• Imperial Never Say Die!

    Nov 11 2010, 18:50

  • Moshpit Open Festival

    Set 5 2010, 17:13

  • 50 Lions/Grave Maker/Antagonist A.D./Guilty

    Ago 20 2010, 0:03

    Thu 19 Aug – 50 Lions, Grave Maker, Antagonist A.D., Guilty

    Bands: 50 Lions, Grave Maker, Antagonist A.D., Guilty
    Date: 2010-08-19 @ Klubb 43, Stockholm, Sweden

    First of all, it’s a huge difference between going to a hardcore show and going to a metalcore show, I tell you. Instead of all these kids ruining the show with their bad demeanour, the audience is a lot more mature and grown up. Just wanted to point it out.

    Each and every band playing tonight traveled a long way from home to get to Stockholm (Guilty, too, in a way), with 50 Lions coming from Australia, Grave Maker from Canada, Antagonist A.D. from New Zeeland and Guilty from Jönköping/Linköping. Guilty was doing their debut show tonight, and I have to say – they could’ve gotten worse partners. I mean, their first show and they get to play with these bands? Not bad.

    First up was Guilty, and as mentioned it was their first show as a band. I listened to their demo yesterday and I wasn’t pleased in any way; it sounded like a bad mix of hardcore and glam rock. They weren’t all bad live, but the music doesn’t really appeal to me. They got the crowd going though, and everyone seemed to enjoy it. However, I had some issues with the vocalist, he had a very weird way of acting on stage… First and foremost, without warning he threw the microphone into the crowd, twice, apparantly not caring if it hits someones face. I don’t see why anyone would do this. At any time. Anywhere.

    Next was Antagonist A.D.. Their performance was pretty straight forward; nothing bad and nothing really good. Samsams vocals were a little weak, though. All-in-all it wasn’t a great show, but it certainly wasn’t bad. I’m glad they took their time to come here.

    One of the bands I really wanted to see tonight was Grave Maker. Their new album Ghosts Among Men is pretty decent so I was psyched to get to see them, especially this short after release date. And they managed to put up the best performance of the night. Good stage presence, a lot of dancing and sing-alongs was key to their good show. I haven’t listened much to them to be honest, but I surely will after this.

    Last time I was going to see 50 Lions was when they played with Parkway Drive and Despised Icon, but the show started earlier than planned so when I arrived 5 minutes after the show was supposedly going to start, they just finished their set. You can imagine how mad I was at that point. I’m glad they decided to come back though! There’s something about these Australian bands, they always seem to come back here over and over again, even though it’s really damn far… They must love us.
    To be honest, I was a little disappointed in 50 Lions‘ performance. It was monotonous and tedious, and they didn’t quite have the energy I expected. Everyone else seemingly enjoyed the show, with countless stage dives, lyric-yelling and hardcore-dancing sessions.

    Tonights show was ok. Nothing actually stood out of the ordinary, but Grave Maker did very well. Despite the show being mediocre, it was at least well worth the 60 SEK (~€6) admission fee.
  • No Omega, Yersinia, Raised By Wolves

    Ago 9 2010, 21:40

    Mon 9 Aug – Stockholm Straight Edge

    Bands: No Omega, Yersinia, Raised By Wolves
    Date: 2010-08-09 @ Klubb 43, Stockholm, Sweden

    It's Monday evening and I felt like being a little spontaneous and go to a show I had no direct plans on going to. What made me even consider going is the fact that my good friends in No Omega was playing, whom I haven't seen play live yet (!), as well as the rather unique band Yersinia - they actually have all their lyrics in their native language, Swedish, which is obviously not very common with this type of music.

    Crowd-wise there were a lot of younglings around waiting to see Yersinia. They tried hard to support the bands who were playing by starting pushpits (what else) and something I can only assume was hardcore dancing attempts. But hey, as long as they have fun and the bands get a little movement instead of an entire crowd just standing and bobbing their heads, I'm fine with it.

    Opening the show was No Omega with their spectacular blend of post-metal and hardcore. With lyrical and musical theme of extreme anguish and despair, vocalist Andreas' shrieking further builds up on the dark and gloomy ambience. They put up quite a show, despite the rather awkward spaces between songs. It was the first, but definitely not the last time I see them. You should check them out now, if you haven't already.

