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  • Dschohsie

    Allet Jute zum Geburtstag! Diesmal nicht nur zufällig.^^ Hoffe, du hattest einen schönen Tag! Du gehst zu Russian Red? Cool! Berichte dann mal! Bin zwi.Weihnachten und Silvester in town, also wenn da coole Konzerte anstehen, bin ich dabei! ;)

    Ieri 15:05 Rispondi
  • kerranG-

    Holy fuckkk, i saw kakkmaddafakka last night (among others, tame impala, mogwai, juana molina) and i never had that much fun in a gig before, danced all night! im so in love with these guys haha <3

    26 Nov 6:22 Rispondi
  • kerranG-

    Damn, i completly forgot! you need to watch this movie. its only 3 USD and its worth it

    15 Nov 1:03 Rispondi
  • kerranG-

    There's something about all the moving to Europe thing in here, most argies see it as this impossible thing to do, some talk about it in a resentful way, some like to lie to themselves saying that europe is in crisis and we're in a better situation than them hahaha, which i find so funny cause...if you lived here... oh my god. Most like to say others to dont go to europe cause of racism, or cause you wont be able to find a good job, and i could keep going all night long. So yeah, you get the idea, i never understood why they are that way but nvm, i think that ANYONE between 20-30, with a proper education, some exp, and some money can go wherever the hell he wants and be happy, its not that big of a deal. This is an interesting topic that we could keep talking all day haha :). So, did you sell all your stuff yet!? if you got something cool for sale im gonna buy it :D. Hope you're doing gooooood

    15 Nov 0:59 Rispondi
  • kerranG-

    Now that you say it, getting a book/diary would be a great idea actually :D, i dont know what to expect tbh, i use to overthing everything as you know, and that's bad in tthis case. But i know everything's going to be fine somehow, its not that im moving not knowing the language, without money and not willing to take a crappy job to survive :p. Oh, that's a cool question about my parents haha x) if i go a few years back when i was 18 or smt, they thought i was joking about moving, they kept saying "yeah sure you gonna move in a couple years", and it was kinda annoying tbh cause i was talking for real haha, then they saw that i was really doing everything to make it happen and i guess they started supporting me, they gonna miss me tho, my dad always told me "how cool the argentinian south is", and he might be right but i dont want that.

    15 Nov 0:48 Rispondi
  • kerranG-

    Hellllo!. How you been? :). about Canada, you got that wrong, i thought you were moving to Canada for holidays or something, now i get that you were talking about moving for some time there with your bf. Its really cool that you guys get 4k visas per year, it shouldnt be thaaaat hard to apply and get one im guessing?. If im not mistaken, we get around 500/700 visas per year and only for a few countries, hmm Ireland, Denmark, France, NZ, USA, Australia and a few others, and you can stay for 1 year max. I might be wrong tho. So yeah, dont worry, im sure you guys will make it :D. Im curious now...why or what was so different when you moved to Ireland?. There's a group on fb for argies living in the UK, and they keep finding kinda weird that there's no physical contact AT ALL, haha, that's gonna be weird for me.

    15 Nov 0:31 Rispondi
  • kerranG-

    I was going to reply you today, sorry. Stop traveling, you're making me jealous! haha. Have fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun :))

    16 Ott 16:00 Rispondi
  • kerranG-

    Ok, too many questions. Hope you're doing good :)) have a nice week, ttyl.

    7 Set 14:14 Rispondi
  • kerranG-

    Sadly Emma Roberts' in it again, i hope she plays a different role in this season, even tho i like her i ended up hating her character in Coven. Im not sure if Taissa Farmiga is on this one, but i hope she is <3. Hey, have you read the Maze Runner saga? i bought the first book a while back and hadnt read it yet :p but the movies are coming out so yay!. Now that i say this, what i am really looking forward to is Mockingjay! oh my god, its going to be so good :D. So, i watched a lot of crappy movies lately, but there was one that was really inspiring, have you seen The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty with Ben Stiller? the movie has some stupid scenes, well... most parts of the movie are really stupid actually, but the message they give is really cool haha. Have you ever felt that your life is too monotonous or something like that? i dont know, most ppl i know have monotonous lives and that kinda worries me, they dont even notice. I think that's the main reason why i wanna travel...

