• Songs for children (and plastered adults in stuffy downstairs venues)

    Lug 28 2008, 20:00

    When I play records I often get a bit drunk. You know, alcohol being free and put in your hand, what can you do? And while some memories from the night might hide away in very distant corners of my mind, I always surprise myself with remembering my playlists spookily accurately. Maybe not so much the order, but the songs I played. I daresay I like my own taste, but then again don't we all.
    Here's what I played at So tough! So cute! when I was home in Malmö last week

    Broder Daniel - Whirlwind
    Lydia Lunch - Feed
    Buzzcocks - Orgasm Addict
    Blondie - Denis
    Sonic Youth - Sugar Kane
    McCarthy - Should the bible be banned
    Monochrome Set - I'll scry instead
    The Cat's Miaow - Climb my stairs
    The Wolfhounds - I'm not like everybody else

    Epitome of sound - You don't love me
    Wave Pictures - I love you like a madman
    The Smiths - You just haven't earned it yet baby
    Coming Soon - Big boy
    Darren Hayman - Bad police woman
    Elvis Presley - Suspicious minds
    Lulu & the luvvers - Shout
    Magnetic Fields - Washington DC
    Pulp - Mis-shapes

    1910 Fruitgum Company - May I take a giant step into your heart?
    The Ramones - She talks to rainbows
    Au Pairs - You
    The Shapes - What's for lunch mom
    The Siddeleys - Love grows (where my Rosemary goes)
    Orange Juice - Consolation Prize
    Billie Davis - Tell him
    The Jaynettes - Sally go 'round the roses
    Marianne Faithful - I'm a loser
    Al Green - I wanna hold your hand
    Le Tigre - My my metrocard
    Bobby Paris -Personally

    Diana Ross and the Supremes - Love is like an itching in my heart
    Jellybeans - You don't mean me no good
    Beck - Sexx laws
    Hanson - Mmmbop
    Herman Dune - You could be a model, goodbye
    Brilliant Corners - Teenage
    Luther Ingram - If it's all the same to you babe
    Beach Boys - Sloop John B

    I also found a playlist for when I played at the very same club (I'd also, while I have opportunity, like to fall on my knees and thank Daniel (myhairlooksflat) for inviting me back to his great club nights every now and then) about a year ago. It's far too many songs for me to have played alone, so I'm supposing it's what I remembered that D played as well. However, here we go

    Billy Bragg - Greeting to the new brunette
    Jeffrey Lewis - The last time I did acid I went insane
    Blondie - Call me
    The Smiths - Stop me if you think you've heard this one before
    The Jaynettes - Sally go 'round the roses
    Starlets - I sold my heart to the junkman
    Malmcolm Middleton - We're all gonna die
    Close Lobsters - Just too bloody stupid
    Belle & Sebastian - Scooby Driver
    Lio - Banana split
    Kleenex/LiLiPUT - Hitch hike
    Waitresses - I know what boys like
    Voxtrot - The start of something
    Belle & Sebastian - Me and the major
    Bogshed - Jobless youngsters
    Hanson - Mmmbop
    Magnetic Fields - The Luckiest Guy on the Lower East Side
    Casiotone for the painfully alone - Scattered pearls
    Los Campesinos! - You! Me! Dancing!
    Dexy's Midnight Runners - There, there my dear
    Carpenters - Please Mr Postman
    Belle & Sebastian - There's too much love
    Pulp - Common people
    Belle & Sebastian - Funny little frog
    Soup Dragons - Whole wide world
    Primitives - Really Stupid
    Wire - Dot dash
    Desperate Bicycles - Smokescreen
    The Jam - Town called malice
    The Manhattan Love Suicides - Suzy Jones
    Talulah Gosh - In love for the very first time
    Exciters - He's got the power
    Dusty Springfield - I only want to be with you
    The Countors - Just a little misunderstanding
    Heavenly - Ben Sherman
    Suede - Animal Nitrate
    Exciters - Do wah diddy
    Little Eva - The Loco mOtion
    Camera Obscura - Lloyd, I'm ready to be heartbroken
    Florence Valentin - Allt dom bygger upp ska vi meja ner
    Mighty Mighty - Ceiling to the floor

    Man from Delmonte - Will nobody save Louise?
    Monochrome Set - Jacob's ladder
    Twa Toots - Please don't play 'a rainy night in georgia'
    Denim - Summer smash
    Stone Roses - Made of stone (remix)
    Eames Era - Dear Gabby
    Primal Scream - Velocity girl
    Rozetta Johnson - Mine was real
    We've got a fuzzbox and we're gonna use it - Rules & regulations
    The Ronettes - Be my baby
    The Blue Orchids - Oo chang a lang
    Buba and the shop assistants - Something to do
    Free loan investments - Kick his balls out
    Patience Please - Unpublished
    Belle & Sebastian - Dirty dream number 2
    The Happy Birthdays - Terry
    Another sunny day - You should all be murdered
    Field Mice - If you need someone
    Orange Juice - Felicity
    Shangri-La's - Give him a great big kiss
  • Tracklist for Indie Mondays 18/12 :)

    Dic 19 2006, 1:14

    Right, this is what Linn & I played this time at Indie Mondays. Not as crowded tonight as last month, but we had an audience allright. Also, I brought pen and notebook this time so this is all the songs - in the right order! Yay.

