• Too Long Since Last Orgasm Yet I Slept The Last Mile On Our Way To Necrophila…

    Dic 6 2014, 18:36

    Faggot boys in eyeliner
    Exhibitionist coal miner
    All falling down the hole
    Ugly dick with a mole
    Prophecies always lie
    God's cock inside my eye
    Broken heart needs a mechanic
    Better learn new masturbation technique
    Stinging bees worship the lord of gloom
    Child rapist is the messenger of doom
    Dead virgins sodomized in heaven
    Will be avenged by the ghost of Eric Draven
    The crow can not bring back love
    Enjoy the mockery of headless dove
    Kill yourself without hesitation
    Put your head inside television
    Nightmare in this fake universe
    Shit and filth is our ultimate curse
    Try to speak but can't say a word
    Still you pray to your sadist God
    Invisible hands of innocent girls
    Jerk your cock and caress your balls
    Time has come to fuck the sex dolls
    But you spray your load on the blue walls
    Love swirls in the dusty wind with the ashes of the coffin
    Stephen O'Malley plays on till my frown turns to grin
    Greg Anderson doesn't play, only sings happy birthday
    As I fuck off and die and fade away into this droning gray
  • Ageless Is The Light That Flows Through You But I Have Been Blind For Too Long

    Ott 11 2014, 16:01

    Through dark nights and misty dawns
    Through soulless days and wistful morns
    A silent whisper from the depth of mind
    Thousand ignorant eyes that act like blind
    Burning forests will never forget
    All the torture and all the hate
    Crying skies will always remember
    The cold days of contorted September
    You and me are nothing but dust
    Wrapped in each other's selfish lust
    The owl howls for our eternal demise
    For empty hopes and broken false promise
    Tolling bells declares our ceasing
    As the tears in your eyes keep increasing
    Don't cry my love please accept this fate
    Beyond the end of this decaying world for you forever I'll wait
    So seize everyday of your life and please brightly shine
    Me and my own world, we will be fine
  • My Darkest Shade Of Black Mocks At Your Rainbow Coloured Smile

    Set 18 2014, 9:06

    He was defeated and lonely
    Drowning in razorblades only
    Whores with angel wings
    And the joy that hope brings
    Could not save his soul
    And now he has no goal
    Gone are the dreams of grace
    Awaiting death's final embrace
    Just another forgotten face
    Resting in decrepit sickness
    Withering away into a fucking black hole
    Eating coal from her broken glass bowl
    Never to return from this empty soulless limbo
    Forever dancing with the lesbian satan in a tango
    With no one to grief, mourn or shed a single tear
    Gone without hope, love; without peace or any fear
  • Angles Don't Care For Waning Wannabees

    Set 15 2014, 22:02

    Darker thoughts prevail
    As pink pussies fail
    And even thousand holy grails
    And million forgotten trails
    Could not bring her soul back
    And now he's stuck
    On a whore that doesn't give a fuck
    Remnants of innocence long gone
    With nothing but sorrow's slavery won
    Dreaming of a brighter life
    While cutting arms with his favourite knife
    He sits in the dark
    Staring mad stark
    Choking on nothingness
    With his only friend loneliness
    As the unembodied voices speak
    To a soul in an eternal losing streak
    End this existence of pain
    Let the red life rain
    Open up your vein
    Nothing left to gain
    As the cut gets deeper
    Heartache feels cheaper
    Life begins to fade
    Like avoiding the sun in a shade
    At last there's peace
    Without any last word or kiss
    He fades away from this filthy mess
    Never to return with nothing to chase
    Not even her smile as the last saving grace
    Everything turns to black except his pale dead face
  • Now I Wanna Be Your Dog

    Set 11 2014, 22:41

    Abandoned me for a dog
    I'm just a wheel's another cog
    Feeling worthless and shit
    Even a bunny could have me beat
    Cruel woman likes her dog more than me
    I'll kill all stray dogs as they are my enemy
    Now I know who's the girl of my dream
    A dogless dame, for me who'll scream
    She also has to be blind 'cause I don't want to worry about my looks
    Neither I want her to read Game of Thrones and Harry Potter books
    All these theories fail as I will always love the one
    She who left me for a dog has made my heart undone
  • Like A Fairy Washed Away In Rain You're Gone

