• King Buzzo Live at Shank Hall

    Lug 3 2014, 5:08

    Sat 28 Jun – King Buzzo Solo Acoustic Set

    Sorry for the late review, my powers been out and I've been busy in the meantime. Anyways, I went to see Buzz last Saturday and it was a great time! We were running about an hour late due to unforseen circumstances so we missed all of Emma Ruth Rundle and only caught the end of Mark Waldoch's set, which was pretty good but ended pretty suddenly when he broke a string in the middle of a song. He went backstage assumingly to ask Buzz if he could either play his guitar or if Buzz had any extra guitar strings but came up empty so he just stopped. I used the in between break to make a quick pee stop and when I came back decided to stand right up front by Buzz, despite everyone else sitting in their chairs at their tables. This encouraged my friend Ben to stand by me and a couple of other people wandered up too. By about the middle of the set when I took a peek behind me there was a great deal of people by the stage then, which was good, it would have been lame if everyone remained in there seats. I also saw Buzz live acoustic a couple months back in Madison which featured probably about 70-30 Melvins songs to solo tracks, and this time was reverse, with a majority of the material being from This Machine Kills Artists and a few Melvins songs thrown in. All the Melvins songs played were also played at the first show, which makes sense. Also this time when listening to the Melvins songs I focused on the performance as opposed to first time when in my head I would picture the rest of the band playing along with him. This gave it more of an intimate and intense feel to it (I suppose the reason I filled in the rest of the band in my head was because I'm both so used to hearing the songs in that fashion and it was just so damn intimate without the drums and bass). Buzz also told a couple of stories, well only one really and it was the Mike Patton story which was hilarious and kind of gross and shows the respect that Buzz has for Patton, even though it might not always come across in interviews. The funniest part was Buzz said Patton came to the solo show in San Fran and he shrank back into his chair when Buzz asked the audience if he should tell the Patton or Iggy Pop story (the San Fransisco audience voted to hear the Iggy Pop story), and after the show Patton asked Buzz what story he was going to tell, as I imagine there are multiple stories Buzz could tell. The second story wasn't so much a story as it was Buzz remembering a conversation he had with his wife about what story to tell and not wanting to talk about any of the stories Mackie suggested (mainly stories about him getting beat up or arrested). So yeah, he finished with Revolve, the PA blasted Hell Broke Luce by Tom Waits and Buzz signed some things for fans before taking off for Chicago.
  • Failed Music on SoundCloud!

    Nov 12 2013, 5:55

    So trying to become more sophisticated and network socially I started a sound cloud page. Well truth be told I've had one for a little while now but I haven't done too much with it yet but I thought I should upload some Failed tracks to it. It's an evolving thing as I only have I think 4 songs up on it, but I'm thinking I'll just put up demos, unfinished stuff or tracks that aren't right for an album and put the album proper stuff up on band camp where I can potentially make money (if I actually tried promoting it maybe). So anyways the url is http://soundcloud.com/verbcake. I'll probably make all the tracks downloadable and streaming and whatnot, since why not?
  • Stealing another Journal entry, this one on iTunes

    Lug 14 2013, 20:03

    Some interesting stats from my iTunes. It's a little different than my last.fm page as I've had iTunes much longer (since 2001) than last.fm (since 2006). Granted I didn't put all my music on my computer until probably 2004 when I got my iPod but yeah. So without further ado here's the journal entry.

    Open iTunes/iPod (or whatever) to answer the following.

    Total number of tracks: 17739

    Sort by song title:
    -First Song: A-1 Dieselhed
    -Last Song: ? Secret Chiefs 3
    -Shortest Song: Aw Hell No! by my friend Nathaniel Avery, 5 seconds
    -Longest Song: Delirium Cordia by Fantômas, hour 16 minutes

    Sort by album:
    -First Song: Abandoned Language by dälek
    -Last Song: Air (Elation Mix) by MF DOOM. That doesn't really count though since I don't have the album name for that track, so hold on.
    Mask by Bauhaus is the last one that I have an album listed for, everything past that either doesn't have an album listed or is a live show and the album is the live date (if that makes sense).

