• eqsic


    Dic 28 2005, 1:11
  • witold

    okay. looks like I will have to ge the first album too now. : ›) Insanity.

    Dic 28 2005, 4:21
  • AMajor

    I really discovered Architecture about a week before I went on a school trip to Europe for 4 weeks...there is a song for every emotion, it's real soundtrack-of-your-life stuff : ) It's the most pure, honest music, cheerful and manically happy without ever becoming stupid, you can always relate to it. Enjoy : ). If I HAD to pick favourites off ICWD, I'd say In Case We Die, Wishbone, What's in Store and Maybe YOu Can Owe Me... And FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, GET FINGERS CROSSED! Such a beautiful album, less manic and more intimate than In Case We Die...Souvenirs, Scissors Paper Rock, The Owls Go, Fumble and Like A Call are all such completely amazing, beautiful songs... Have fun ; ).

    Dic 28 2005, 14:50
  • witold

    It is indeed a very sweet album. Thank you for encouraging me to get fingers crossed. (Sounds like a procedure, but it was indeed most pleasant.) Thank you thank you. : ›)

    Dic 28 2005, 22:20
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