• the opposite side of the sea

    Ott 6 2008, 2:34

    there are several areas in the office where people just drop off stuff they do not want. so i found a sealed copy of the Oren Lavie album The Opposite Side of the Sea... and i think i like it this weekend. the weather is turning crisp, i planted over 30 tulips today... it is a good sound. happy times. thank you for recordning the album in your apartment in belin, oren.
  • Frankie had cute animals on the cover.

    Gen 19 2008, 21:37

    It must have been Christmas of 1984 (and I had just turned 14.) My favorite music was probably Enola Gay by OMD. I had an old sharp tapedeck someone threw out, and it kept playing my cassettes bravely in my little room overlooking fields and houses in Germany.
    My mother must have looked for a present for me in the last minutes of the last shopping day, or maybe the story was true and she really picked the cassette she bought for me because of the friendly photograph on the cover. I found myself looking at a fresh copy of Welcome to the Pleasure Dome by Frankie Goes to Hollywood.
    "Why would you buy me this cassette?" it was a bit puzzling that my mother would buy me an album that was for some unknown to me reasons controversial.
    "Look, there is a little fox on the cover, and a peacock, a deer... I thought you would like the music. It looks very friendly."

    That night I fell asleep to Welcome to the Pleasure Dome. There were indeed animal sounds. Many. Some good ones, some new ones. But even my school dictionary could not really explain what "pleasure dome" meant. Or that other expression: "The World is My Oyster" Oyster? His Oyster? The World was an Oyster? Like a living clam, in a shell?

    And let's not even start about my completely asexual, zen like interpretation of Relax...
    Oh, and the cassette version of the album was completely devout of any of the sexually charged illustrations that were printed on the inside of the record version. I just did not have a record player at that time. I guess if I had had one, my gift would have been a different one.
  • Where in the world can I get hi-posi music?

    Gen 9 2006, 12:27

    Somehow there is this really frantic little track in my iTunes library and it is Ilanaimono lisuto by Hi-Posi. And I was able to listen to some of their other tracks on preview here (thank you audioscrobbler) but I am not sure where I can actually buy the music. I tried to log myself into amazon japan (oh boy) but that really did not work so well.
    Hmm... maybe I should just ask my friends in Japan to help me, but I feel a little bad doing that. Hmm, maybe I should.
    The more I write about my Hi-Posi situation here, the less of a problem it actually seems to be. Hmm... a happy new world.
  • like freshly cut grass...

    Dic 28 2005, 0:56

    Architecture in Helsinki is drawing me in deeper and deeper into their charm. how will i be able to resist? I do not even like the most popular songs yet! The more I listen to In Case We Die the more I want to listen to it. This is a dangerous situation. I can not resist, I can not resist. It should be so easy.
    I gave some songs just three stars, just to tell myself that they are not really that great, but then I keep listening to them over and over again.
    Right now it is mostly Maybe You Can Owe Me and The Cemetery but I just added Need To Shout and Frenchy, I'm Faking to my slightly heavier rotation.
    Wild stuff, especially since I know pretty much nothing about the band. Oh, and I found out about them by clicking on some link here on audioscrobbler. Amazing, amazing, amazing.
    (Not the greatest entry, I am just so amazed how a record can just do such things.)
  • James Blackshaw on Spinning on Air

    Dic 12 2005, 1:01

    Just listened to Spinning on Air on WNYC (good old radio) and the tracks by James Blackshaw were really excellent. iTunes does not have his stuff yet and so I will probably need to buy some more plastic disks again. Oh, and he actually has a website here it is: http://shoryobuni.f2g.net/sunshrine/
  • Clapping hands

    Nov 28 2005, 5:22

    Came across Clap Your Hands Say Yeah at Swallow, a very friendly little store on Smith street in Carroll Gardens (that's Brooklyn, NY for all those who do not know.) I was a bit worried that I would not be able to find the album anywhere, as it did not appear to be distributed via a major label. I just realized that the record is actually available at the iTunes store... so I would have been able to get it, I guess (for less), but then I would not have helped Swallow, and would have missed out on those rather nice little drawings by Dasha Shishkin. Okay, to be quite honest, it was her cover drawing that made me look at the record and like it without even listening to it yet. (Congratulations to Robbie Guertin for the design and art direction?)
    So I bought the very last Clap Your Hands Say Yeah at Swallow... Still like the record. It is nice to see that CYHSY get some exposure, Webster Hall is apparently sold out for new year's eve? Great. Good times.
  • audioscrobbler makes first recommendation and i like it.

    Nov 28 2005, 3:13

    just managed to download that last fm player and the very first track the thing played was Get Your Snack On from Supermodified. I liked the track, and got the album. Playing it now. Thank you audioscrobbler. :-)