• Wilco Mix 1 - A Home Companion

    Nov 26 2007, 16:20

    These are "homier" tracks. Oh, and all under five minutes.

    1. Either Way
    2. Jesus, Etc.
    3. No More Poetry
    4. How to Fight Loneliness
    5. Poor Places (Piano Demo)
    6. Outta Mind (Outta Sight)
    7. Hummingbird
    8. Cars Can't Escape
    9. The Late Greats
    10. War on War
    11. Passenger Side
    12. Blasting Fonda
    13. Company in My Back
    14. Sky Blue Sky
    15. A Magazine Called Sunset (More like the Moon version)
    16. What's the World Got in Store
    17. The High Heat
    18. Promisin'
    19. Please be Patient with Me
    20. Muzzle of Bees
    21. Nothingsevergonnastandinmyway (Again)
    22. Red-Eyed and Blue
    23. Reservations (Engineer Demo)
    24. Far, Far Away
    25. Thirteen
    26. Pieholden Suite
    27. Tried and True
    28. Nothing up my Sleeve
    29. Should've Been in Love
    30. True Love Will Find You in the End
  • Week of 3/4 to 3/10

    Mar 12 2007, 18:17

    Mountain Goats are #1, and it has nothing to do with the "project", as it were. Hell, the project is more than halfway through. How about that? I'm glad, but I'm also curious about where I'm going to go next with my collection. I have a list of artists, mostly culled from friends here on last.fm, that I want to check out, but the world is pretty wide-open.

    Anyway, the focus is on this week, and what a week it was. Aquabats at #2 is pretty damn funny; I had never listened to the band before I met my girlfriend, and while they're perhaps not my favorite band now, I have to admit that I do enjoy their stuff. Blur, Pulp, Cardigans, Butthole Surfers, Ash? All good stuff, still, and I'm happy to have them in my charts.

    Blue October was a passing fancy last year that never really stuck (and I found them before that Hate Me song became popular - that really blindsided me. You can check my charts if you don't believe me). I still like some of their songs, but I don't think I'll ever be a big fan. Pantera? Yeah...well, I still like Cowboys From Hell. Otherwise the macho posturing just sucks. Especially when Anselmo is a little less than macho, which is more than fine, but cut the shit.

    Urge Overkill, I love, but I'm just burned out. If there had been a last.fm a few years ago, they would be my #1 right now. I listened to them for ages and ages. There's nothing new for me to discover about them, and with them only just reuniting, I can't imagine me finding much new for awhile. It was a chore to get through their stuff, as it will be for the Smashing Pumpkins stuff.

    And I expect them to dominate next week, as I'm about to start a DVD that is basically them, Sufjan Stevens, and Steely Dan. Should be interesting.
  • Week of 2/25 to 3/3

    Mar 6 2007, 18:26

    Little late on the update, but meh...

    Didn't want Queen up at the top this week, but there they are all the same. Don't get me wrong, I don't *hate* Queen, but I'm also not infatuated with them on any level. There are a few songs of theirs that I like (and I developed quite a liking for March of the Black Queen through this), but they would certainly never crack my top 50. Oh, well.

    XTC at number 2 is a split from their number of the previous week. I even discovered some new songs that I really loved, from their latter albums. This is an example of why I'm going through this exercise: rediscovering stuff that I didn't spend enough time on in the first place. Pretty damn good.

    The Pumpkins were almost entirely from a down period I had this week, when I retreated to Mellon Collie for some comfort. I guess they can't all be winners or whatever. Sometimes you have your comfort music; same with A.C. Newman. I don't think I'll ever get tired of that album.

    No other major surprises this week. Maybe Steely Dan. I got a bunch of their stuff to see if I'd get deeper into them based on the few songs I'd heard and liked, and it never really happened. That's how it goes sometimes.
  • Week of 2/18 to 2/24

    Feb 28 2007, 16:19

    A mixed week. This wasn't quite dominated by the usual heavy amount of mixing and organizing; oh, Jackson Browne being at the top was a direct result of that, though I did develop a better feel for what he has to offer and a taste for some of his music (thanks, Kacey!). Faith No More and Belle and Sebastian were also part of this movement, though I love those on their own, as well.

