Daydream Nation vs. EVOL


Feb 4 2008, 22:34

I recently picked up Daydream Nation, an album that has been on my "to-get" list for quite some time. The buzz surrounding the album is kind of hard to ignore, and it's considered such a landmark in "alternative" circles that when i saw the special deluxe 2-disc edition release, I acted on impulse(despite the damage to my wallet).

After listening a few times through, I just wasn't getting into it. I have always liked Teenage Riot (who doesn't?), and The Sprawl has become another SY favourite, but I find the rest of it...not sure. I like it well enough, but I guess maybe I'm missing something. Perhaps it's one of those things like the Berlin Wall - I wasn't alive at the right time to really understand the spirit of it, why it's important. Anyway, it's still a good album, just not my favourite.

The other side of getting Daydream Nation is that it's rekindled my love for EVOL, which has been my favourite SY release since I picked it up with Dirty on the back of the whole grunge thing. It's a great album. The coolest lyrics in the world are in In the Kingdom #19...Sonic YouthEVOLDaydream NationThe SprawlIn the Kingdon #19


  • forstrings56

    its a really difficult album to really grasp. ive always been a huge daydream fan since i first heard it in highschool, and infact, EVOL/sister are my other favorite sy releases. daydream is really a great album, but maybe u have to submerge urself in the rest of 1988's releases to realize its importance, and then listen to everything that came out after it on small labels and even smaller bands. ive never really heard much of this albums impact on the mainstream radio, unless its a compilation disc from back in the day. keep listening to it, its a great album, but definately not an everyday album.

    Giu 11 2008, 16:06
  • PinkFloydrulez

    I always dug teen age riot, the sprawl, trailer trash, and a few other tracks at times.. I first got the album about two and a half years ago at random after sampling teen age riot. got it based on that song alone. but it wasn't until last night that the whole thing hit me, y'know? tough album to crack, I guess. I didn't concentrate on it much, though, either, my tastes jump around a lot. Just give it time.

    Giu 18 2008, 19:58
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