    Set 2 2014, 8:32

    She smiles divinely but I can't see her eyes
    I'm consumed with my hate and make belief lies
    The owl is gone, flying through a faraway sky
    My eyes are still blind, oh man, I can't even cry
    Thousand flowers of autumn decided they wanted to die
    Despair of thousand suicides has made the river dry
    Still the moon hangs brightly through the dark of the night
    I went to outer space in search of you despite my fright
    I still didn't see you, the only thing I saw was my dream being dead
    So I found my refuge in solitude, never came back & now slowly I fade
  • Prophecies of Apocalyptic Visions

    Nov 8 2013, 21:59

    The night is slow and the vampires' burning in the sun
    They burnt the witches too, why waste bullet from the gun
    I was bored as ever, blank stares at Mary Jane
    Dead eyes like a voodoo doll soaked in acid rain
    Hungry vultures circle around the starving moon
    Icarus has lost his way, he'll be in Mars soon
    Dogs in space drinking nothing but fresh orange juice
    Meaning words, nursery rhymes, fuck the swans and goose
    Painted whores, pierced sluts drink blood of virgin lesbian
    Lies of a drag queen, false promises of the chosen one
    Satanic rituals, silicon orgies, mistakes of the plastic whore
    Cockroach man destroys all and the world is no more
  • Dead Passion Blues

    Nov 5 2013, 6:02

    Creepy little sister there's dead bugs in your room
    Don't play your games with the bloodshot eyed groom
    And when I don't fuck Mary Jane she gets lonely in incessant doom
    The gay prostitute cries in the empty vortex of purple haze gloom
    The world below my feet is getting smaller by the day
    Everyone's lost faith even the Mantis doesn't pray
    You might be some hot shit, you make up junkie whore
    Undress before my eyes and you'll still be a bore
    Beauty is only skin deep and the skin is burning green
    I can see your dog dying on my LCD television screen
    You boyfriend sucks hard and so does his thrash metal band
    I'm too busy staring at the walls while spitting on my hand
    Choking on my own vomit, one final thought before I die
    Whatever the fuck happened to truth, why does everyone lie
  • A Rain to Wash Away the Cockroaches

    Ott 30 2013, 19:43

    I love the vision of dead bloody cockroaches on the kitchen floor
    Before they know it I'll kill 'em all like Jack The Ripper's whore
    I can't buy any aerosol because I'm so fucking poor
    So I beat up all the cockroaches after closing the door
    Like Travis Bickle I'm a man on a mission so stop your lies
    I can't even be distracted by Alexis Bledel's blue eyes
    Cockroaches always follow me everywhere - in bus, cars, sidewalks and stores
    My whole life is pointed in one direction - to kill 'em all like expendable eyesores
    Cockroaches must die and I'm not afraid to go to jail
    I'll even kill 'em there in the name of sister Abigail
    You can't stop me from killing cockroaches even if that makes me a criminal
    Whores, skunk pussies, buggers, queens, fairies, dopers, junkies, sick, venal
    Cockroaches are all the same - cold and distant and they'll no more come out at night
    Because a man will stand up against the scum, the cunts, the dogs, the filth, the shite
    So long...
  • Dead Whore Contemplation

    Ago 21 2013, 8:05

    We get our dick sucked by the hell hound
    We fap to children jumping on the playground
    We're circle jerking in the clothes of your mother
    You're not here so we bukakke in your picture
    With our cum the moss in your gravestone is getting greener
    I was fucking bored so I ate your eleven fingers for dinner
    I miss your freckled deep throating whore face
    I remember your red pussy menstruating in divine grace
    The fireplace is burning bright with your flaming red hair
    Somebody stole your yellow panties from my jack off drawer
    Your eyes look so good hanging from the ceiling fan
    I can't forget the day I raped you in that gypsy caravan
    I don't even know what happened to your puffy nipples 34C natural tits
    I was too busy chewing gum and fucking the mirror in tranquillized bliss
    The memories of your murder haunts me brathless and makes my throat go dry
    I slit that motherfucker before I embarrass myself and start to whine and cry