call it what you want


Giu 1 2010, 6:49

What is an emotion
but a bitter truth that you want to deny
and what is with all this commotion
about a 9-5 and finding a wife
If i can afford the option
of dealing with shit when my father cries
then i wouldn't be so against
ditching my old one for a new life

and when you're never completely wrong
that also means you're never completely right
so when nothings going down and nothings going on
i'm gonna get down i'm gonna get right

so is this what you call living?
up at 5 am waiting for coke from a stranger
you'll come out without the clothes you've sweated out of
i'm just a sucker for that face

when does a dream become a ghost
when does a noose stop being a rope
when does a choice stop meaning hope
when does this party become a funeral

kinda in a weird place right now. i hate thinking this. but i really could use a hug.


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