    Top 10 Most Played Songs:
    1. Sweet Charity by Mr. Bungle
    2. Quiet Village by Martin Denny
    3. Charade (Main Title) by Henry Mancini
    4. Experiment in Terror by Henry Mancini
    5. The Bloated Pope by Melvins/Lustmord
    6. Civilized Worm by Melvins
    7. III by Melvins/Lustmord
    8. The Talking Horse by Melvins
    9. A History Of Drunks by Melvins
    10. Descent by Ben Wa

    First five songs that comes up on Shuffle:
    1. Maintain by dälek
    2. Teenager by Meat Puppets
    3. Silent Night by Bootsy Collins
    4. Mercy by Larry and Lorrie Collins
    5. Animal Behavior by Praxis

    "sex", how many songs come up?: 108
    "love", how many songs come up?: 560
    "death", how many songs come up?: 300
    "hate", how many songs come up?: 93
    "wish" how many songs come up?: 58
  • Failed now on Bandcamp!

    Giu 9 2013, 20:57

    Since no one really seemed to care that I put Failed music on iTunes I thought I would put in on Bandcamp where it's free to put up and I don't get charged a yearly fee. The site is http://failed1.bandcamp.com and I have two albums up now, the self titled debut Failed that is also up on iTunes (but I think the version on bandcamp is slightly better) and a newish album called Selfish that hasn't been released anywhere else yet even though it was finished back in, what, 2009, 2010? I'm working on a third album right now but knowing my snails pace speed at recording and mixing this stuff it won't be out for a bit yet, but I might put out some "demos" of it soon. It's called Irrational and has 7 songs that are in some way shape or form and may have one or two more songs added to it depending on how ambitious I am, but like I said that's all down the road a bit (hopefully by the end of the year but don't hold me to anything). I also have an acoustic album called Mellow that I recorded in about a months time span a few years ago that I may or may not put up depending on how embarrassed I am by it, or I might just put part of it up. It'll probably be free anyways. I also have some B-sides and remixes and other odds and sods that didn't make any of the other albums that I might throw up on there too for free in the future. So yeah, I think that's it! Enjoy the two albums, pay whatever you want, and check back, there should be more music in the future.
  • Melvins/Unsane at Turner Hall, Milwaukee 5/1

    Mag 2 2012, 6:31

    Tue 1 May – Melvins, Unsane
    Just got back, wholly shit awesome. First off, this was probably the biggest crowd I've seen for a Melvins show, and the first time they've played Milwaukee since 2006 which might have had something to do with that. The venue Turner Hall is also much bigger than other venues I've seen them at, and probably my favorite venue in the area (the usher in the front also said "The King is waiting for you", which cracked me up). Before the show started I snagged a poster (artwork very similar to the Melvins/Unsane 7", and signed by the band), the flower shirt and the Melvins/Totimoshi split 7". Unfortunately they were out of letterpress everything but I was able to run the stuff out to my car before the show started. I also ran into various people I know at the show which was cool. The opener Unsane were pretty great, and angry. I only have Scattered Smothered And Covered so I didn't recognize most of what they played but it sounded how Unsane should sound, dirty, angry and just a "wall of noise" as my friend Aaron put it. Their drummer Vinney is sitting out the tour as he has some sort of health issue going on so first Coady played with them then Dale came out and took over for Coady, then Coady came back out to finish the set, which ended with Scrape, Alleged, and a cover of the Flipper song Ha Ha Ha, which I didn't see coming (or that Unsane would cover it!) but it was pretty awesome nonetheless. After they were done my friend Ben and I moved up front and were a couple of rows back of Buzz's side.

    Just a short time later the Melvins came out and started with Dog Island and while I wouldn't say the place went nuts (that was later), there were certainly some enthusiastic people in the crowd. One of the guys I was standing next to was punching me repeatedly because he was so excited. After Dog Island they played the first side of Lysol, which was probably the third time I've heard them play that in the last couple of years and was great as usual. It's funny; when I was first getting into the Melvins I didn't think they would play that song live ever but it seems lately they've been playing that live quite a bit (maybe that's because the album is 20 years old now?). They then played The Water Glass and punchy guy yelled in my ear "Do you know this song?", to which I replied "Hell yeah!" which seemed to satisfy him. Manky!!! The first time I saw the Melvins live in 1999 that was the first song they played, so that song will always hold a special place for me. Youth of America was also tops and that was when the place started getting pretty crazy with a pit starting. They also played that new song A Growing Disgust which sounded good and makes me look forward to Freak Puke even more (and makes me think of how awesome Coady and Jared are to play the new song that they weren't involved in). They then played the new EP the Bulls and the Bees in it's entirety which sounds even better live compared to the studio versions. A Really Long Wait was the most obviously different track live as compared to the studio version due to the fact that, well, none of them play violin or anything, but it was a good atmospheric track and good lead in to National Hamster. The Bit!!!! That song just crushes when they play it live. Plus, they did the crazy drum solo/Jared singing/noise thing at the end of their set which they seem to do lately and I think is great.

