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Brano Album Durata Ascolti
Football Weekly Extra: the Big Freeze and Africa Cup of Nations preview 40:30 4
Football Weekly: Champions League build-up and FA Cup let-down 38:39 2
Football Weekly Extra: Arsenal back from brink in Barça clash 39:50 2
Football Weekly: Six-shooters 36:33 2
Football Weekly Extra: A five-star Champions League display 45:00 2
Football Weekly Extra: Wayne Rooney v Sir Alex Ferguson 42:49 2
Football Weekly: Mancini on the ropes as City fall to Wolves 39:56 2
Football Weekly Extra: The Champions League final, and Football Weekly highlights
31:10 1
Politics Weekly: Crewe byelection special
24:21 1
Politics Weekly: Yes we can
25:10 1
Tech Weekly: Peter Gabriel's Filter and the 3G iPhone
34:56 1
Football Daily from Euro 2008: day five
27:22 1
Politics Weekly: Grubby bazaar
31:01 1
Football Daily from Euro 2008: day 10
18:58 1
Football Daily from Euro 2008: Day 13
26:03 1
Tech Weekly: Manchester special
28:06 1
Football Daily from Euro 2008: Day 17
40:33 1
Football Daily from Euro 2008: day 19
40:34 1
Media Talk: Max Mosley's privacy victory
31:25 1
Politics Weekly podcast: Labour’s future after losing Glasgow East
36:31 1
Media Talk: Compliance, Countdown, and Coren
32:25 1
Football Weekly: round-up of all the weekend's action
31:13 1
Guardian Daily: EU summit on Russia 26:19 1
Football Weekly Extra: Managerial Mayhem and a Sheihk-up at City 40:58 1
Football Weekly Extra: On top of the world looking down on Croatia 33:48 1
Football Weekly Extra: Is John Terry above the law? 40:14 1
Football Weekly: The Goal That Never Was 48:01 1
Football Weekly: Wigan and Hull Impress Again 46:40 1
Football Weekly Extra: Which Is The Best League in Europe? 43:07 1
Football Weekly: is Joe Kinnear a bully or being bullied? 49:17 1
Football Weekly Extra: Rooney, boring Brazil and more nonsense from Platini 33:45 1
Football Weekly Extra: Beckham to Milan and Euro goals galore 42:37 1
Politics Weekly: George Osborne on the rack 31:19 1
Football Weekly Extra: Wenger jumps the shark? 41:10 1
Football Weekly Extra: ketchup, knowledge and busted heads 45:12 1
Football Weekly Extra: those much-maligned international friendlies 44:41 1
Football Weekly: Keano resigns and Ince under pressure 41:20 1
Football Weekly Extra: Champions League and Barcelona v Madrid 42:34 1
Football Weekly: Barcelona v Real Madrid reaction and Michael Owen 39:15 1
Football Weekly: pressure for Hughes, Beckham's unveiling and can Villa win the… 42:01 1
Football Weekly: Liverpool on top, and Stoke's unhappy slapping 38:29 1
Football Weekly: FA Cup shocks and transfer window rumours 39:01 1
Football Weekly: United thrash Blues and Beckham starts for Rossoneri 37:34 1
Football Weekly: Swansea the FA Cup stars, rioting fans and Becks on target 40:07 1
Football Weekly Extra: United in cruise control and the Bundesliga's back 37:49 1
Politics Weekly: House of Lords scandal and fat cat pay 27:03 1
Football Weekly: A two-horse race for the Premier League? 36:01 1
Football Weekly Extra: Everton delight and the Tic Tac fiasco 39:09 1
Football Weekly Extra: Power struggle at Man City 42:27 1
Football Weekly Extra: Is this the most boring Premier League season ever? 33:31 1
Football Weekly: Anglo-Italian Champions League preview 2:25 1
Football Weekly Extra: First-leg verdicts and crazy superstitions 38:08 1
Football Weekly: Two titles down, three to go for Manchester United 40:52 1
Football Weekly Extra: Law of the playground at Newcastle 39:22 1
Football Weekly: Is the title race still alive? 39:21 1
Football Weekly Extra: Champions League quarter-final round-up 40:28 1
Football Weekly: Cup joy for Everton and Chelsea 40:19 1
Football Weekly Extra: Barcelona still fuming over negative Chelsea 39:42 1
Football Weekly Extra: the season enters the final straight 35:51 1
Football Weekly: Title joy for Manchester United, Barcelona and Inter 43:23 1
Football Weekly Extra: Cristiano Ronaldo heads to Madrid 45:27 1
Iran's unfolding crisis 15:16 1
Football Weekly: 2009-10 season preview 46:46 1
Football Weekly: Arsenal set the pace 41:07 1
Football Weekly Extra: Burnley stun the Premier League champions 40:58 1
Football Weekly: Spurs on top 36:20 1
Football Weekly podcast: Arsène Wenger claims the high ground 44:30 1
Football Weekly: International round-up, and Chelsea's transfer ban 35:55 1
Football Weekly: England and Brazil disappoint but New Zealand make it to South… 37:05 1
Football Weekly: Chelsea power on, El Clásico and Ireland's desperate plea 39:35 1
Football Weekly: Chelsea's Manchester City malaise and fantastic Flamengo 44:00 1
Football Weekly: Chelsea collapse in the battle of the Bridge 41:32 1
Football Weekly Extra: Heartache for Fulham and Blackpool's superstar DJ 40:47 1
Football Weekly: Lord Triesman in trouble as Chelsea seal the Double 45:38 1
Football Weekly Extra: Champions League Final preview 40:07 1
Football Weekly Extra: Crouch helps Spurs into Champions League 42:16 1
Football Weekly: Red-hot Redknapp, Zlatan's move and German shocks 40:35 1
Football Weekly Extra: Bizarre transfers and dull internationals 36:34 1
Football Weekly: England prepare for Switzerland amid Rooney rumblings 38:53 1
Football Weekly Extra: What will happen to Liverpool? 43:02 1
Football Weekly: Will England be caught with their pants down? 45:40 1
Football Weekly Extra: All aboard the Gareth Bale bandwagon 47:32 1
Football Weekly: Chelsea in crisis? 47:51 1
Football Weekly Extra: Spurs step up 48:12 1
Football Weekly: Nasri strikes again as Arsenal hit the top 48:35 1
Football Weekly Extra: World shrugs as Pardew takes the reins at Newcastle 44:18 1
Football Weekly podcast: Rooney, Ronaldo, and the return of the Champions League 41:40 1
Football Weekly podcast: Deadly Dirk Kuyt destroys Manchester United 44:12 1
Football Weekly Extra: Champions League and Michael Jackson 34:40 1
Football Weekly: Rooney lets it all out 46:19 1
Football Weekly: Stan Kroenke gunning for full control at Arsenal 41:15 1
Football Weekly Extra: Tactics, semis, and a bunch of Clásicos 49:48 1
Football Weekly podcast: Manchester City go gaga for Yaya Touré 46:58 1
Football Weekly Extra: Super City reach Champions League 38:05 1
Football Weekly: City and United celebrate but West Ham go down 57:29 1
Football Weekly Extra Live: Another Barcelona masterclass 30:45 1