Teams vs. Star Slinger – Teams vs. Star Slinger 7.2


Feb 10 2011, 5:19

You know, sometimes it is the simple things in life. Here we have full evidence of the simple things: some well-chosen samples, sparse but effective rhythm, and a few little complimentary melodies thrown in for good measure.

US based Teams (Knoxville specifically) and Star Slinger (UK, whatever I’m not British) prove chillwave is still alive and kicking. Any kind of synonym with chillwave is used to describe this, strut-wave, glo-fi, take your pick. The beginning of this tiny EP could definitely be considered strut-wave as “Close to me” is pure glamour. Even at less than 2 minutes it is so magnificently juicy.

When those samples are subdued is the best. “Say Please” is greatly enjoyable as it emerges from the sonic ether. The 80s is obviously a point of reference in “Life Partner” and the closer “The Yes Strut”.

I know about the proliferation of chillwave in the summer of 2010. These guys took part in that celebration of all things retro and nostalgic. Instead of overburdening their music with a ton of references, they kept it simple, easy and clear-minded. Focus does this little EP wonders.

Teams vs. Star Slinger


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