Things people need to listen to...Episode 9 (December 20, 2009)


Dic 21 2009, 4:57

Hey, not too shabby, I managed to get another list up less than a year after the last one, go me!

So here we go, hopefully something in here tickles your fancy. Enjoy!!

1. Two Door Cinema Club
Indie / Electronica / Alternative
Best tracks: Cigarettes in the Theatre, Something Good Can Work, I Can Talk

2. We Have Band
Pop / Electro / Rock
Best tracks: You Came Out, Hear It In The Cans, Oh!

3. Chew Lips
Electro / Indie / Pop
Best tracks: Rising Tide, Solo, Seven

4. Men
Disco House / Reggae / Punk
Best tracks: Make It Reverse, Off Our Backs, Simultaneously

5. Kap Bambino
Punk / Electronic / Indie
Best tracks: Batcaves, Rezozero, Blue Screen

6. Bear Hands
Rock / Pop / Indie
Best tracks: Can't Stick Em, Long Lean Queen, What A Drag

7. Malpas
Electro / Bluegrass / Indie
Best tracks: Under her sails, Where The River Runs, Lyon

8. Here We Go Magic
Rock / Indie / Folk
Best tracks: Fangela, Tunnelvision, Only Pieces

9. Local Natives
Indie / Pop / Rock
Best tracks: Camera Talk, Airplanes, Sun Hands

10. Now, Now Every Children
Indie / Pop / Rock
Best tracks: Everyone You Know, Sleep Through Summer, Cars


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