    After the show we kind of hung out for a little bit to gather our thoughts and relax before hitting the road, which turned out to be the right call as I saw a woman with a setlist which I pointed out to my friends. The woman then said to me "Do you want the set list?" to which I replied "HELL YEAH!" I was very happy, and the woman then seemed to think I didn't appreciate it so I gave her a BIG hug and told her I loved her and some other stuff to that effect. Some guy then took our picture and told me the website to go to for pictures from the show to which I completely forgot by now which is unfortunate. Anyways now I want to get the poster framed with the set list and ticket in the frame with it.
  • Bunch of Questions about Music I Like

    Mar 12 2012, 6:35

    1. What's your favourite song by no.27? (Dälek)

    I'll go with Paragraphs Relentless, that's a good one.

    2. Do you own any album of no.8? (The Flaming Lips)

    Yep, I own a bunch by them.

    3. Do you think you might become a fan of no.33 in the future? (MF Doom)

    I'm already a fan, that's why I listen to him. I just got Operation Doomsday a few weeks back and have been listening to that a fair bit lately.

    4. How did you get into no.15? (Pixies)

    Well, I heard great things about them for years and when the compilation Death to the Pixies came out I picked it up and immediately loved it. It took a while for me to pick up all their studio albums though and last year I finally bought Bossanova

    5. What was your first opinion about no.18? (Howstuffworks.com)

    Took me a bit to like it, but Josh and Chuck have good chemistry and they usually talk about interesting topics.

    6. How long do you know and listen to artist no.9? (Beck)

    Well, I knew him from Loser but the first album I got was Odelay from a friend for I think $2. I still listen to him pretty frequently, he has so many different stylistic albums that fit different moods I'm in.

    7. Do you wish to become a member of no.13? (Butthole Surfers)

    Hey sure, I love the Buttholes.

    8. What song of no. 28 pay your attention the most and makes that you can listen to others? (Radiohead)

    I'm not sure what they mean by this question. Uh, Paranoid Android?

    9. Is there any negative association with no.39? (Mr. Bungle)

    Nope, just wished they were still together. I have nothing but happy associations with this band.

    10. What's the most noticeable track of no.34 for you? (The Tango Saloon)

    Probably Libertango, it has really nice vocals on it. That or I Want Some Fun or Dracula Cha Cha, they also have awesome vocals (and Dracula Cha Cha has Patton on it!).

    11. Do you associate something that happened in the past with no.47? (Meat Beat Manifesto)

    Not really. The only memories that are coming to mind is listening to them with headphones or in my car on the way to work.

    12. What is your fav song of artist's no.20 first album? (Secret Chiefs 3)

    Crossroads Through Crosshairs. Such a crazy song that goes everywhere. I always felt of First Grand Constitution and Bylaws as more like a lost Bungle album without Patton vocals than what they sound like nowadays.

    13. What is the most characteristic for you in artist no.43? (Quasimoto/Cows)

    For Quasimoto I'd say the crazy vocals, the samples of Melvin Van Peebles on like every track, and the opening number Welcome To Violence, since it's on both albums. For Cows I'd say the crazy bugle playing and magic marker tattoos.

    14. Who is the favourite member of no.6 in your opinion? (John Zorn)

    Uh, it's just one guy.

    15. Is there a song by no.25 that makes you feel worst? (Cave In)

    I suppose Beautiful Son, such a sad song.

    16. What is your opinion about the frontman of no.24? (Failed)

    Well since that's my band I'd say he's awesome.

    17. What do you think about no.37's fans? (Jurassic 5/PJ Harvey)

    I don't really know any fans who like either or both of them, well at least personally. But since both of those bands are awesome I'd say they have good taste in music.

