definitely NOT "one of those weeks"...


Apr 11 2008, 20:09

To say that this week that's passing now was a normal one would be a lie. Exactly 7 days ago, at this very moment, I was lying in hospital... me, my brother and my mother... all of us victims of a terrible car accident (our car lost control and collided with an oncoming truck) that could have easily put an end to all of our lives (also my sister was in the car, but she got away with only minor scratches, if you can believe that!).
The reason for our trip was already particularly sad but we were trying to have a good time on the road... I kept on listening to as many songs as my ipod could hold, ranging from Judas Priest to Megadeth, from New Model Army to Meat Puppets and a whole lot of other artists, but one of the last memories I have before the accident was that I was listening to a Wipers' song called 'The Rest of My Life" and I was thinking about some stuff that I wanted for me for the rest of my life and most of all I thought about the proximity of those I love... 30 seconds after that we were bleeding, running like mad barefoot across the asphalt trying to pull my mother away from the wreckage. A feeling I hope none should experience in his lifetime.
A week has past and I still can't listen to that song... it's strange how things can end up so fast, so unannounced... all you were, wanted, dreamed, hoped for can be reduced to naught faster than the blink of an eye.
My body still aches, my face is still swollen, my legs are still bruised, but, me, I am alive... me and my family, and that's just priceless... all I can say is that "I wanna be with them the rest of my life".


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