A few songs I wish I wrote


Dic 30 2005, 11:34

More Than This
Drain You
That Song

For some reason or another there are always songs that I hear and immidietly wish I had wrote.


  • SevenUp

    Funny that you mention Pennies by the Pumpkins... it's not a well known track, but definitely underrated. Very strange that this wasn't included on Mellon Collie... It's deserves to be on the list of best b-sides ever.

    Dic 30 2005, 18:04
  • uberjon

    Yeah it's at the top of my list of tracks from the Aeroplane box set.

    Dic 31 2005, 15:55
  • ChadFromCanada

    That Song is amazing. As is Today.

    Feb 24 2006, 3:55
  • LeadersCome

    Pennies is kinda good.

    Nov 28 2006, 18:20
  • cutoffski

    Why such a short list? (= I'd name at least 30 (=

    Dic 19 2006, 18:45
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