    18. What was your reaction when you first time saw no.21's music video? (Dub Trio)

    I don't really remember a music video. I think they have one but I probably only saw it once.

    19. What is the worst album of no.1 in your opinion? (Melvins)

    Worst Melvins album? Well first off, that's kinda blasphemy right there. I'd guess Mangled Demos? Not really into the early hardcore they were playing there.

    20. What is the worst song of no.7? (Mike Patton)

    The one where he farts into a microphone.

    21. Would you like to go to a no.31's concert? (Portishead)

    I did go to a Portishead concert last year, it was amazing!

    22. Why did you start listen to no.19? (Meat Puppets)

    Well, this guy was selling some of his music online for like $1 or $2 a cd and he had Too High To Die among them so I bought it from him. It's funny though, because I don't think I listened to it until my friend Billy gave me a copy of Meat Puppets II, which I just love. I remember when Too High To Die came out they used to play Backwater on the radio and MTV and I always liked that song, plus they were on the MTV Unplugged with Nirvana for a few songs which were great.

    23. Is there a song by no.42 that makes you feel better? (Primus)

    Jerry Was A Racecar Driver is always entertaining.

    24. How could you describe no.50's music? (Jucifer)

    Heavy and beautiful. Amber plays some pretty heavy riffs but will sing really sweetly over the top of it. It's funny too that in the studio there's some diversity and not everything is over the top rock and metal, but live they rock the fuck out.

    25. What brings you to no.23? (Del Tha Funkee Homosapien)

    I first heard him on some Automator albums like the first Gorillaz album and Handsome Boy Modeling School, so I went to Best Buy one day and bought Both Sides of the Brain and really liked it. He's got some sweet rhymes and the production on his solo stuff is usually pretty good.

    26. Why don't you listen to no.46 anymore to lift them up in stats? (The Residents/DJ Eddie Def)

    I have to be in the right mood to listen to the Residents, they're pretty fucking weird. DJ Eddie Def.... I listened to him not that long ago, I'll probably play him again soon. And since some of his albums have pretty short songs and a lot of them he'll probably go up my charts quickly.

    27. What is the lyric of no.2 that you remember the best? (Tom Waits)

    If there's one thing you can say about mankind, is there's nothing kind about man.

    28. Is there a good memory you have involving no.16? (Badly Drawn Boy)

    I dated a girl who had his first album. She said she was in a record store and the album was playing and she liked it so much she bought it. And whenever I'm in a lousy mood or need cheering up or something like that I'll put him on and I usually feel better right away.

    29. Do you know anyone in real life who listen to no.41? (The Jesus Lizard)

    Yeah, my friend Ben and I saw them live back in '09, it was great! Beer cans everywhere....

    30. What's the maximum amount of money you would pay to see no.5 live? (Buckethead)

    I've seen him live something like four times now. I think the most I'd pay is about $25. I'm seeing him next month, should be good times.

    31. Do you associate anyone you know with no.32? (Tomahawk)

    A few friends of mine like them, so I associate all of them.

    32. Is there any song of no.17 that you can't stand? (Steinski)

    The Motorcade Sped On doesn't do much for me.

    33. What do you think about a name of no.48? (Praxis/Company Flow)

    Company Flow is a cool name, fits the band well. Praxis is a weird name, and when I first heard about them I thought it was something similar to Primus.

    34. What is the most unique in no.22? (Fantômas)

    All their albums are really unique and different. The most unique thing in my mind is that they recorded Delirium Cordia and Suspended Animation at the same time and those albums sound nothing alike.

    35. What artist could be similar to no.40 in your opinion? (Massive Attack)

    Portishead and Tricky.

    36. What's the music video by no.14 you enjoy the most? (Nine Inch Nails)

    Closer is one of the best videos ever.

    37. What is the song of no.49 that you heard last? (Company Flow/Praxis)

    The last Praxis track was a live song off of Zurich, with Company Flow it was Lune TNS after watching The Holy Mountain.

    38. What is your favourite lyric by no.10? (The Beatles)

    Probably all of the song Something.

    39. Does no.29 inspire you? (Tin Hat Trio)

    Sure. I mean I'm never going to make music that sounds anything like that but I'm a big fan.

    40. What would you change in no.35's music? (Aphex Twin/Public Enemy)

    For Aphex Twin I'd put out a new damn album. For Public Enemy less gay bashing and rabbi rousing.

