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Eventi del 2011

Domenica 2 Gennaio 2011
Des Ark, TravelsConcert
AZ Conni
Dresden, Dresda, Germania

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Sabato 15 Gennaio 2011
Angry Youth Fest IV
Downpresser, The Effort, Gold Kids, Cornered, Nothing Done, A† Daggers Drawn, SCARED MINDFestival
Cafe Nova
Essen, Germania

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Venerdì 21 Gennaio 2011
Against Your Society, Breaking Point, Foundation, Bracewar, Supertouch, Coldburn, Said and Done, In CirclesFestival
Essen, Germania

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Venerdì 28 Gennaio 2011
Dritte Wahl
Farben Lehre, Generation BreakdownConcert
Dresden, Dresda, Germania

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Terror, First Blood, Lionheart, Backtrack, ColdburnConcert
Schleiz, Germania

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Sabato 12 Febbraio 2011
No Turning Back
State Of Mind, Final Prayer, EmpowermentConcert
JZ Riot
Lichtenstein, Germania

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Giovedì 17 Febbraio 2011
Your Demise
Stick to Your Guns, letlive., Break EvenConcert
Conne Island
Leipzig, Germania

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Venerdì 25 Febbraio 2011
Death Before Dishonor, TRC, The Mongoloids, A Traitor Like Judas, Final Prayer, Providence, Look My Way, Bedlam Broke LooseConcert
Riesa, Germania

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Sabato 26 Febbraio 2011
Crackdown, Deep Throat, Through Devastation, New Hate RisingConcert
BPM Club
Zwickau, Germania

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Death Before Dishonor
The Mongoloids, Risk It!Concert
Schleiz, Germania

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Venerdì 4 Marzo 2011
Downfall Of Gaia + Nautika + Eyedestroyed + Seas Of Stone
Seas Of Stone, Downfall of Gaia, Nautika, EyedestroyedConcert
Dresden, Dresda, Germania

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Domenica 6 Marzo 2011
Carpathian, Risk It!, Final EffortConcert
Roßwein, Germania

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Sabato 12 Marzo 2011
Crackdown, Deep Throat, punch in the face, New Hate Rising, tear it downConcert
Roter Baum
Dresden, Dresda, Germania

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Sabato 26 Marzo 2011
Bringing Back The Glory 2
Madball, Born from Pain, Most Precious Blood, Trapped Under Ice, Nasty, Wisdom In Chains, All For Nothing, Embraced By HatredFestival
Essen, Germania

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Domenica 27 Marzo 2011
Rise Against
Haus Auensee
Leipzig, Germania

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Giovedì 21 Aprile 2011
PHANTOM STARS, Devils MotherConcert
Dresden, Dresda, Germania

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Sabato 30 Aprile 2011
Revolution Fest 2011
Madball, H2O, Flatfoot 56, Cruel Hand, Nasty, Myra, Volxsturm, Eastside BoysConcert
Leisnig, Germania

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Domenica 1 Maggio 2011
Through The Noise European Tour 2011
Comeback Kid, The Ghost Inside, Kvelertak, Grave Maker, Social SuicideConcert
Conne Island
Leipzig, Germania

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Sabato 7 Maggio 2011
Imperial Progression Festival
Caliban, We Came As Romans, The Word Alive, Miss May I, As Blood Runs Black, Asking Alexandria, Adept, For TodayFestival
Werk II
Leipzig, Germania

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Venerdì 13 Maggio 2011
No Second Chance, Enter Your CrisisConcert
Neustadt / Orla, Germania
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Sabato 11 Giugno 2011
Bam In Your Face Fest 2011
Myra, Blonk, Walking Dead On Broadway, Last Chapter, Nesaia, Welcome Karen, Without Words, Relive Your FallFestival
Neustadt / Orla, Germania

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Venerdì 17 Giugno 2011
Merkwürden BRN 2011
The Lurkers, Beissert, The howling wolfmen, Stonehead, Dufferpit, Built On Trust, troublekid, Livin TargetsFestival
Alaunpark Nordöstliche Ecke (Alaunplatz)
Dresden, Germania

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BRN 2011
Leningrad Cowboys, The Lurkers, Mango, Samsara Blues Experiment, Moon, Hasenscheisse, Big Dipper, MausFestival
Bunte Republik Neustadt
Dresda, Germania

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Giovedì 21 Luglio 2011
Fluff Fest 2011
La Dispute, Man Overboard, Touché Amoré, Ceremony, Polar Bear Club, Rosetta, Lemuria, Year of No LightFestival
Rokycany Airfield
Rokycany, Repubblica Ceca

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Giovedì 11 Agosto 2011
14. Endless Summer Festival
Strike Anywhere, Comeback Kid, The Exploited, Ignite, The Adicts, The Real McKenzies, H2O, Street DogsFestival
Torgau, Germania

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Mercoledì 23 Novembre 2011
Within Temptation
Anneke van GiersbergenConcert
Alter Schlachthof
Dresden, Dresda, Germania

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