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Gen 27 2007, 1:05

So I listened to every Good Life song a couple of days ago. I got through "Novena on a Nocturne" and "Black Out" and figured, why not go for the whole thing? And I definitely did. I did listen to the acoustic version of "Album of the Year" instead of the studio version but every song is the same so yeah...So here it is, my favorites from each album.

Novena on a Nocturne
I connect with this album if only because I always played it when I was going to Taco Bell at like 2 in the morning back when I lived at the apartment. For me, this album is the feeling of being totally and utterly alone on a cold winter night and every time I listen to it, I get those feelings. The feelings aren't good but I like having them regardless. So my favorite song?

The Moon Red Handed

Probably my favorite Good Life song period. Apparently other people like it too because one user has listened to it 1,878 times (!). Favorite lyrics from it are:

the songs we don’t sing are the hardest to hear.
words left unsaid, words we wish we'd forget.

Black Out

When I first got this album, I didn't really enjoy as much as I would have hoped but upon further listening, I like it more. I have a couple of favorites but the top one is probably:

Empty Bed

I think the one reason I like this song so much is because of the youtube video where Tim does it acoustic on top of building with traffic going by...amazing. The last minute of the song I'm not a huge fan of.

Other favorites included:
O'Rourke's, 1:20 A.M. and I Am an Island

Lovers Need Lawyers EP

Really good EP. All of the songs are good too which is always a plus. If I had to pick one, it'd have to be Entertainer if only because I think that's the first Good Life song I listend to so it holds a special place. I like Leaving Omaha as well, if only because it reminds me of Haunted Homecoming which is tied with "The Moon Red Handed" as my favorite song by The Good Life.

Album of the Year
What can I say except that I can listen to this album over and over and not get tired of it. Favorite song off of it is tricky but I have to go with either:

Album of the Year or Notes in His Pockets but Inmates and A New Friend also rank up there. Anyway, I feel bad if I don't give another youtube link out so here is "Album of the Year" live on some TV show I don't recognize, video on youtube.

So all in all, I don't regret purchasing every Good Life album and I look forward to the new album which is coming out sometime this year? I don't know. Incase you couldn't tell, note how I tried all out at the beggining of this post and as time went on, I got lazier and lazier...I thought it was funny.


  • Cryptomnesiac

    I totally agree about Novena, minues the favorite song part. I think The Competition might be mine. I like Horses and Dim Entrance better than the Moon, even. And that is a good video, but (and this is hard because that album is amazing) I think the best track is Early Out the Gate. Controversial, maybe, but that's just where I am. (Also, Haunted Homecoming is great) Album of the Year... I couldn't really pick a favorite if I wanted to. It changes daily. The title track is pretty classic though I'm bored?

    Set 9 2008, 2:04
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