    41. Who is the worst member of no.12 in your opinion? (Melt-Banana)

    The drum machine. No, I like all the members, but they don't really have a permanent drummer.

    42. Do you think no.44 is underrated or overrated? (Quasimoto/Cows)

    Quasimoto might be somewhat overrated, Cows is way underrated.

    43. Do you know anyone that hates no.38? (Jurassic 5/PJ Harvey)

    I don't know anyone who hates J5, in fact I have a friend who saw them live and left a fan. My ex isn't a huge fan of Polly Jean, but she doesn't hate her.

    44. Do you like no.45's style of clothing? (The Residents/DJ Eddie Def)

    The Residents have quite the fashion sense, although when I saw them live there were no giant eyeballs but some weird welding glasses and dredlock things. Eddie Def is alright, kinda standard clothes.

    45. What was the first song of no.11 you've ever heard? (Björk)

    Human Behavior. Awesome video.

    46. Why your no 4 is on fourth place of your top artists and e.g. not higher? (Grails)

    Because I've been listening to the other three more? I love Grails though, so they may move up at some point.

    47. Do you find anything beautiful in any no.26's song? (Cave In/Boris)

    Cave In has some amazing songs, I'd say all of Jupiter is beautiful. For Boris I'd say the song Rainbow is pretty beautiful.

    48. Does any lyric of no.30 describe you? (Sonic Youth)

    Not that I'm aware of.

    49. Who is the most talented member of no.36? (Aphex Twin/Public Enemy)

    Aphex Twin is only one guy, so he wins by default. Chuck D is probably the most talented of PE, unless the Bomb Squad counts as a member.

    50. What's your favourite album of no.3? (Naked City)

    I love Absinthe, such a weird album. Grand Guignol and S/T are also great. I'd just recommend picking up the box set, great stuff in there.
  • Stealing from some other dudes journal cuz I'm hung over and don't want to do…

    Mar 11 2012, 19:53

    Name your top 10 most played artists on Last.fm:

    1. Melvins
    2. Tom Waits
    3. Naked City
    4. Grails
    5. Buckethead
    6. John Zorn
    7. Mike Patton
    8. The Flaming Lips
    9. Beck
    10. The Beatles

    What was the first song you ever heard by 6?
    The first song I ever heard with him on it was probably something by Naked City, the first solo song by him was probably the track Disco Volante off of Locus Solus as I was a huge Mr. Bungle fan (still am) and I think I downloaded some of Zorn's tracks off of the bunglefever ftp site.

    What is your favorite album of 2?
    Oh man, uh, either Rain Dogs or Bone Machine. I'll go with Rain Dogs.

    What is your favorite lyric that 3 has sung?
    Uh, Naked City I think only has one song with lyrics, and it's about a tiger walking around a cage.

    What is your favorite song by 7?
    The one where he screams. No, I'd say since most of his solo albums as of late are movie soundtracks it's hard to pick an individual song out, so I'll say something off of Mondo Cane.

    What is a good memory you have involving the music of 10?
    The Beatles? Well, I remember when I was younger I heard their version of Twist and Shout all the time on the oldies radio station, and when I was somewhere around 8 or 9 years old a friend of mine tried to get a band together to cover that song, although none of us could play musical instruments at the time. It didn't go very well.

    Is there a song of 3 that makes you sad?
    Naked City doesn't really make me sad, their songs are too intense. Maybe Leng Tch'e because I could be listening to Melvins Lysol instead.

    What is your favorite lyric that 2 has sung?
    God I don't know. Tom Waits is pretty fantastic but I rarely pay attention to lyrics. Maybe from Misery Is The River Of The World
    If there's one thing you can say about Mankind
    There's nothing kind about man
    You can drive out nature with a pitch fork
    But it always comes roaring back again
    That whole song has great lyrics.

    What is your favorite song by 9?
    Maybe Deadweight. Yeah, we'll go with that for now.

