• doa - Zero no Kimochi

    Ott 14 2007, 13:19

    doa(not Doa/DOA/d.o.a/D.O.A) is a Japanese hard rock band currently under the Giza Studio label. The band's members are Daiki Yoshimoto (吉本大樹), Akihito Tokunaga (徳永暁人), and Shinichiro Ohta (大田紳一郎)
    [from wikipedia]

    Zero no Kimochi(ゼロの気持ち) is doa's best song EVER! It was in a single released in 08.23.2006, by the name of ZERO no Kimochi; and in 09.26.2007 was released the album 「3」, which has ZERO no Kimochi as its #5 song.
    Everyone should listen to their music.