    In-between the opener No Omega and headlining Yersinia was Raised By Wolves from Jönköping, which is pretty much Swedish crabcore. One guitarist constantly standing with his legs apart - like the average crab - while the other guitarist bobs his head back and forth (both guitarists performing a mix of this (http://www.dobi.nu/yourscenesucks/crabcore/crab.gif). To top it all off, the vocalist did the official crabcore-dance (http://www.dobi.nu/yourscenesucks/crabcore/running.gif) (credits go to Rob Dobi and yourscenesucks.com).
    Other than me constantly comparing them to the clips I just attached, the music was pretty ok. Pretty awkward stage presence, but the crowd seemed to like what they were hearing.

    I hadn't seen Yersinia live until now, although I have listened to both their self-titled EP and Lejonhjärta. They're currently getting a new record together which, based on their previous material, should be a beast. However, Yersinia leaves a little to wish for when it comes to their live performance.
    First and foremost, the vocals were barely audible. I don't understand why they asked for them to be lowered before they started playing because if you can't hear the vocals the overall experience becomes worse by so much. The only words I could make out was the ones I already knew from reading the lyrics.
    There was a lot of activity in the crowd however, and a lot of people who wanted to steal the mic and shout the lyrics themselves - so I guess I'm the only one who had a problem with the vocals' low volume. Anyway, I'm blaming it on a bad sound technician and hope the next time I see them it'll be a much more memorable event.

    I'm pretty content with how my Monday night ended. I got to see some friends, listen to some pretty good music and in general have a good time. Make sure you check out Yersinia's coming record, and catch No Omega on their european tour in September!
  • Parkway Drive/Despised Icon/The Warriors/50 Lions @ Klubben, Stockholm, Sweden -…

    Mag 6 2010, 0:35

    Wed 5 May – Parkway Drive, Winds of Plague, 50 Lions, The Warriors, Despised Icon

    Band: Parkway Drive/Despised Icon/Winds Of Plague/The Warriors/50 Lions @ Klubben, Stockholm, Sweden - 100505

    It was a little more than two years ago I saw Parkway Drive the first time, and I was even more psyched about tonight. Parkway Drive, town homies 50 Lions, Despised Icon on their last tour, Winds Of Plague and The Warriors.

    One of the bands I was most psyched about to see was 50 Lions, but apparently they started the event earlier than planned, so when I arrived (exactly 12 minutes after the designated time of start), 50 Lions was done playing. And how frustrated was I about this? I don't get why they start the event earlier than planned. I didn't even get to hear them say "thank you for coming". It was damn unlucky.
    Next up was The Warriors, which I've never ever heard about, at any time. It's a mystery to me why they didn't go first up, before 50 Lions. Anyway. Their performance was pretty tacky, as it looked like the band had no live experience of any kind and the vocalist seemed insecure and stiff. Some of their songs had some good parts in them, but it all seemed like rock & roll to me.

    One of the main attractions of this show was Winds Of Plague. I've passingly listened to their earlier work, not so much The Great Stone War, but there was really only one song that I liked - Decimate The Weak, which luckily they played! But I have to say, I was pretty disappointed in them as whole. The sound was kind of bad, but I have to blame the venue on that one, since it lowers the overall experience of the band even though it may not be their fault.
    I was surprised when I saw the vocalist - he was NOT what I expected him to be. Let's just say this - I wouldn't hit on his girlfriend. That pretty much sums it up. I have to complement the keyboardist for being the one and only keyboardist who weren't out of his/her mind and jumping like crazy all over their keys - this one was calm and did what she was supposed to do, period. Kudos. For some reason she disappeared when their last song was about to come. I don't know if it's because there was no keys in that song or if something happened - it was weird though.
    Once again, the bad sound was a factor in Winds Of Plague's performance, which cut it down a few notches.

    Despised Icon is on their last tour before splitting up. Since I haven't listened to them much (I've practically only listened to their songs on their split with Ion Dissonance) I wasn't very fed up with the fact that this is the first and last time I will see them. Turns out I became fed up. Their performance was one of the most memorable performances of my life. Being the first band I've seen live that has a dual vocal approach, it was really awesome to see. With Alex Erian's hardcore shouting style and Steve Marois' shrieking, deep growls and squeals they complemented each other perfectly. Not to mention the drummer Alex Pelletier. Goddamnit does he live up to his nickname, Alex Grind. I've never seen such a brutal and fast drummer in my life; my jaw was basically on the ground the entire show.
    What started as indifference turned into sadness that this was the last time. Even though I understand that the band has their reasons, I really think they should continue - if not in a slow way as a side project.
    An extremely awesome and practically flawless performance by Despised Icon, and it really pushed me into listening to their studio stuff.

    And now there was only one thing left: Parkway Drive. The last time I saw them, Winston (vocals) was ill and didn't perform as good as he used to. Today he was completely healthy, but I didn't really hear any difference. Does this mean that he's so good that it doesn't matter if he's sick?
    There was a LOT of support for Parkway Drive tonight with the whole crowd singing along, throwing fists in the air and destroying the crowd with moshpits. Luckily for me, Parkway Drive is one of the few bands I've gotten the pleasure to see live that I can sing along to.
    Parkway is due to release a new album, Deep Blue, in August (Aus) and September (Europe/USA) - and they played a song off that record tonight, called Unrest. They haven't changed their sound at all, which obviously is a good thing since Parkway has a very distinctive sound, and it's a waste to change it. Many people have complained about the new album, but I really liked what I heard and am looking forward to Deep Blue.
    I'm quite torn if Parkway have improved their stage performance during these two years. I really liked them both this time and back then, so I guess they're as good as they can be. All I can do right now is hope they'll come back to blast our heads with the new tunes from Deep Blue.

    This show as a whole started a little tacky, but the last two bands were really good. It's a shame Despised Icon is breaking up, but Parkway will probably always deliver. It's safe to say that I'm content with this event.
  • The Chariot/iwrestledabearonce/The Eyes Of A Traitor + support, 2010-04-30 @ Klubb…

    Mag 2 2010, 17:26

    Fri 30 Apr – FIRESTORM FEST at Klubb 43, Bergsunds Strand 43 (t-bana Hornstull)

    Band: The Chariot/iwrestledabearonce/The Eyes Of A Traitor + support
    Date: 2010-04-30 @ Klubb 43, Stockholm, Sweden

    It was time for one of this years most awesome shows to finally happen. The Eyes Of A Traitor, iwrestledabearonce and The Chariot - all three very known - and a lot of swedish local bands backing them up. At a venue I've never been to before - Klubb 43 - which is hosted by Ungdomens Nykterhetsförbund (roughly translated: Youth Soberness Association (damn that was weird to translate...)) and Stockholm Straight Edge, it has a pretty cozy feel to it. Since there's not much of a barrier between the stage and the crowd, you feel close to the band, and they take you in as well in a whole different way than if there's an elevated platform.

    My friends' band No Omega was playing tonight, so I had to come a little earlier to see them. However, there were some misunderstanding with the timetable, so I managed to arrive right when they were finished with their set. Oh well, too bad - but it won't be the last opportunity I get to see them!

    Next up was a local swedish screamo band, Pesanteur - which is actually the first straight edge screamo band I've ever encountered - and they put on a good show. With a very angst-filled, dark and dead-serious theme you kind of get in a saddened mood. And a band that doesn't cheer you up after that is following This Gift Is A Curse (don't take me wrong, it's not a bad thing!). This Gift Is A Curse has a pretty unique doom-metalcore-ish sound that doesn't sound like anything else out there.
Beginning their set with the vocalist screaming without a microphone, I thought I finally got to see a band who does its vocals completely raw. And to scream louder than the instruments play - that's pretty mighty. Turns out, however, that he picked up a mic after the first song (or halfway through, I don't remember). 

    Even though they had pretty much the same beats throughout entire songs, it never got dull. Impressive performance by This Gift Is A Curse.

    It was time for the first band I came to the show for - The Eyes Of A Traitor. Seemingly a lot of the people who came to the show came for them, which I didn't expect. There was a lot of sing-alongs from the crowd and a LOT of activity. Hardcore dancer here, 12-year-olds-trying-to-mosh there.
But the vocalist doesn't sound at all like on the record. Have I missed something or did they change vocalist?
    Anyway, really good performance by Traitor and they really got the crowd going for what was to come. 

