oM, MGMT 11.12.07


Nov 14 2007, 2:27

Mon 12 Nov – of Montreal, MGMT, Grand Buffet

We arrived at the Great American Music Hall at 6 PM---a groovy venue in a particularly dicey part of town. We stood in line and were directed by the venue to steer clear of the wall, and by Dan to steer clear of the tour bus. Watched James and Dan walk to and from the bus. Around 7 PM, which was supposed to be doors opening, a drunk homeless man kept harrassing my husband, singing about Bill Bailey, and wanting to show off his war wounds---a bit too close for comfort.

We were finally let in the door, and found our spots on the left side of the stage, front row. A newcastle and a geminitactics shirt purchase later, a comedian took the stage, speaking in a very Mitch Hedberg kind of way. He was shortly thereafter followed by MGMT. MGMT's style reminded me of Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Student Film and Film School. Groovy recorded, but even better live. I did not care at all for Grand Buffet.

of Montreal took the stage a little after 10 PM. The performance was much more theatrical than the concert I attended in February, complete with lion masks, sword fights, glitter balloons, and silver footballs. The set had also improved with multi-level flashing light platforms that Kevin and his theatrical cohorts crawled all over. James switched from horns, to bass, to drums throughout the evening. BP had black wings and a white moustache, and was often the focus of one of several video cameras set with psychedelic effects. They played some songs that I hadn't heard live before, some of my favorites were I was Never Young, My British Tour Diary, and Sink the Seine. Of course, the highlights were hearing the new songs from Skeletal Lamping: Our Last Summer as Independents, Mingusings, and Softcore. During the screaming portion Faberge Falls for Shuggie, Kevin leaned over and screamed in the face of the girl right next to me. (It's always the girl right next to me....)

The show was fantastic--I felt it had become a bit Flaming Lips-esque.

We waited outside until 12:45 by the tour bus, hoping that anyone from the band would come out, and watching Kevin crawl over the stage and drink...but no one ever came out.

I wish I could go tonight or tomorrow, but I cannot afford dinner tix, so I hope other folks post some reviews. I know it'll be awesome!


  • andreclemente

    shit they didnt play those new songs on the third night! they did play 3 prince songs though. i posted the setlist on the shoutbox of the third night.

    Nov 15 2007, 20:39
  • wappytea

    Bummer. Oddly, they did no covers on the first night. I was thinking that the third night would be more spectacular, but I didn't get to go.

    Nov 16 2007, 2:36
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