Four Tet - Misnomer


Ago 27 2008, 20:50

No one really knows this, but for all my vast music collection and knowledge. I hate lyrics, there is in fact only a handful of songs that I listen to for lyrics, I might perhaps one day write about them.

Most of the time I listen to music because I just went to set a mood or be in a place (in my mind). I am aware that I sounds like I'm 16, but I really don't have either the mental strength or stamina to listen to a song and pay attention to the lyrics to see if there is some deep meaning, most of the time they're shite anyway.

Back to this song, the reason why I waxed lyrical about lyrics. Is because this song is an instrumental. That may not be surprising, why it is important is because I don't even know what Misnomer means. I could just google it and find out. But I won't, because it serves as an important reminder to me and to whoever is crazy enough to read this that I take my inspiration for music from anywhere and it doesn't matter about lyrics, title, genre or any just method of classifcation which could lead into criticism. It just simply has to sound good, for it to be something for me to listen too and for it to be loved it has too add to my imagination.

This song does that, I found out about it on the amazing BBC2 programme Coast, it was used for 15 seconds, and I was hooked on it. The jazzy beat I don't think I'll ever get tired of, the places my mind wanders too when listing to it also I wont get tired of.



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