    Quite surprisingly, what most people came for was seemingly iwrestledabearonce. When they started playing it was full blown chaos. They opened with a "cover" of The Final Countdown by Europe (which was pretty fun actually) as a homage to one of Sweden's biggest international bands. 

    Even though Krysta's vocals are increeedibly inhale-ish there was still some power behind it all. She sounded pretty much the same in both screams and clean vocals as in the studio, and that's something I like.
iwrestledabearonce put on quite a show, and the fact that many people joined in sing-alongs and with activity in the pits made it a better experience.


I was actually planning on leaving after the first few songs of The Chariot, since I'm not much of a fan. But boy, am I glad I stayed! And it was quite impossible to leave even if you wanted to, since their extremely original stage presence really catches your attention.

    I wasn't expecting much of The Chariot since they, in my opinion, play in the same league as Underoath - their songs are good when you listen to them but nothing sticks. But they surprised me in the same wonderful way Underoath did. I've never ever seen such an energetic band in my days. Jon was freaking crazy, swinging his bass guitar around like there was no tomorrow, obviously not affected by the fact that he could hit someone any second. Bryan swung his guitar up and down constantly, screaming his lungs out in the mic and climbing amplifiers - Josh howled menacingly in his mic, plugged out the spotlights and swung the emergency-lamp around and climbed the drums - David smacked his drums so hard my eardrums almost popped, spilled water on his drums which later he smashed so water flew everywhere. Words cannot express the chaos that was The Chariot. And to do this every show they put up... I can't imagine how exhausting it must be. I thought HORSE The Band was weird on-stage, but they're nowhere near The Chariot.
Amazing ender by The Chariot, and they put on the best show of the evening. Hell, maybe even the best show I've ever seen. I'm definitely giving them another chance with their studio work.

    As a whole it was an amazing show. The fact that the latter three bands performed off-stage made us connect with them in a different way, and it didn't even matter that you didn't see as much as when the bands perform on an elevated stage. All the bands I saw this evening were really good, and I'm sure I'll make sure I won't miss them the next time I'll have the opportunity. 

  • Underoath/Architects/Intohimo @ Klubben, Stockholm, Sweden

    Mar 25 2010, 23:02

    Wed 24 Mar – Underoath, Architects, Intohimo

    Posted at Corezine.net

    Band: Underoath/Architects/Intohimo
    Date: 2010-03-24 @ Klubben, Stockholm, Sweden

    First of all, this was incredible. All three bands performed very, very well. and to be honest, after my experience with Job For A Cowboy I didn’t expect a good show since they were pretty mediocre for such a well-known band. I was pleasantly surprised that all three bands put on one hell of a show.

    On the ticket it read 19:30, which usually is the admission time. Lucky enough, my friend picked up his ticket at a friend’s place right before the show, and there it said the admission time was 18:30. We had to hurry a little, but we only missed 10 minutes of Intohimo.
    Being a fairly renowned band here in Sweden, Intohimo really got the crowd going. You could hear throughout the venue a lot of sing-alongs and cheering when they told which song was coming up. I knew they are “famous”, but not that almost every person on the show knew their songs.
    Good energy, solid effort by Johan on vocals, and otherwise pleasant listening. I haven’t really listened to them, but I’m sure going to after seeing them live.

    Then it was time for the band I came to this show for, Architects. I was really excited to see them for the first time as I really enjoyed Hollow Crown. After a brief sound check they entered stage and the crowd went wild. They did well opening with In Elegance because of it’s chaotic and energetic start and sing-along clean parts.
    There were some apparent technical difficulties (Sam’s mic had some problems since he ran around behind the scene trying to communicate with a stage worker about it) and they had to change some guitar amps as well. Despite these problems they put up a great show that I won’t forget in the first place. On a side note, this was one of the few shows where I could actually sing along to most songs, since most often bands play the songs I don’t know the lyrics for…
    I can imagine some older fans of Architects upset about them only playing songs from Hollow Crown, but I didn’t mind since I haven’t listened much to their older records, so for me it was only good.
    They also played the song Hollow Crown, which I’ve heard they don’t play live. As this is one of the best songs on the new record I really enjoyed it. The entire crowd were singing along during the opening cleans, and I was pretty much in a trance when the hammer strikes and Sam starts screaming throughout the melodic guitars during the end. It was magical. Last song out was Follow The Water, also one of the best songs on Hollow Crown.
    There was one thing I didn’t like about Architects performance and that is that Sam tended to sing his cleans in a different key and placing than usual, which made it annoying to sing along to since it didn’t match the original vocals.
    All in all, solid performance by Architects. If they come here again I’ll really make sure I catch them again.

