Netlabel Christmas Music!


Dic 8 2008, 1:32

So, it's December, and that means it's cool to play Christmas music. So, here's some netlabels I like which have released Christmas-related compilations.
The 8bits of Christmas by a The 8bitpeoples. Includes all your favorite 8bitpeoples-related artists like Nullsleep and Bit Shifter. Okay, so only those two people are really on the team. But the rest are pretty cool. I mean, there's Goto80 and Vim!. Also that guy who made a synthesizer out of a dot matrix printer.
The X-Dump: The Droidbird Complement contains a bunch of what I assume to be Christmas-related songs but since they're all from Europe I don't know. But hey, it's got Psilodump and Paza and Dorothy's Magic Bag and a lot of funky beats.
Some Candy Before Christmas by Candymind is a bit calmer (if you don't count Alaska). It includes Liquid Stranger as well as more Goto80 and Dorothy's Magic Bag
Christmasasaurus Vol. 2 by Candymind contains a HUGE amount of music (50 minutes!) from many of your (well, my) favorite 8bit artists, including Animal Style (who also did the artwork) and Temp Sound Solutions.
Phlogiston mentioned on II (link) that there was a "winter/snow/cold themed" compilation in the works. So keep an eye on them.
Edit: Sea of Ice. I know, it's a bit late to throw it on your MP3 player and go walking through the nearest snow-covered park at dusk, but there's next year. Maybe it during the summer to be ironic, maybe play Croqel during the winter.


  • Tanner47

    Hilarious! Love it.

    Gen 16 2010, 17:11
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