    And let me tell you, mixing a playlist with Ani Difranco, Guns N Roses, Faith No More, Belle and Sebastian, and Camera Obscura is an experience not to be missed. And I just laugh out loud at having Eminem and Ani Difranco on the same chart in the same week. I've had some interesting, conflicting tastes over the years. I think my tastes are starting to coalesce a bit, but yeah...

    XTC is definitely on the rise this week, and will only get higher. I've liked them for a long, long time, and it's great to be able to do a deeper dive into their catalog. I'm really enjoying that in what is a very lackluster disc (Queen is driving me nuts).
  • Week of 2/11 to 2/17

    Feb 20 2007, 16:03

    Embarrassing. Schizophrenic. I don't know if there is one word to describe what happened last week. Somewhere around Wednesday I realized Eminem was going to be up near the top of my charts, and I tried to mitigate that from happening, since I'm no longer such a fan. As you can see, I wasn't entirely successful. I do think it's pretty cool that I managed to listen to more Cocteau Twins, but it's just odd to see those two juxtaposed at the top of my chart.

    And honestly, Cocteau Twins and Decemberists sandwiching Eminem and Guns N Roses? So damn odd. Well, Eminem and GNR were both beneficiaries of discography bounces, along with Cocteau Twins, while Decemberists was pretty genuine, as was Rilo Kiley, who was especially handy for working out.

    I actually enjoyed getting back into Cocteau Twins, even if I still can't tell their songs by title (I'm getting better at that), and found Therapy? surprisingly good. I can even picture myself going over to their Artist section on the ipod and shuffling it up.

    I'm up to DVDs 15 and 16 now; these are when I started really branching out, borrowing from Kacey's mother and Kacey's CD collection, so there will be some really interesting artists coming up over the next few weeks. Maybe I'll rediscover some of the artists I glossed over during that period. I'm pretty excited to find out.
  • Week of 2/4 to 2/10

    Feb 12 2007, 17:09

    Wow. I knew the Beatles discography bounce was going to be big, but not THAT big. Then again, they do have a huge discog, and I got some plays in past just making their mix, so I suppose I shouldn't be that surprised. I'm also not dismayed at all. As far as bands go, you could do a lot worse than to have the Beatles as your #1 overall artist, that's for sure. Of course, all that will change when I get to the Smashing Pumpkins portion of this whole lark - they have a whole damn DVD to their name. Yes, I was/am a bit of a Pumpkins nerd. That's okay. I'm comfortable with that.

    #2 was Stereophonics, who were on a split bill for their discog bump from last week. Combine the two weeks and I think you have something like 40+ stereophonics plays, which sounds about right. I have a ton of their singles and live shows.

    Matthew Good Band and Matthew Good should probably be taken as 1; that's another Discog boost, and another artist that I'm still listening to. In fact, out of all my top 10, only Suicidal Tendencies has fallen off of my radar, and they fell off shortly after I got this disc. I remembered them being better than they actually were, so I'm glad to be done with them.

    Overall, it's been interesting to watch this evolution. Like many other people, I chart the progress of my life by the music of that period, and in just the short period I've been creating these DVDs, I've experienced so much change that I can listen to these mixes and go right back to those times.

    I'm up to the 13th DVD, and am entering the era of DVDs where I was in a turbulent period of my life. I had just separated from my now ex-wife, and was living in the basement of two good friends. I was dating my current girlfriend (snowbelle4444), but we weren't yet living together. My shit was definitely not together in any way, shape, or form, and her influence on my life was only beginning to show. The Beatles, while they had been big in my life earlier, were one of the earlier signs of that influence taking hold.

    The current DVD is interesting as hell. YOU try mixing shoegaze with Guns N Roses and Faith No More. It sucks.
  • Week of 1/28 to 2/3

    Feb 5 2007, 13:55

    Ah and now I start to get into the part of my DVD collection that reflects my current tastes, or at least a more gentle slide into my current tastes.

