My Top 20 Songs Of 2009


Gen 25 2010, 12:30

These are my top 20 songs of 2009. A couple songs came out before 2009 but were popular or I listened to them a lot in 2009 or felt they fit with that year. If you haven’t heard these songs yet I say go listen to them. It was so hard to just pick 20 songs. These are in no particular order.

Alvin Band- Temple Pressure- Off Of Album- Mantis Preying- Such an amazing song! It’s so catchy! I love his voice on it! “I’ve got temple pressure!”
Dirty Projectors- Stillness Is The Move- OOA- Bitte Orca- An incredible song with crazy good vocals! “Isn’t life just a mirage of the world before the world?”
La Roux- Bulletproof- OOA- La Roux- Just a really cool upbeat song. “Maybe this time I’ll be bulletproof!”
Florence + the Machine- Kiss With A Fist- OOA- Lungs- A fiery song with strong lyrics! “A kick in the teeth is good for us all. A kiss with a fist is better then none!”
Muse- I Belong To You (Mon Coeur S’ouvre A Ta Voix)- OOA- The Resistance- A beautiful love song with beautiful vocals & lyrics. “ Traveled half the world to say I belong to you.”
Passion Pit- Sleepy Head- OOA- Manners- A really great song with a great beat! “ Against the walls, against your rules against your skin!”
Metric- Gimme Sympathy- OOA- Fantasies- A really nice song with some fun lyrics. “ After all this is gone. Who’d you rather be? The Beatles or The Rolling Stones?
Jonas Brothers- Much Better- OOA- Lines, Vines & Trying Times- Yes I like the Jonas Brothers. I think they are a really great band! This is 1 of my favorite songs by them! I love it! Such a fantastic song. “ I want to fly with you. Tear up the sky with you. You’re much better.”
Phoenix- Lisztomania- OOA- Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix- A really upbeat catchy song! “ Like a ride, like a riot oh! not easily offended."
Grizzly Bear- Southern Point- OOA- Veckatimest- Such a beautiful & amazing song! “ Our haven on the southern point is calling us.”
Green Day- Peacemaker- OOA- 21st Century Breakdown- 1 of the best songs off of this album! Really great loud song! “ Well now the caretaker’s the undertaker.”
Jay-Z- Run This Town- OOA- The Blueprint 3- A really cool song with powerful lyrics. I love Rihanna’s voice on this song! Rihanna & Jay-Z go great together. Kanye West was pretty good too. “ Whose gonna run this town tonight?”
30 Seconds to Mars- Kings & Queens- OOA- This Is War- A wonderful song with amazing vocals by Jared Leto! Also amazing lyrics! “ We are the kings & queens of promise! We were the victims of ourselves!”
The xx- Crystalized- OOA- XX- A really good song. “ I’ll forgive & forget before I’m paralyzed.”
Friendly Fires- Skeleton Boy- OOA- Friendly Fires- A really danceable song! “ I close my eyes on the dancefloor. I forget about you.”
Miike Snow- Animal- OOA- Miike Snow- A very catchy & creative song. “ I change shapes just to hide in this place but I’m still, I’m still an animal!”
Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Zero- OOA- It’s Blitz- A really cool song. “ You’re a zero! What’s your name?”
Owl City- Fireflies- OOA- Ocean Eyes- Even if he did copy Postal Service or whoever this is still a really great song. Very nice, creative lyrics & beat. “ A foxtrot above my head. A sockhop beneath my bed. A disco ball just hanging by a thread.”
MGMT- Time To Pretend- OOA- Oracular Spectacular- Such a wonderful song that makes you want to make time to pretend.:) “ We’ve got the vision now let’s have some fun!”
Manchester Orchestra- I’ve Got Friends- OOA- Mean Everything To Nothing- A really great song by them. Very powerful lyrics. “Cause I’ve got friends in all the right places.”


  • martymankins

    I've heard most of these songs and agree. Passion Pit is an instant favorite.

    Gen 25 2010, 16:44
  • AlxSavage

    Flawless list!

    Ago 22 2010, 3:04
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