The Arcade Fire Experience hits Birmingham.


Dic 13 2010, 17:38

Wed 8 Dec – Arcade Fire, Devendra Banhart & The Grogs

Due to a serious error in transit, this was the first gig I have ever found myself properly late for. As a result I missed the opening performance of Ready to Start which is a major pain in the ass as that's a highlight of The Suburbs for me. But anyway, as I got into the arena they were just finishing off Neighborhood #2 (Laika) which was their second song, so not too much was missed really. Anyway, lateness aside I couldn't settle into the spirit of things for another 15 minutes due to the irritating crowd at the back. Getting to the front was impossible, which was highly frustrating as I wanted in on the dancing nearer the front and everybody around me appeared to be in a sort of comatose state, and kept saying things like "excuse me" as I tried to get around them.

But still, the performance of the band was almost spot on. The problem with Arcade Fire is that once their songs are lined up one after the other but not from the same album, you notice the similarity of all their songs, but this can be forgiven usually. My main issue was the slightly short set, 18 songs seemed a little less than I had expected really, but I suppose I did miss the first two. This is of course all nitpicking, the renditions were amazing, from the mournful My Body Is a Cage, to the rockin' Month of May all the way to the biblical closer - Wake Up the band were fantastic. Great energy and beautiful musicianship. An amazing experience I can't wait to repeat. And to be on time for.


  • feynaranie

    the kids in the front were mainly 15 and shockingly tall, but they had the best energy and made everyone around feel quite emotional... i just had to move slightly on one side in order to survive, considered i'm 5'6'' :) btw you shouldn't feel sorry for missing the very beginning, as Devendra Banhart managed to suck most of the initial excitment away with his exceptionally lame show. best gig of the year for me :)

    Dic 13 2010, 19:01
  • Dantheman131

    I'm not 15 but I think I count as shockingly tall, was the tallest that I could see. Sorry about getting in the way! :P

    Dic 16 2010, 16:45
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