• Primus and Les Claypool

    Gen 5 2013, 7:46

    A list of shows/songs so I can remember what I've seen live.


    11/04/2006 Will Rogers Auditorium - Ft. Worth, TX
    05/25/2011 Palladium Ballroom - Dallas, TX
    10/15/2011 Val Air Ballroom - Des Moines, IA
    05/30/2012 Brady Theater - Tulsa, OK
    11/05/2012 McFarlin Memorial Auditorium - Dallas, TX
    05/17/2013 Santa Fe Convention Center - Santa Fe, NM
    05/14/2014 Clear Channel Metroplex - Little Rock, AR

    The Heckler x3
    To Defy the Laws of Tradition
    Groundhog's Day x5
    Too Many Puppies (on the upright)
    Frizzle Fry x3
    John the Fisherman x3
    The Toys Go Winding Down x2
    Pudding Time x2
    Spegetti Western
    Harold of the Rocks x3
    Seas of Cheese x3
    Sgt. Baker
    American Life x4
    Jerry Was A Race Car Driver x5
    Is It Luck?
    Tommy the Cat>The Awakening>Tommy the Cat
    Those Damned Blue-Collar Tweekers x3
    My Name is Mud x3
    Bob x2
    Nature Boy
    The Pressman
    Mr. Krinkle x2
    Hamburger Train
    Wynona's Big Brown Beaver x4
    Southbound Pachyderm x5
    Glass Sandwich
    Del Davis Tree Farm
    Over the Electric Grapevine x4
    Fisticuffs x2
    Golden Boy x3
    Over the Falls x5
    Shake Hands With Beef
    Hats Off
    Duchess and the Proverbial Mind Spread x3
    Prelude to a Crawl x3
    Hennepin Crawler x2
    The Last Salmon Man x4
    Eternal Consumption Engine x2
    Tragedy's a' Comin' x3
    Eyes of the Squirrel x4
    Jilly's on Smack x6
    Lee Van Cleef x5
    Moron TV x5
    Green Ranger x2
    Extinction Burst x2
    Salmon Men
    Drum and Whamola Jam
    Big Rock Candy Mountain (cover)
    Dirty Drowning Man


    03/12/2014 Weather Up - Austin, TX (Duo De Twang)
    03/14/2014 Sons of Hermann Hall - Dallas, TX (Duo De Twang)

    Wynona's Big Brown Beaver x2
    Amos Moses x2
    Bridge Came Tumbling Downx2
    Stayin' Alive x2
    Jerry Was A Race Car Driver
    Red State Girl
    Booneville Stomp
    Up on the Roof
    Man in the Box
    Battle of New Orleans
    D's Diner
    Iowan Gal
    De Anza Jig
    South Park theme
    Cocaine Blues