    And how I hate these long waits before the headliners show up. I don’t know how long but it felt like ~40 minutes of wait before Underoath entered stage.
    I’m not sure why, but Underoath’s music has never caught my attention. All I know is that it’s actually good while you listen to it, but you forget about the song as quickly as it’s over. Tonight however, Underoath made an incredibly strong impression with a surprisingly awesome performance. Why it’s surprising is the fact that I didn’t get touched by listening to their studio albums, but I think it’s safe to say Underoath are much better live than in studio. It isn’t very common, but it’s a HUGE plus.
    Being their first time in Sweden, Underoath completely blew me away. Spencer’s screams was as good as in the beginning as in the end, Aaron’s clean vocals were spot-on throughout the entire performance. I couldn’t help comparing Aaron with Michael Jagmin of A Skylit Drive. Not only do they look similar, but their voices are pretty alike too. And I noticed him wearing a To Write Love On Her Arms-shirt – kudos.
    Underoath didn’t seem to do anything wrong. Music-wise. During the first half hour though I couldn’t stop getting annoyed by Christopher’s horrible acting on scene. Constantly climbing his keys, shouting the lyrics, headbanging (even though there wasn’t anything to headbang about) and other random, irritating things I couldn’t just let go. I got lucky when someone tall stood in front of me, blocking my line of sight of Christopher so I could finally think of something else. I don’t know if there’s something about these metalcore bands who have keyboardists, but they seem to be quite annoying on stage (see The Devil Wears Prada). Spencer had some pretty weird body language as well, don’t ask me what they were about.
    Even though I only recognized two songs (Anyone Can Dig A Grave… and Too Bright To See, Too Loud To Hear) it felt only natural hearing them. The only moments I got bored was during the long instrumental parts that occurred occasionally. Other than that their performance was pretty much flawless. But I still don’t get why christian bands have to preach and tell us about their belief in a higher power when they’re in a non-christian country. Spencer said something like, “we don’t want to force anything upon you or try to [convert you], but we just want to mention that we believe in god”. If they aren’t trying to make us all christians there’s little point in mentioning it at all. Myself, being an atheist, can’t stand this. I don’t mind if they’re christian but the moment they speak about it it’s too much; music is music and nothing else, let’s keep it that way.

    This was one of the best shows I’ve seen and, as mentioned, I was pleasantly surprised by Underoath’s performance. I’ve heard some good words about Architects performing live so they lived up to my expectations. I didn’t get a chance to see that much of Intohimo, but from what I saw they did very well. If Underoath or Architects come to Sweden again I won’t hesitate to see them again, and if you’re torn about seeing them or not – do it. Otherwise you WILL regret it.
  • Between The Buried And Me/August Burns Red/Job For A Cowboy/Lamb Of God @ Arenan,…

    Mar 12 2010, 18:25

    Fri 5 Mar – Lamb of God, August Burns Red, Job for a Cowboy, Between the Buried and Me

    I’ve been looking forward to this show for a long long time now seeing it has an incredible lineup. Mathcore geniuses Between The Buried And Me, christian metalcore act August Burns Red, American southern deathcore act Job For A Cowboy and thrash legends Lamb Of God on one single show. 
However, it didn’t go anywhere near my expectations.

    Between The Buried And Me was first up, introducing with Fossil Genera – A Feed From Cloud Mountain. I’ve been listening to BTBAM for 5 years now, and I have to say, their performance was pretty much flawless.Tommys vocals were awesome, both the cleans and the screams. No problems whatsoever instrumentally. I was actually considering the fact that they may be doing the show playback, which I hope they didn’t…
    They ended their performance playing White Walls. I have never heard that one to be honest since it is on Colors, the album I completely missed. It was as fulfilling as Fossil Genera.
    And then it was over. Due to the fact they chose to play two songs, á la 12 and 14 minutes each, I was VERY disappointed since I would have wanted to hear some old songs from Alaska or The Silent Circus, my favorite albums. I like to think of this as a teaser to their (hopefully) headlining show, where they’ll get a little more time than that half-hour. All in all, a solid performance from BTBAM, but only the 2 songs was disappointing.