    How did you get into 5?
    Well I first heard about Buckethead from those guitar magazines that mentioned him, and I heard a couple of tracks from Colma somewhere around the time it came out and I wasn't really into it. Then around 1999 he was in this Primus webcast that I watched and I found him really interesting and weird and frightening. That year he also put out Monsters and Robots and a friend of mine was raving about it so I picked up a copy. That year I also saw Buckethead open for Primus and even though he only played for maybe 20 minutes I thought it was awesome and started to buy his solo albums. Now he puts out way too many damn albums for me to keep up with and the one's I have heard all kinda sound either samey or similar to albums he's put out in the past so I haven't really bought anything new by him since the mid '00s. I still like him though and am seeing him live next month.

    What was the first song you heard by 1?
    Skweetis off of Stoner Witch. The Melvins have never been a radio band and in the mid 90's the internet isn't like today where you can stream almost anything and download it in seconds, so to hear their music you really had to buy their albums or listen to copies other people had. My friend Steve told me I should check them out so I ordered Stoner Witch from BMG Music Service (remember them?) and about a month later I got the album. Skweetis is such a damn weird song too, but I was intrigued, and I really loved the album. And now many years later they're still my favorite band.

    What is your favorite song by 4?
    Jeez, I don't know, I kinda like them all. I don't really like their first two albums but everything from Black Tar Prophecies on they've been great.

    How many times have you seen 9 live?
    I have not seen Beck live. I don't know if I ever had an opportunity to. I think he played HORDE festival back in '97 and that came to town but I was only 16 at the time and didn't have a car (or possibly my license, I didn't get that until I was almost 17) and didn't know anyone to go with. Plus I remember that day I was at a Brewers game.

    What is a good memory you have involving 2?
    My ex girlfriend told me how she used to love Tom Waits but couldn't listen to him anymore for some reason. Kinda like how I can't really listen to Modest Mouse anymore. But anyways, she has a friend who has a bunch of his albums and he burned me copies of them. I never did listen to Tom Waits around her while we were dating. So anyways even though she doesn't listen to him when I do it reminds me of her. That, and I got his latest album for Christmas so when I listen to that (and the song New Years Eve in particular) it reminds me of Christmas, which is pleasant to think about.

    Is there a song of 8 that makes you sad?
    Do You Realize?? is really sad. That or Jesus Shootin' Heroin.

    What is your favorite album of 5?
    I really like Bucketheadland 2, Bermuda Triangle, Population Override, Day of the Robot and Enter the Chicken.

    What is your favorite song of 1?
    Oh man, I don't know. Night Goat? The Bit? Boris? All of them???

    What is your favorite song of 10?
    Once again no idea. Probably something off of Abbey Road. I'll go with Dear Prudence for right now.

    How many times have you seen 8 live?
    Twice, and both times they were great. They put on a heck of a live show and I recommend anyone who likes having fun to check out the Flaming Lips live.

    What is your favorite album of 1?
    Oh man, I don't know, they're all great! I'll say right not at this moment it's Stag.

    What is a great memory you have considering 9?
    Jeez, I don't know. I remember listening to Odelay in high school during study hall on my portable CD player that I got for Christmas (what a great present that was at the time).

    What was the first song you heard by 8?
    Probably She Don't Use Jelly. My cousin really liked them when that first came out and played me their album Transmissions from the Satellite Heart which I liked a lot, but I remember they used to play She Don't Use Jelly on radio, so that was probably where I heard it and the Flaming Lips first.

    What is your favorite cover by 2?
    I'm not sure what covers Tom Waits has done or that I have heard of any.
  • Flaming Lips Milwaukee Review

    Apr 25 2010, 2:26

    Wed 21 Apr – The Flaming Lips
    So I saw the The Flaming Lips a few nights ago and here's a review. I've been a big fan of the lips for a while now, first getting into them when Transmissions From the Satellite Heart came out and my cousin came over one day and played it for me. Over the years the band changed a lot, put out some amazing albums, and became one of the most entertaining live acts around. For some reason this is the first time the band played Milwaukee since 2000 when they played Shank Hall, which might hold 200 people max. Anyways, my girlfriend and I got there about 15 minutes early, but unfortunately missed getting a wristband, which gave access to the lower part of the Riverside, which would kind of suck later on, but I'll get to that in a minute. So we made our way to the balcony which gave a good view of the stage as well as the giant screen in the background. Shortly after finding some seats the opening band Stardeath and White Dwarfs took the stage, opening with a version of Sweet Leaf that was somewhere in between the Butthole Surfers and Black Sabbath version. Their last song was a cover of Madonna's Borderline, and in between were a bunch of original songs as well as a bass and drum breakdown. They were really good, and even more impressive after learning that the guitar player was only 16. I'm going to have to look into getting some of their stuff.

