• Muse at Charlottesville

    Ott 28 2010, 12:09

    Wed 27 Oct – Muse, Metric

    Words cannot describe how amazing the show was. It was the first time I've seen both Muse and Metric, and I was excited to see both. However, Muse has been my absolute favourite band since I was 12 and in the seventh grade, I must say that this was a religious experience for me. I didn't stand on the floor, because I didn't want to risk getting hurt or whatever. I was in the lower seats, with a straight view to the stage. It was glorious (no pun intended). I just couldn't believe how BEAUTIFUL the lights and projections were. The guys, of course, were the main attraction, and WOW. Wow. I had heard they were the best live band in the world right now, but this further solidified my belief. The jams were amazing, the glowing piano- THE KEYTAR. Ugh, it was the best thing I'd ever attended in my life, and I can't wait to make the pilgrimage again. (: