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  • hanasaiko

    Aye, Captain :D I'm finishing all my exams next week and falling into absolute freedom so Code Geass it is :D I liked L too, don't think anyone can hate him at all, he's adorable AND a genius :D Well, even if you haven't played for years, being able to play an instrument is really a gift not many people can be proud of having. And about uncertainty, if you like it, then Japanese culture is where to look, their literature is 'boring' to almost anybody, even their language it's so full of hesitant pauses that it sometimes makes conversation unbearably awkward :D but it's not awkward for them, apparently. They love leaving things unsaid. And I hate to say this, but most Japan-fans I've met here don't even notice these things. Man, I really wish people would appreciate their culture for what it is and not because "Sasuke is so hot omfggg" -_- (I'm sorry if I sounded angry there :D I'm not) :D And I better finish this before I run out of characters again ;)

    4 Giu 13:10 Rispondi
  • Multik-Pultik


    4 Giu 7:20 Rispondi
  • Multik-Pultik

    :D ay mard, inch uzum en togh ergen, inch el ergen, es goh em :D mek el verjum hamozenq One Last Goodbye-@ ergen :D u es karam hangist srtov mernem.

    3 Giu 8:10 Rispondi
  • Multik-Pultik

    de ed eghav Plovdivi hamergin gumarats mi qani erg Serenades-ic :D

    3 Giu 7:29 Rispondi
  • Multik-Pultik

    Mardik linum en ereq tesaki, ovqer uzum en gnan Anathemayi hamergin, ovqer uzum en gnan Anathemayi Plovdivi hamergin u ovqer uzum en gnan Anathemayi hamergin minchev 2000-akanner@ :D

    3 Giu 7:16 Rispondi
  • Multik-Pultik

    De Distant-ic karayin erku erg ergein menak :D Anatheman u Distant-@. isk mnacats 4-@ Judgement-ic u Alternative 4-ic.

    3 Giu 7:10 Rispondi
  • Izale

    LIES!!! I adore L. I hated the second half of the series though. What other shows do you like?

    30 Mag 17:50 Rispondi
  • Izale

    L <3

    30 Mag 8:24 Rispondi
  • hanasaiko

    Seems like you misunderstood me :D I was asking if Code Geass is worth watching since I haven't seen it and I would like to watch something similar to Death Note. L's death made me sad but I didn't cry either because the moment was too intense and also I was rooting for Light(plz don't hate :D). So thanks, I think I'll watch Code Geass now :)) And I'm sorry that I don't like Elfen Lied, it's just that I hated half of the characters :D Lilium is beautiful, especially the music box version and I play it on the piano(so, uh, high five?) :D I'm guessing you play the guitar? That's so awesome xD I've been learning since September and it's really an amazing instrument (I underestimated it before :D) And last but not least, what may seem boring, sometimes is deeper, much like people, the ones who talk more, actually have very little to say (Idk what that says about me since all my messages cross the 1000 character limit :D But that's the truth) //end of philosophizing :D

    28 Mag 17:39 Rispondi
  • hanasaiko

    Also, people around me have been saying that "Code Geass" is the best anime ever, that it's way better than Death Note, but I have learned not to trust those people as they also hailed freaking "Elfen Lied" as a masterpiece -_- Have you watched Code Geass? :D It'd be great to watch something like Death Note(well the first, non-cringeworthy part of it :D)

    27 Mag 6:04 Rispondi
  • hanasaiko

    Well it's not as much conceit as it is confidence, am I right? :D My feelings about Evangelion are kind of mixed. I have seen the original series and the End of Evangelion. It's not about the plot as one would expect, it's deeply psychological. The first half of the series may seem awfully boring and slow. But closer to the end it's really awesome (it was awesome for me). it's not for everyone, I know. I watched it two years ago when I was in my philosophical years (I still do that :D). So if you like over-philosophizing stuff, reading between the lines, observing the human soul then go ahead and watch this. :D But if you're currently looking for something light and fast, then Evangelion isn't what you're looking for :D I'm looking for some decent series too, I watched one episode of "Fringe" and one of "the Mentalist" but it's hard for me to get into anything new nowadays :D If you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them.

    27 Mag 5:59 Rispondi
  • hanasaiko

    True, true. And still one should always be open to new things. And by that, I don't mean a new crazy hair colour, for example, but viewpoints, ideas, or philosophies. Without having to give up what you originally stood for. Unfortunately, I don't have psychologist friends and no one even attempts to wash my brain :( *sigh* Makes one wish they could be that frog, at least (Okay I am exaggerating a little bit :D) But yeah, it's nice having people who have something interesting to say. You're lucky :D

    18 Mag 20:59 Rispondi
  • hanasaiko

    I agree, sometimes there's no point in explaining at all. Especially when we are not children and teenagers anymore and therefore not easily influenced. Anyway, trying out new things is a way to evolve, I suppose(much like you "stealing" music from random people on Well, to be honest the only tests I have come across are the online tests with 3 or 4 outcomes created by amateurs so I never take them seriously. And I don't like psychologists in general because I don't like anyone peeping into my "soul" or whatever you want to call it. :D I like reading the literature, yes, but I wouldn't ever want to be the one who is analyzed. I hope I don't sound too childish when I say that :D