    After a 15 minute or so break, August Burns Red entered the stage. Judging by the amount of people who wore ABR-shirts, they were the second most wanted band that evening, after Lamb Of God.
    I’m glad they managed to release Constellations before this show happened because, since I’m not a fan of Messengers, I wouldn’t want a complete show with songs from that album.
    ABR put on quite the performance, dispite the fact that Jakes vocals were a little weak. Then the ultimate no-go happened. During the picking intro of Mariana’s Trench, Brent fumbled with his pick almost completely ruining the beauty of it. This was featured in Corezine’s interview with him, where he said he did the exact same thing on another show. Hm…
    Now to the worst part. No, absolutely NO songs from Thrill Seeker. Thrill Seeker is my complete favorite album from ABR and I was incredibly disappointed that they didn’t play even one song from it. But I guess they had to make the best of their time and play songs from their newest creation. They also didn’t play Indonesia, which is pretty darn weird seeing as they were touring with BTBAM, and Tommy does guest vocals on the song…

    For the first time ever I saw the band members themselves do the sound check. I had no idea what Job For A Cowboy looked like, so I thought it was regular sound check-people doing the job, but when they said “We’re ready” and started playing, I was pretty surprised. I guess the sound check was a job for a cowboy…
    JFAC are pretty well-known and they even got a cloth poster hanging behind the scene, but it saddens me to say that they are pretty much worthless live. Jonnys highs were pathetic – you could barely hear them at all due to its weakness. I liked the lows and squeals though. The first few songs were only a wall of sound, I couldn’t find the beat in it no matter how hard I tried – it was like they were trying too hard. On a side note, the old songs they played from Doom were actually very good. It was only the new songs from Ruination that ruined the show (pun intended). Brent was supposed to be doing some backup vocals, although I never heard anything coming from his mic at any time.
    With not much movement in the crowd (no pits or anything) I’m guessing JFAC were a little disappointed in it and tried to anger(?) the crowd by cursing and whatnot, but it only came out stupid.
    Too much flaws, too less of a performance. I don’t think I’d want to see them live again.

    Seeing as I came for the first three bands and not Lamb Of God, I was going to leave when JFAC played their set but I thought, “what the hell, I can stay for a few songs”, and so I did.
    After 35 minutes(!) of standing in waiting for them to enter, I finally found the answer to why there were so much people over 40 on the show. I knew the members of Lamb Of God were a little older than average, but hey, not that old. One of the guitarists could’ve been my grandfather.
    The three songs I stayed for were performed well, but I’ve never liked Lamb Of God so it didn’t really appeal me. A lot of my friends listened to them when I was a kid, so I had to stay until they played a song I heard through them. The thirds song they played was Walk With Me In Hell, which is a classic.
    At some time I looked down on the floor for some reason and saw a pick. I picked it up and it turned out to be a LOG Wrath pick with Marks imprinted autograph on it. Hooray!
    I couldn’t stay any longer however because the extreme volume Lamb Of God generated gave me a huge headache.

    The show as whole wasn’t as awesome as I expected it to be. The bands I really wanted to see didn’t play any old songs and there were too many flaws throughout the performance as a whole. I don’t know if this is because I had my hopes too high, but it didn’t live it up anyway. But when Between The Buried And Me and August Burns Red comes to Sweden again, I won’t hesitate to see them again.
  • Enter Shikari/Twin Atlantic Live @ Debaser Slussen, Stockholm

