!!
  • Au Revoir Simone

    Giu 28 2009, 17:37

    Words can't describe how beautiful they are. I was suprised how amazing they played live! Overall good show!
  • Matt & Kim, Trouble Andrew, and Lily Allen

    Feb 11 2009, 19:40

    Tue 10 Feb – MySpace Secret Show

    Last night show, was sooo good. Even though my friend and I had to wait online for 3 and an half hours. It was worth the wait. Trouble Andrew performed first, he was energetic! He had bull horns and everything. His performance was just LOUD!!
    OMG!!!!! Matt & Kim.... words can't explain about their performance! They had the crowd going. From shutting all the lights out (pitch black) to Matt crowd surfing! Kim is siick with the drums.
    Lily Allen, is sooo pretty. I was impressed by her performance. She's a really down to earth chick. Very funny. She sang her songs from her debut album It's Not Me, It's You. I walked out becoming even more of a fan. Her album is really good, get it!!!!
  • City and colour show review!!!!!!

    Gen 14 2009, 23:28

    Tue 13 Jan – City and Colour, William Elliott Whitmore

    So last night I finally got to see city and colour live!!!!!!! I'M still pretty stoked..heheh.... Dallas was amazing, his voice was beautiful! Performance wise was A+ he kept the crowd lively! We were singing along with him, and even laughing. can i forget about William Elliot Whitemore.....he was a lil drunk, but gave a hell of a performance as well.