    18 Mag 0:13 Rispondi
  • hanasaiko

    Exactly! I am not in any way against romance and I don't "hate love" as I have been previously accused of. But there is no hope in trying to explain anything to these people, I mean I have tried, but people kinda have to meet you halfway in those kind of situations. In the end, I don't really care anymore, let them be who they want to be :D And yep that's the test you took it and I am an INTP as well! Except I was 93% introverted(explains the lack of social life). But yeah I could notice a similar way of thinking in what we have talked about so far :D And I'm sorry I made you take it (apparently you are not as amazed by the results :D ) and I can understand the skepticism. But thanks for taking your time to do this :D I wish everyone were open-minded like you.

    15 Mag 9:33 Rispondi
  • hanasaiko

    ...And about Rorschach tests, I kind of got interested and read a few articles about it some 2 years ago, but now that you reminded me I'll go and search for more literature on this subject :D Thank you for that :D

    14 Mag 22:40 Rispondi
  • hanasaiko

    There is a site called 16personalities which has the test that I forced on all my friends and relatives because it was amazingly accurate. But I am not forcing you to take it (not like I can, haha). Also, you misunderstood me there. I haven't read 50 shades, I have still some self respect :D It's that everyone in my uni was reading it and praising it, saying "it's the best thing in the history of literature"(just quoting that hurts my soul). And they were mostly girls in their 20s and that's not very ..uplifting :/ And about the fault in our stars, I can't say it's too bad for a movie. But it had a very high rating on goodreads, and well it has cancer and I was hoping for some deep psychological book/movie that would leave me sort of depressed for a few days. And what did I get? An average tearjerker where you are not even sure why(or when) these people fell for each other. And of course they were going to SPOILER ALERT die, we all knew it. I just can't see what's all the hype about.

    14 Mag 22:37 Rispondi
  • hanasaiko

    I know what you mean and I see you are kind of a procrastinator like myself, so I wish you good luck with that. I know about the changing yourself part, it's like your actions and even feelings follow your thoughts and not vice versa which seems to be more common among people. Well at least that's what it's like with me. Btw, have you done the Myers Briggs personality test? I always thought "personality tests" were bullshit and then one day I did this and then I read about and chatted with other people of the same type and realized my thinking wasn't weird, just uncommon. And it's not just twilight, there's also "the fault in our stars" and - brace yourself - the notorious fifty shades trilogy. And all YA books in general. I think teenagers think it's the most epic love story of all times but hell, I've been a teenager and even though I wasn't too sentimental I could tell a good love story and a shit one apart. Romance books nowadays are written like mediocre fanfiction.

    12 Mag 14:10 Rispondi
  • hanasaiko

    Yeah we are all "victims" from time to time. That's my excuse for having seen the Twilight movies (a true masterpiece indeed) :D I think I know exactly what kind of laziness yo're talking about. I hated going to uni every day and lost my scholarship in the second year because of that. I still hate it and rarely even go there. But I have to keep myself entertained, hence the japanese lessons (and all kinds of different lessons or courses or anything to keep myself busy). My enthusiasm dies within the first week usually and somehow I always find myself bored or annoyed (by circumstances I have created myself).

    11 Mag 15:40 Rispondi
  • hanasaiko

    To be honest, I could never understand the appeal of Marvel or DC comics, and I don't really know what's so awesome about them (people have tried to explain but with no luck). Well, 2 years ago a girl from my uni asked me if I'd like to learn Japanese and I readily agreed. It's this small room in a building called "Urartu university" though not really a part of it. If you still want to learn, I have pdf versions of our books with Russian translations and commentary. The problem with trying to learn Japanese on your own is mainly the kanji, because you can't really read anything with just kana and reading is what helped me with English. I've only started learning the kanji this year. As for the listening part, it's my Achilles' heel in all languages, and yes, even though I adore the English accents, I also struggle with understanding them sometimes (because they omit half of the sounds :D)

    1 Mag 16:46 Rispondi
  • hanasaiko

    I honestly can't tell whether or not it was sarcasm, I'm sticking with english for now anyway :D A few years ago I was into anime but as I grew up I realized most of it was too repetitive, boring, not really intelectually challenging. What also helped lead to the disappointment was meeting other anime fans when I started learning Japanese. Same thing happened with manga, but since they are considered "books", I hoped they would be at least a little bit mature, then I read them and realized they were also shite (I apologize for the profanity). It's embarrassing to admit but my manga hype was why I'm ahead of my Goodreads challenge schedule *cringes* :/ Nevertheless, I do watch one episode of anime every now and then to test my listening skills, hoping one day I won't need subtitles anymore, but that day ain't coming anytime soon. I did watch the first episode of "Darker than Black" but I didn't have enough time and it was kind of long (3 seasons, ffs) :D Is it good though?

    1 Mag 3:01 Rispondi
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