    Gen 12 2010, 0:05

    Mon 11 Jan – Enter Shikari, Twin Atlantic

    First of all, wow. This show was beyond amazing. With opening act Twin Atlantic pulling off an incredibly energetic live performance, they really got the crowd in the mood of what was to come. They had really good stage presence, and they even noticed a guy singing all their lyrics at the front and kinda "thanked" him for it with nice words and a handshake. Apparantly it wasn't what they expected!
    Since I'm not much of a listener to Twin Atlantic, I only got to sing along to the chorus of Light Speed, their first song. However, with such a great performance it really pushed me in a direction to listen to them a lot more.
    When the time was in for Enter Shikari to enter the stage, some soundchecker made a pretty huge mistake that ruined the whole start. He was supposed to go onstage and put on Common Dreads, but he accidently managed to knock the guitar over, whereas it was laying on the floor. When he was done putting the song on, he had to take the guitar up and tune it again right in the middle of the stage. It would've been a nice opening with Common Dreads but he completely ruined it. Well, mistakes can happen.
    When their opener Solidarity came on I was a little disappointed in the low volume of the intro. I love it, but it came out very weak. And the guitar stopped working when it was time for him to start playing, which was probably because of the little accident before. But when they got it together and everything was working fine, it was totally awesome from start to finish.
    Enter Shikari played only a few songs from Take To The Skies (most good ones, apart from Return To Energizer and Jonny Sniper), and almost all songs off of Common Dreads. It was a... different experience... hearing all those techno and dubstep intermissions on a live show. But Enter Shikari succeed where others fail. Mixing such genres are pretty risky, but they make it so awesome and completely natural, like 'why wouldn't these genres be together?'. The intermissions invited to dance, which some people did. There was a lot of sing-alongs, and a lot of activity from the crowd - stagedives, ceiling climbing (yes.) and whatnot. And not only the crowd went wild, even ES themselves threw themselves out every now and then, and the guitarrist was pretty fond of climbing on the light arrays and beams in the ceiling. He even got so excited that he managed to break off one tuning screw when he flew back up on stage and had to change guitar.
    And then there was another technical fault. In the middle of Sorry You're Not A Winner the keyboards stopped working for some reason, right in the middle of the keyboard interlude. So while a stage helper and Rou were working on fixing the problem, the rest of the band talked to the crowd a little, improvised a little, thanked us for staying with them through their problems they had during the show... They made something fun of it, so the problems weren't a big deal though.
    All in all, an awesome performance from both bands, even though some minor setbacks. I've heard talk of Enter Shikari sucking live, and I have no idea how they can say such a thing. They were almost as good live as in studio, and that's not very common. If you're thinking about catching either of the band live, don't hesitate and do it because there's no chance in hell you're going home disappointed.
  • The Devil Wears Prada/Your Demise/Jesaiah Live @ Klubben, Stockholm

    Nov 10 2009, 22:04

    Tue 10 Nov – The Devil Wears Prada
    After arriving rather late, I found out Jesaiah had already begun playing.
    Not really fond of their sound, I thought their performance was pretty mediocre. Not was it only I who seemed to think like this, since the whole crowd was basically standing still, with maybe someone bobbing their head. I was expecting a little more from such a known band here in Sweden.
    When it was time for Your Demise to enter the stage, the whole crowd went wild. This is what many was waiting for, and they put up quite a show. The vocalist was wearing a flanell shirt, and I though "How the hell can he wear one of those while performing? It oughtta be friggin hot". Turns out it was, and he took it off after the first song, heh.
    As I mentioned, Your Demise was pretty darn good live performers. However, having listened to their latest album not too much, I hardly recognized the songs. But it was good nonetheless, although seemed very short.
    Headlining The Devil Wears Prada made a good live performance, but the acting leaves A LOT to wish for. First of all, Mike made some extremely ugly faces through his screams. And I mean - UGLY. I could've survived without watching that. Second, James, Mr. Keyboardist, tried a little too much reaching for the crowd. He constantly climbed his keys and pointed out at people in the crowd thinking they adore only him. It was kind of awkward, and he only looked stupid. Third. Sweden isn't a christian country, thus you keep your preaching on-stage to yourself. Seriously. Other than that, they performed very well and they really kept the crowd going. They didn't play as many of the songs I would've loved to hear, but they played just enough.
    Overall, pretty solid live show, though left some to wish for. It seemed very short, and I think I would've liked the show a lot more if I wasn't a wuss standing on the side taking pictures and being annoyed by small things the bands did.

    (Also, Mike did some devil horns. Isn't that pretty weird for christians to do? Just saying.)