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Hans ZimmerLasiurus 20 Nov 18:19
Hans ZimmerCorynorhinus 20 Nov 18:14
Hans ZimmerMolossus 20 Nov 18:09
Hans ZimmerNycteris 20 Nov 18:05
Hans ZimmerAntrozous 20 Nov 18:01
Hans ZimmerMacrotus 20 Nov 17:53
Hans ZimmerTadarida 20 Nov 17:48
Hans ZimmerArtibeus 20 Nov 17:44
Hans ZimmerBarbastella 20 Nov 17:39
Hans ZimmerMyotis 20 Nov 17:33
Hans ZimmerEptesicus 20 Nov 17:29
Hans ZimmerVespertilio 20 Nov 17:26
Hans Zimmer503 Brano preferito 20 Nov 17:24
Hans ZimmerElection by Adoration 20 Nov 17:21
Hans ZimmerImmolation 20 Nov 17:18
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↓ With Megaromania ☆

↓ My KAZ (ex-VII-Sense) autograph and pick ☆

☆ ドリス ☆

Favourite J-Rockers:
MASASHI 。KAZ 。Eros/Ice 。

Mexican 。Cybernetics 。Bass player 。V系
R+ 。Made in Germany 。 ♥ Flake
HP ϟ 。Proud Ravenclaw
Football 。Bayern München 。América y ya
Asian Horror Movies Lover
Death Note 。L
♥ Hans Zimmer ♥ Johnny Depp ♥ 内村航平

Versailles 。Rammstein 。VII-Sense
Megaromania 。A (エ-ス) 。摩天楼オペラ
Black Gene for the Next Scene
凛 -the end of corruption world-
DELUHI 。Kaya 。Moi dix Mois 。Lacrimosa 。

Español 。English 。Deutsch 。いくつかの日本語

I "work" in:
- Versailles Mexico Official Street Team (Jupiter and KAMIJO extentions too).
- Black Gene for the Next Scene Street Team Mexico.
- Megaromania Mexico (and now I was asked to help LIN Mexico but I'm not owner).
- A (エ-ス) Hearties Mexico.
- Also I translate MASASHI's tweets into spanish.

Why? Because I can & because I want to show my support to those amazing musicians.
Also I want they to know they have lots of fans around the world.

- - - - - -

Bands/Artists I've seen live:
Backstreet Boys (2)
Britney Spears
Franz Ferdinand (2)
Robbie Williams
Pearl Jam
Lacrimosa (2)
Mägo de Oz (2)
Daft Punk
AnCafe (2)
Versailles (2) + M&G (2)
Tokio Hotel
Rammstein (3) + M&G (2)
Lady Gaga
HITT (2) + M&G (2)
Kaya (2) + M&G (2)
Rose Noire + M&G
DJ Sisen & GPK + M&G
the GazettE
La Ley
Howard Shore (with The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring)

gengah. (in Japan)
A (エ-ス) (in Japan)
LIPHLICH (in Japan)
Megaromania + M&G (in Japan)

Cats (2)
The Beauty and the Beast
Fiddler on the Roof
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat


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