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Set 9 2006, 1:42

Gah, long long week. I'm exhausted. And it's not over - I have to slog all weekend to finish a major assignment. Bah.

But there was fun stuff. On Monday I saw Okkervil River. They were seriously good. Highlight? Six words:

Will. Sheff. A. Stone. Solo. Acoustic.

Nuff Said.

It really was wonderful. And I still can't stop listening to Black Sheep Boy. I wish I could, cos I don't want to make myself sick of it, but it's all my ears want at the moment. Fortunately OR have a solid back catalogue to move on to if I do grow weary of it.

Supporting was Lawrence Arabia - some cool singer-songwritery stuff - and C.W. Stoneking who was very Delta Bluesy which was nice for something a bit different. Tuba, clarinet and banjo? Bring it on.

Up bright and early the next day for a 9am start. The exhaustion begins. Tuesday lunchtime chilled at uni to the tones of Tim Freedman of Whitlams fame. I'm not a huge fan, but my friend is, so we skipped a lecture and mosied along. I really wish I could get into the Whitlams, the songs are good enough, they're just not very sonically satisfying for my ears. They're too sleek. Needs more grit for my taste. Oh well.

Tuesday night, to keep the juggernaut rolling I went to see Ken Brannagh's Hamlet. I love that film. I hadn't seen it in ages, and I'd never seen it on the big screen. 4 hours and 11 minutes of Shakespearean gold. And another night out after 12. The eyelids begin to droop.

Wednesday I just worked on the assignment all day (and a fair portion of the night), no rest for the wicked.

Thursday I went and saw The Daze. My friend and part of my brain tried to convince me to go home and sleep, but I battled the rain and cold and wind and 20 minute tram waits. Which made me late - stupid trams. I caught about 30 seconds of The Lonely Spacemen. It sounded like a good 30 seconds. I've heard some of their music, they're pretty good. Kinda dreamy, guitar drenched type stuff, see here for downloads. Then there was one sixth of The Spoils. Another sixth was home sick, but I don't know where the remaining two thirds were. Some goodish songs, but the other musicians probably would have been handy to have around, more instruments would have been good. I was quite relieved when the Daze came out with more guitars than people to play them - including a lap steel (yay!). They were suitably wonderful - well worth the cold, wet and sleep deprivation. They rocked solidly. Very dark, dazy stuff.

Last night I was contemplating going to see The Sleepy Jackson out of sheer curiosity more than anything, I don't know their music that well. But a friend suggested coming over for dinner so I did that instead. It still kept me up late, and I'm still exhausted. And have to get back to work. Bah.

I'd do it all again though - in a heartbeat.


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