Top 25 Albums of 2008 (through 9/11) and most anticipated albums coming up


Set 11 2008, 14:13


  • PeopleEveryday

    Alopecia? Absolutely. And I might have placed ExitingARM above Modern Guilt... but that's me.

    Set 11 2008, 20:29
  • noworldforeric

    The Hawk Is Howling, Skeletal Lamping and The Ocean and the Sun have all leaked lolz, they're all fantastic too.

    Set 12 2008, 0:29
  • whereskymeetsea

    yeah, I know, I just don't post them until they release.

    Set 12 2008, 0:38
  • evergettheurge

    phew yeah! so much musical goodness. i have been LOVING most of those albums. especially red, yellow & blue; alopecia; at mount zoomer. . . basically all of them.

    Set 14 2008, 6:18
  • nymetsman00

    I love your taste. my tops (no order) are rabbit habits, censored colors, and skeletal lamping. oh and ocean and the sun. I don't think foxy 's introducing is from this year?

    Set 16 2008, 1:14
  • nymetsman00

    nope i'm wrong it's from january. good call

    Set 16 2008, 23:12
  • azznrivera

    i can't agree with a list that doesn't have fleet foxes, or even cut copy. good call on crystal castles tho

    Set 18 2008, 9:26
  • DreadfulYgg

    Audrey deserves a spot here.

    Set 20 2008, 7:40
  • Cacophonaut

    I would have Alopecia right at the top, but then again I thought At Mt Zoomer, the new Sigur Ros and Man Man were rubbish. Add "Detrimentalist" by Venetian Snares and you've got a top list.

    Set 21 2008, 15:02
  • slow__riot

    nice list. however, i would place american dollar much higher. also, i agree with DreadfulYgg and joshtrimble on audrey and jeniferever, both great releases.

    Set 27 2008, 1:10
  • whereskymeetsea

    I thank all of you guys for the recommendations, some really great bands I was unfamiliar with until these posts.

    Set 27 2008, 9:04
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