    Anyways, after breaking down the gear and setting up the Lips stuff Wayne came out and gave a little speech to the audience letting the people up front know about some of the crazy stuff we were in store for as sort of a warning. So after another five minutes the lights dimmed and the video screen started playing a video of some naked woman (Wayne's wife?) dancing around. Then at one point there's a close up of her vag, and at that point the members of the band walk out of the video screen as if being born or something, while Wayne was in his bubble inflating it and then going into the crowd, which we really couldn't see from our vantage point. After being out for a while he came back on stage and the band started their set, opening with Worm Mountain, at which point dancers gathered at the edge of the stage, confetti was shot out into the crowd, and giant balloons from behind us came down. It was great. At one point either Wayne or Steven said that they want the show to be like a big birthday party, which it did feel like. It was probably one of the most entertaining shows I've been to ever, really. But anyways, they played a bunch off of their new album Embryonic, which I really like but seems to be a dividing line for fans. Well, if it's any consolidation the new songs sound really good live with a nice thick bass sound, not to mention the craziness that is the Lips live show to accompany it. They also played a couple of songs off of At War With The Mystics, which I don't have but will probably pick up (especially after hearing an amazing version of The W.A.N.D.), a few off of Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots, and some other songs I'll mention in a minute I'm sure.

    So about halfway through their set they played some acoustic versions of their songs, which was cool, especially the version of She Don't Use Jelly, which was the only song my girlfriend knew by them even though I played a bunch of their stuff for her before. Wayne talked a lot between songs, and Steven introduced all the band members (and did this weird high pitch "Thank you!" quite a bit).

    They played two encores, the first was the last two songs off of Dark Side, the second encore was Do You Realize??, which almost moved me to tears. It was an amazing show and would recommend anyone who has a chance to catch this band live. Several times if given the opportunity.
  • The Residents, Milwaukee Review

    Mar 5 2010, 17:36

    Tue 16 Feb – The Residents

    So first off, I'm not very familiar with The Residents besides they wear tuxedos and have giant eyeballs covering their faces and no one knows who they are and they'e weird, but when I heard they were coming to town and that I had the opportunity to go I thought I better go. So I called up my friend Ben who was free and we headed to Turner Hall, which has to be one of my favorite venues, at least in Milwaukee. The venue that evening is set up with tables and chairs everywhere with dim lit candles on all the tables, making it feel "intimate." The stage setup was like that of a living room, with a television on top of a fireplace and a couch. After a while the lights dimmed and the band came out. While I never saw the Residents live before I could tell there was something different about this show, as two of the members were wearing some sort of black shiny suits and masks with weird dredlock looking headpieces and what looked like welding glasses and a third dressed like an old man in a robe. After a couple of songs (and the only song they played that I knew, Demons Dance Alone), the singer "Randy" introduced the other members of the band "Bob" and "Chuck". He then mentioned what I and everyone else was wondering, which was "weren't there four members?" Well, I guess the drummer "Carlos" left the band and now they're a three piece. So all the songs they played were pretty sparse and programmed with some pretty cool guitar parts. The tour is called The Talking Light tour and featured several pieces featuring stories told by other people who were projected on some screens on the stage. All the stories were pretty creepy, about dead babies and dead husbands and whatnot, and in between songs there were several bits of stage banter and The Mirror People. The Mirror People! So near the end of the show "Randy" pulls out a mirror and looks into it, and then a light comes from the mirror accompanied by some crazy music. A minute later "Randy" in a different voice (presumably the mirror person version of Randy) thanks everyone for coming, introduces the band again, and played a couple more songs. It was a great show and very entertaining, and I would recommend going even if you know little to no of their music, like I did. Also, all the shows are available for download from their site www.residents.com. Milwaukee was the last stop on the first leg of the tour, but I know they have some dates overseas, so if you are nearby I would recommend checking it out.
  • Failed] Album on iTunes!

    Feb 3 2010, 17:13

    So I just put up the Failed album by my group called, uh Failedon iTunes! Check out this link and it will take you to a web page where you can then go to iTunes and buy individual tracks or the whole album if you are so inclined. So check it out!