shuffle your feet


Apr 22 2007, 6:27

Put your music player on shuffle
Post the first 40 songs that come up. You can repeat artists if you want. If you have any repeat tracks, skip to the next track.

1. Frog Eyes: Ice On The Trail
2. The Stone Roses: Waterfall
3. Half-Handed Cloud: Work Isn’t What It Seemed to Be
4. Dashboard Confessional: Good Fight
5. Band of Horses: The Funeral
6. Leonard Cohen: True Love Leaves No Traces
7. Pinback: Rousseau
8. Sufjan Stevens: Prairie Fire That Wanders About
9. At the Drive-in: One-Armed Scissor
10. Clinic: Walking With Thee
11. Beck: Bottle of Blues
12. MaraAkate: Program > Output_File
13. Vertical Horizon: Finding Me
14. Dashboard Confessional: The Places You Have Come to Fear the Most
15. A Frames: Nobot
16. Nouvelle Vague: Bella Lugosi’s Dead
17. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!: Clap Your Hands!
18. Dashboard Confessional: Turpentine Chaser
19. Low: Silent Night
20. Jetenderpaul: Epson: The Anxious Bench
21. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!: Is This Love?
22. Jimmy Eat World: Just Watch the Fireworks
23. Denise Williams: Let’s Hear It For The boy
24. Pulp: The Fear
25. Half-Handed Cloud: Baldy Knees
26. Joanna Newsom: Cassiopeia
27. Kid Koala: Stompin’ At Le Savoy
28. Kid 606: Who Wah Kill Sound
29. Jon Brion: Down the Drain
30. Neutral Milk Hotel: Communist Daughter
31. Linnzi Zaorski: If I Could Be With You One Hour Tonight
32. Path of Resistance: Against The Gale
33. The Pillows: Happy Slave
34. The Slackers: The Question
35. John Vanderslice: Me And My 424
36. Barbra Morgenstern: Ein Paar Sekunden
37. Death Cab: Wait
38. The Starlight Mints: Pages
39. Black Lipstick: Our Gilded Thrones
40. I’m From Barcelona: Jenny

01. Which song do you prefer, 1 or 40: 40 is a little more…upbeat? singable? joyful?

02. Have you ever listened to 12 continuously on repeat: i think that would drive me insane, since the first half just sounds like a big geeky trip to computer programmer land and the second half is screaming.

03. What album is 26 from: walnut whales ep

04. What do you think about the artist who did 15: they are like a music robot.

05. Is 19 one of your favorite songs: it was when i was five. topped only by away in a manger.

06. Who does 38 remind you of: ashley when it is sunny and she is happy

07. Does 20 have better lyrics or music: music

08. Do any of your friends like 3: no one knows who he is. go look up half-handed cloud right now and then love him like i do.

09. Is 33 from a movie soundtrack: it would be in my movie

10. Is 18 overplayed on the radio: any dashboard song that made it onto the radio is overplayed anywhere

11. What does 21 remind you of: showing up for my first radio show at two in the morning and being so excited to play mates of state

12. Which song do you prefer, 5 or 22: clarity is my definition of love

13. What album is 17 from: clap your hands say yeah! ! !!! !!!!!!

14. When did you first hear 39: about four minutes ago.

15. When did you first hear 7: three and a half years ago when i was too happy to really appreciate it

16. What genre is 8: epic string and flute folk?

17. Do any of your friends like 14: i don’t know that they would admit it, but YES. everyone loves dashboard.

18. What color does 4 remind you of: a really angry bitter bright blue

19. Have you ever blasted 11 on your stereo: i always hate the thought of beck. his music is fine, and i have lots and lots of his music, but for some reason i hate him. i can’t explain it. so, no.

20. What genre is 37: sad bastard music

21. Can you play 13 on any instrument: oh probably

22. What is your favorite lyric from 30: cars careening from the clouds, the bridges burst and twist around

23. What is your favorite lyric from 23: oh whoa whoa whoa, let’s hear it for the boy!

24. Would you recommend 24 to your friends: meh. i don’t think i would even recommend it to myself.

25. Is 2 a good song to dance to: yes! but any song can be good to dance to, depending on the dance.

26. Do you ever hear 16 on the radio: no

27. Is 32 more of a "nighttime" or "daytime" song: it’s more of a “be angry and dance, motherfucker” song

28. Does 36 have any special meaning to you: i told her she was really great after she opened for mountain goats, and she said, “ah thanks, you were really great as well!”

29. Do any of your friends like 31: bw is the only one weird enough to like her voice

30. Is 25 a fast or slow song: it’s an awesome song, and it is only a minute long

31. Is 35 a happy or sad song: it sounds happy, but i think he is incurably poetically sad

32. What is one of your favorite lyrics from 9: pucker up and kiss the asphalt now

33. Is 34 better to listen to alone or with friends: probably best with friends, or a barbershop quartet, or jamaica

34. When did you first hear 27: freshman year, when i hated it

35. Name 3 other songs by the artist who did 29: row, spotless mind, and howard makes it all go away

36. Do you know all the words to 6: this is the first time i’m hearing anything about leonard cohen being on my computer

37. Does 28 have better lyrics or music: music, if you can call it that

38. What album is 10 from: national high five day 2k6!
Ice On The TrailWaterfallWork Isn't What It Seemed To BeGood FightThe FuneralTrue Love Leaves No TracesRousseauPrairie Fire That Wanders AboutOne-Armed ScissorWalking With TheeBottle of BluesProgram > Output_fileFinding MeThe Places You Have Come To Fear The MostNobotBella Lugosi's DeadClap Your Hands!Turpentine ChaserSilent NightEpsom: The Anxious BenchEpson: The Anxious BenchIs This Love?Just Watch the Fireworkslet's hear it for the boyThe FearBaldy KneesCassiopeiaStompin' At Le SavoyWho Wah Kill SoundDown The DrainCommunist DaughterIf I Could Be With You One Hour TonightAgainst The GaleHappy SlaveThe QuestionMe and My 424Ein Paar SekundenWaitPagesGilded ThronesJenny


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