1001 albums you must hear before you die 50s 60s happy oldies 70s-80s uk punk and post-punk aberrant mental states alienation klezmer all watched over by machines of loving grace always always always the sun aussie rock barefoot in the rain black humor bloody great brecht brecht weill british cabaret noir canadian captain kirk celtic celtic metal celtic punk chanson francaise cheefull cheerful cinema for the ears club-dance rock compulsive repeat listenings cover like it should be dancing barefoot in the acid rain dead cool doctor who drink to a memory england 1979 erst kommt das fressen dann die moral favorite albums folk folk punk folk rock fuck your shit up genious get happy goreyliscious great 70s stuff greatest hits grew up with grim tales from the gutter hacienda heard this one a long time ago how i love the romance of crime hurrah for peter murphy and his pointy stick i could listen to this song forever i should start every day with this song i want back to the 80s if my soul were composed of musical notes instant happiness irish irish punk jazz klezmer fusion kurt weill cover life on mars listen whilst thefting love at first listen lydon lyrical genius lyrics that break my fucking heart male vocalist manchester melancholy modern country must see live neofolk nostalgia nostalgic-sweet nothing beats barrett one of the best smiths cover ever pet shop boys post-ironic post-punk punk reasons i love the uk relaxing retro-rock robert burns sarcastic satanic circus tent revival music science fiction music scotland social commentary songs to listen until my ears bleed teenage years thank god for mental illness the good seeds the threepenny opera totally bitchin awesome uk want to see live was nutzt die liebe in gedanken ost weill woody guthrie cover