• Kanye West @ Call of Duty XP event in L.A.

    Set 7 2011, 19:04

    The website I work for got press invites to the Call of Duty XP event and we jumped at the chance to go. The game itself plays awesome, I'm a huge MW2 fan (not so much Black Ops) and got to play the game a bit, see new features and talk to fans and developers.

    Music wise though, Kanye closed out the show on day two with an amazing concert. I was expecting something shorter and less fancy, but he rolled out a full concert, tons of hits, a hell of a show. Since we were there with a press pass we got to hold onto our cameras and got a few shots (If I had known this ahead of time I'd have brought my better camera and lenses, but oh well).

    Call of Duty XP set on Flickr