    7 Set 14:12 Rispondi
  • kerranG-

    Heeeeeeeeeey, sorry that it took me so long to reply back. Ok, so, we need to catch up haha. Im guessing that you already had your holidays in America and came back, how was it? :) did you go with your bf or your family?. I've been getting ready for Scotland, bought some stuff i need, also a medical insurance (i think this is pretty useless since im "european" but just in case), and now im at work trying to find a flat or something, yeah.. i work on sundays *KILL ME PLS*. What happened with your plan of leaving Germany, any news? it sucks that you're moving right when im going to Europe haha q.q. Im sooo excited, on one hand i really want to leave ASAP, but on the other well, you know... what i told you on the PM i sent you. About AHS, im not THAT excited, but i really wanna watch it haha, have you seen the teasers/trailers? it looks promising :D

    7 Set 13:54 Rispondi
  • kerranG-

    Sorry for the late reply, i had a couple tough days. So, i talked to this girl, and she was like "oh hey, i totally forgot about asking my friends for a flat! i'll do it asap"... so yeah, i think i'll have to do it by myself, cause im running out of time. I thought about preparing my CV too, but the cv's are completly different in Europe so i have no idea yet of how to make it haha, i'll have to google or something. You're going to America for holidays, or i got it wrong? if so that's awesome :D. Its kinda ironic that you're afraid of heights but then you say that you'd like to do paragliding haha, i didnt know about paragliding but it seems fun as hell too. About the vlogs, if i start travelling all around the world i'll probably do it. i'd like to make a nice group of people or something and travel+make vlogs with em, i dont know, but i always liked that idea x). Ok, what about you? have a nice weekend. I'll send you a PM cause i need to tell you something haha

    9 Ago 20:06 Rispondi
  • kerranG-

    It surprise me that you didnt like it, i found the main actress (guessing you're talking about the daughter) cute x) but my sister kept telling me that she was ugly and she had no expressions. Anyway, i'll probably do the same as you did. my parents told me the same thing, to take only a few things and then buy the rest once i get there. This girl i told you i know from Edinburgh told me that she has a few friends living in Leith, and she'll help me find a nice flat and not so expensive, so yeah...she told me that like 1 and half month ago and i haven't talk to her yet... What about you and your bf? any news about moving to NZ?. Congrats on passing your final project! :D. Ok so, random question time : are you scared of heights? would you go skydiving?. i want to do it so bad haha, it looks fun as hell, once i get to Europe i'll buy a Go Pro cam and record as much as i can while traveling or doing stupid stuff x) some kinda vlog maybe? i dont know.

    29 Lug 14:35 Rispondi
  • kerranG- the description made my day

    28 Lug 17:51 Rispondi
  • kerranG-

    Whenever you have some free time, you should really watch Incendies. I've seen it for the second time tonight with my sister cause i thought she might like it (and she did :D), its incredible.

    27 Lug 3:49 Rispondi
  • kerranG-

    First off, what happened with your final project? i'd be really mad if someone stole mine, it also depends on how much time you spent doing it, like.. if you spent only 1 day its like meh, but if it took you a couple I hope you passed tho :). Omg, that's impossible, you took only that one tiny luggage with you!? that lil teddy bear tho haha. Im taking 2, a traveler's backpack and one baggage x). i dont know what im going to do, im so silly i've never took an airplane in my life, im afraid i'll lose all the luggages and live in poverty for the rest of my european life *snif*. I was going to ask you, is this photoshoped or not? i think its in Germany, it looks stunning <3. damn i can't wait until i start traveling.

    26 Lug 18:50 Rispondi
  • kerranG-

    Im with you on that you said about going alone so you dont depend on someone, been there and i ended up quitting. Am i the only one who dont like being seen in the gym?haha, its not that i look stupid or something, im just shy i guess :p. The other day there was a girl watching me and i was like "would you please turn around so i can keep doing this? thanks". we go at night too, not that late tho (7pm to 9pm)

    21 Lug 17:46 Rispondi
  • shziz


    21 Lug 13:17 Rispondi
  • shziz

    unerhörte Unterstellung!

    21 Lug 10:40 Rispondi
  • shziz

    schon wiieeeder ein neues bild :P

    21 Lug 8:24 Rispondi
  • kerranG-

    It's "friendship day / friend's day" in Argentina, it might sound stupid for those who don't celebrate it haha, but happy friends day anyway :)

    20 Lug 3:33 Rispondi
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