Gigs 2006 - June onwards


Giu 15 2007, 0:45

Hey, I've fallen WAY behind in keeping record of my gig-going, so I'm gonna play catch-up. This'll be Every gig I went to in 2006 from June onwards, as I covered the first half in an earlier post...

Date: 22nd June
Venue: Le Bataclan, Paris
Band: Alice in Chains
Support: Stone Sour, Blood Simple

Yeah, not my usual thing, but I was in Paris with my best mate who is a HUGE Stone Sour fan. They were pretty good, as it goes. And Alice In Chains put on a pretty damn good show.

Best Song: Rooster#

Date: 7th July
Venue: Barfly, Glasgow
Band: Guillemots
Support: Two blokes with guitars... No clue who...

My brothers and I went to this gig together spontaneously and it was excellent. They brought me drinks, I got drunk, great music was played. All was right with the world! I don't want to talk about what happened after I left the gig...

Best Song: Sao Paulo

Date: 15th October
Venue: Barfly, Glasgow
Band: Fields.
Support: GoodBooks, Kid Harpoon

FAR too long between gigs, here. But what a gig to come back to. Both Kid Harpoon and GoodBooks were fine supports, but fields. were just stunning. Much louder and rawkinger than you'd expect, even drowning out the upstairs Death Metal gig!

Best Song: The Death

Date: 20th October
Venue: Barfly, Glasgow
Support: Early Years, Chris Gorman

Gorman really annoyed me and all his mates/fans left before TRAiNS. Morons. TRAiNS were awesome, with some damn fine new songs and all the, heh, 'hits'.

Best Song: Spencer Perceval, STAiNLESSSTEEL

Date: 5th November
Venue: The Arches, Glasgow
Band: Metric
Support: Blood Red Shoes

Not quite as good as the previous time I saw them, but so few things are. This had the bonus of an AWESOME support band in Blood Red Shoes, and friends for me to dance like a loon with

Best Song: ADHD, Ending Start

Date: 7th November
Venue: ABC, Glasgow
Band: CSS
Support: 1990's, The Rogers Sisters

The Rogers Sisters were rawkin'. 1990's were very generic. This night, of course, belonged to the fabulous CSS. Lovefoxxx is a truly truly amazing stage presence and there was some SERIOUS dancing being done here!

Best Song: Alcohol

Date: 20th November
Venue: ABC2, Glasgow
Band: Shiny Toy Guns
Support: Kill Hannah

I've heard the Shinies dismissed as cheesy, stupid or just plain rubbish. The people saying this are wrong. Another drink-fuelled diamond of a dancing night! Relentless in a good way.

Best Song: Jackie Will Save Me, Don't Cry Out

Date: 1st December
Venue: King Tuts Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow
Band: Brakes
Support: Le Reno Amps, Tiny Dancers

First off, Tiny Dancers were/are abysmal. Le Reno Amps were cool and would love to see them support Sons and Daughters. Brakes were ace! Lots and lots of shouting along to songs and general tomfoolery! SPIKY! SPIKY!

Best Song: Heard About Your Band, Pick Up the Phone (x2)

Date: 9th December
Venue: King Tuts Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow
Band: Colin Macintyre (Mull Historical Society)
Support: Some guy with a guitar...

He wasn't drunk this time! Or AS drunk, anyway... No randomly making up songs about ex-co-workers, but plenty of new songs to get me ready for upcoming Album 'The Water'. Which is still upcoming... Still, awesome fun gig

Best Song: Stalker, Barcode Bypass

Wow, so that was 2006. Best gig nod still goes to Metric at the Barfly. Everytime I hear Ending Start I get a shiver because of that night...

2007 will follow 2006. Natch.


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