    New Pornographers at #1 is pretty cool, and it's funny about them, because when I first got their music, around this time last year, I wasn't interested at all. I wondered why the hell last.fm was recommending them consistently, and why I would ever want to listen to that music. Then, sometime last summer, I listened to "From Blown Speakers", and it unlocked the band for me. Since then I absolutely love them, and plan to see them when they come around for the new album. A.C. Newman and Neko Case are pretty damn great on their own, too.

    Spoon is one of those great bands that I always forget about. I love almost all of their songs, but somehow I have these stretches where I forget that they exist, then rediscover them and fall in love with them again. I was excited to see them on DVD 10, and haven't been disappointed.

    Stereophonics were kind of like New Pornographers, only back in 2001. Everyone told me I'd like them, but they never clicked until late in 2005, when I heard Mr. Writer on one of the original albums I had downloaded. I knew I would have to have it all, and I still listen to them in spurts. This has been a good one, and it's still not quite done, because I have a LOT of their stuff.

    Afghan Whigs are absolute classics. I've loved them ever since I saw the Debonair video, and have even plotted out a novel inspired by the "Black Love" album. One of these days...

    Anyway, I think the cataloging process is getting better, and I can probably remove that note from my "About Me" now. It's only going to get better from here.
  • Week of 1/21 to 1/27

    Gen 29 2007, 19:50

    All right, that's more like it. 447 total plays is a lot more like an average week. Except...this is nothing like an average week. Sigh. That's why I had to add that little clarification in my "About me" chart on the left, because some of the songs I'm playing recently are downright embarrassing.

    I'll own some of the poppy junk! I think Information Society and even some of INXS's (ugh never sure how to spell that) stuff is underrated. Zwan got railroaded by a bad album and an insane lead singer, but I enjoyed the shows I saw back in 02/03, which is where I'm drawing those plays from.

    On the other hand, I downloaded a bunch of Idlewild stuff before I realized they were the UK's equivalent of, I don't know, Matchbox Twenty or whatever. Daniel Powter or whatever the hell his name is and James Blunt were downloaded for a friend and burned as part of a completionist streak. I've just outgrown some of the other stuff, like Led Zeppelin, R.E.M., and Pink Floyd.

    The big thing this week, however, was David Bowie experiencing what I'm coming to think of as the "Discography bounce". When I like an artist or develop an intense immediate liking for that artist I try to get everything I can, whether through itunes, purchasing used CDs, or other means, and Bowie was one of the early examples of this. It was refreshing to go back through his catalog, and I don't really have any shame in having him at the top of the list.

    New Order's a lifelong favorite, too, so that's not too bad. Decemberists...well, that's an obvious one. I've been listening to Silversun Pickups and the Album Leaf on the side, as well, so those fill in the gaps for the most part.

    I don't see this trend ending any time soon, as I have another 30 or so discs to slog through...the good stuff is coming up, though, as I'm beginning to see the point where my tastes really transform.
  • March Decemberists Show

    Gen 23 2007, 18:19

    Aw yeah...

  • Week of 1/14 to 1/20

    Gen 21 2007, 22:11

    First of all, hello to all my new friends. I'm already learning of new artists and music to try out thanks to all of you. I'm really excited to see where all of this leads. Thanks!

    This is a weird week. I knew it was going to be off, but not off by this much. Not counted in any of this was the obsessive listening I did to CDs in my rental car; otherwise the Decemberists and Regina Spektor would have had far more plays.

    Total plays were obviously way down, and almost all of my top artists are reflective of the ongoing job of creating mixes for each of my MP3 DVDs, save for the top 3. Again, I'm continuing to listen to Regina Spektor (for now).

    The next few artists, Aviette and Album Leaf, were both discovered thanks to the Indiefeed podcast, and I'm loving what I've heard so far. I'm really hoping I can get my hands on something more than just an EP of Aviette (definitely recommended).

    I'm still hooked on AC Newman's album, and looking forward to the next New Pornographers disc. Oh yeah, and I'm planning to hit up that Decemberists show in March. Here's hoping I can score some tickets on tuesday.