Nov 27 2007, 5:28

i am cut off from 95% of my technological fixes for at least three weeks. this will be an interesting and infuriating experience. even after one day without music to sate me, i have noticed how much i take for granted as far as technology. i have also noticed that i am becoming more bitter, less patient, and generally unhappy. this is an ordeal my friends, but we will win through.

for some reason i find myself having obscure thoughts about starcraft and the different strata of defense one erects to remain safe.
my defenses are fucked, ya'll.


  • carterbaldwin

    I've been thinking of getting back into starcraft as well. I have also been considering fleeing to the tundras of the north.

    Dic 5 2007, 15:00
  • vismund_cygnus

    don't let the things you own own you.

    Dic 7 2007, 5:34
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