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Ago 14 2010, 7:25

I bet that if I hadn't told you, you would never guess that VFSix is a Russian band. And it's not even because their songs are performed in English. The quality of sound and the unique style - that what draws attention to the band, and the attention is drawn, and rightfully so. Victor, one of the VFSix founders, answered a few of my questions.

tipkin - As usual, let's start with a short bio: how, where and when did it all start?

Victor - The history of our band has a long prehistory, which proves that there is a right time for everything. For the founding of VFSix it came 10 years ago. Fannie appeared at my apartment-recording studio in September 1999, and our personal acquaintance, which due to various reasons wasn't happening for several years, laid the foundation for VFSix. Among the discs in my collection I found the one that I for some reason haven't listened to, Fannie's demo CD, which I really liked. We met not in Krasnoyarsk, where we used to live, but in Moscow, the atmosphere of which became a part of our music. Right around that time I got the six string bass, upon the overtones of which the sound of VFSix is being build. The circumstances laid out that way that both of us ceased to work in other music projects, we were free and had a desire to write music we ourselves would exclusively like, without any restrictions in format, trends, not setting any goals and not thinking about commerce. It all started with our desire to express our current state and feeling of music.

t. - How did the decision to sing in English come about? Who is responsible for the lyrics? What is the reaction of Russian-(and English-)speaking audience?

V. - There wasn't an actual decision regarding the language of the songs, we didn't think about it. It's just that English lyrics are being born in Fannie's head to the music of VFSix. She is the author of all the lyrics of the first album vfsecret, except for "Heart Full Of Stone." On the albums VF's World and Paradise other vocalists write lyrics for themselves. I.e. generally, whoever sings a song is the author of its lyrics. The main audience of the band is English-speaking, which is a double pleasure, since they notice the deep content of VFSix's lyrics. The most common reaction of Russian-speaking listeners is the amazement that this is a Russian band. There's been more of Russian-speaking audience lately, probably due to increasing popularity of trip-hop in Russia.

t. - Influences of jazz and funk are very noticeable in your music. Do any of the musicians in the band have classical jazz background?

V. - Before the project VFSix every one of us played music of various styles - blues, funk, jazz-rock, country, American variety stage, but no one was into classical jazz.

t. - I have to "attach" you to a certain geographical point, but there are always musicians from all over the world taking part in creating your music! How do you find them (or how do they find you)?

V. - As all the musicians, we travel a lot to different cities and countries. A lot of acquaintances happen at festivals, joint concerts, like with Pat Appleton, Anders Honore, Alex Choub, Pearl, THEreminGIRL. As well as the Internet made it possible to communicate and collaborate with musicians from all over the world. This is how we met Elisabeth Solana, DJ-SID, Marie Craven. I really liked working with Elizabeth and it's very possible that our work together won't be limited to one track.

t. - What do you think of trip-hop? Would it be correct to include your band into this category? How would you describe your style?

V. - Trip-hop is the closest definition that can describe our music, even though we never tried to set stylistic frames for ourselves. This is why we say that we play light trip-hop with elements of smooth-jazz, acid-jazz, lounge.

t. - It looks like you aren't huge fans of Moscow * What cities do you like?

V. - We do love Moscow, but it changed a lot in the past 10 years, lost its primordial originality. It became difficult for us to write music there, this is why we don't visit Moscow that often. We like places where you can get away from the bustle and to immerse into creative process. They're mainly small, green, clean towns, drowning in nature but not without the Internet.

t. - Tell us about the new album. As far as I understand, it isn't another VFSix release, but a solo project? Why and how you decided to do this?

V. - VFSix is a project created by me and Fannie. But as a composer and sound-producer I work with many other musicians. There are 7 different vocalists-authors on the album Paradise, this is why it isn't VFSix anymore.

t. - I would love to see you live. Are there any shows planned?

V. - Creative process, writing music is very time consuming, and we refuse the majority of concerts if the organizers can't fully provide the technical side, promotion, our fees. We cannot perform in conditions that don't match the quality of our sound and expenses for creating our music program. This is why VFSix concerts don't happen very often and most of the times it isn't a club format. The nearest performances are planned for the autumn - participating in festivals and presentation of the album Paradise. You will find all the details at

t. - What are your plans for the nearest (and not) future?

V. - There is presently only an internet release of the album Paradise, the CD is in plans. And we also started working on the new album, to which our near future is gong to be dedicated. Two tracks are already completed. The EP is going to come out soon on a known German label.

*I'm joking, of course. One of VFSix's most known songs, "Moscow," paints the city in rather unattractive tones.
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