    Dexy's Midnight Runners - Geno
    Beat Happening - Sleepyhead
    Razorcuts - Sorry to embarras you
    Sufjan Stevens - The man of Metropolis steals our hearts
    Saturday looks good to me - Edison Girls
    The Loft - Up the hill and down the slope
    The Kooks - She moves in her own way
    Belle & Sebastian - String bean Jeans
    Sea Urchins - Pristine Christine
    Irene - Baby I love your way
    Melodie Group - Jingle bells
    Martha Reeves & the Vandellas - Honey Chile

    Andreas Mattson - Through the evening, through the snow
    Monochrome Set - Expresso
    Velodrome 2000 - Charity Shopping
    Desperate Bicycles - Smokescreen
    San Marinos - Half a million
    The Chills - Heavenly pop hit
    Josef K - Sorry for laughing
    Homer Banks - Lot of love
    Let's be honeys - Pop love
    Tiger trap - Puzzle pieces
    Free Loan Investments - Diamonds are forever
    Television Personalities - Look back in anger

    Don Lennon - Gay Fun
    Lucky Soul - Lips are unhappy
    Hey Paulette - I really do love Penelope
    Bob Dylan- I want you
    Icicles - Snowman song
    My Favorite - The happiest days of our lives
    Go-Betweens - Lee Remick
    Ballboy - I wonder if you're drunk enough to sleep with me tonight
    Remember Fun - Train Journeys
    Kissamatic Lovebubbles - Total hangover
    Laura Walting - Same

    Hanson - Mmmbop
    Eisenhower - If you tell them
    Camera Obscura - Come back Margaret
    Suburban kids with biblical names - Rent a wreck
    The Siddeleys - Love grows (where my Rosemary goes)
    The Lemon Clocks - Not your puppet
    Smiths - Frankly, Mr Shankley
    The Besties - Theme song
    The Diskettes - 1 2 3 4 5
    The Smittens - Good migrations
    Death by chocolate - If you want to sing out, sing out

    The Happy Birthdays - Terry
    Teen Anthems - We're indie shit
    Belle and Sebastian- My wandering days are over
    Girlfrendo - First kiss feeling VS Everyday sensations
    Charming - You were not ment for me
    Twa Toots - Yo-yo
    The Chills - Wet blanket
    Au Pairs - You
    The Bicycles - Cuddly toy
    Ohm - Spoon me
    Rose McDowall - Crystal Nights

    Aislers Set - Hit the snow
    Starlet - Pinup
    Dolly Mixture - Miss candy twist
    BMX Bandits - I wanna fall in love
    Magnetic Fields - Absolutely Cuckoo
    Language of flowers - Botanic gardens
    Primitives - Really stupid
    Happy couple - The pop kid
    We've got a fuzzbox and we're gonna use it - Rules and regulations
    Acid house kings - That's because you drive me
    Belle and Sebastian - Funny little frog

    Brighter - Poppy day
    Choo choo train - Flower field
    Fat tulips - Albie
    Long blondes - Once and never again
    Cats on fire - Higher grounds
    Talulah Gosh - In love for the very first time
    Salty Pirates - Shark attack
    Chin chin - Revolution
    Cub - My chinchilla
    Lovekevins - Happy happy
    The Shermans - Umbrella song

    Fat Tulips - Confession of an English girl
    The Ronettes - Sleigh ride
    Helen Love - Merry Christmas (I don't want to fight)
    Lily Allen - LDN
  • Tracklist for Indie Mondays 27/11

    Nov 29 2006, 13:53

    Did my best to memorize what tracks we played. The list will serve mostly as a note-to-self. Well, all the same I'm pretty sure I got all of my own songs right but I might have forgotten most of what Linn played. But I'm only human - it was after all four hours of disc spinning. And the order is a bit fucked up as well, except for the end and the beginning which I remember quite allright.(And yes I'm ever so responsible for "Mmmbop")

    Yo la tengo - I heard you looking
    Field Mice - When Morning comes to town
    Dexy's Midnight Runners - Dance Stance
    Belle and Sebastian - Le pastie de la bourgeoisie
    Aberdeen - Sink or float
    The Raincoats - Lola
    The Shins - Phantom Limb
    Razorcuts - Sad kaleidoscope
    Nixon - Stupid heart
    Strawberry Story - Behind this smile
    Hedwig and the Angry Inch OST - Sugar daddy
    Josef K - Sorry for laughing
    The Chills - Wet Blanket
    Would-be-goods - The camera loves me
    Beat Happening - Noise
    The Happy Birthdays - Terry
    Suburban kids with biblical names - Seems to be on my mind
    Jesse Garon and the desperadoes - You'll never be that young again
    The Tidy Ups - I hate being in love with Elijah Wood
    Chefs - Sweetie
    The Melons - Strictly melonhead
    Dorotea - It's gonna be me
    Go Sailor - The boy who sailed around the world
    The Besties - Theme song
    Hefner - The greedy ugly people
    Belle and Sebastian - Mary Jo
    Salty Pirates - Shark Attack
    The Never Invited to Parties - Bicycle ride
    The Fall - Hit the North
    Magnetic Fields - The luckiest guy on the lower East side
    The Kooks - She moves in her own way
    Voxtrot - The start of something
    Shumai - Are you Jeff Corwin experienced?
    Camera Obscura - Let's get out of this country
    Marine Girls - Honey
    Carpenters - Please Mr Postman
    Manhattan Love Suicide - Suzy Jones
    Dufflecoats - Sunny tuesday afternoon
    Go-Betweens - Caroline and I
    Girls at our best! - Too big for your boots
    Math and Physics club - You're so good to me
    Herman Dune - Suburbs with you
    Kissing Mirrors - Let's kill cupid
    Fat Tulips - Driving me wild!
    The Supremes - Love is lika an itching in my heart
    My bloody valentine - Sunny sundae smile
    Chesterfields - What's your perversion?
    Hit Parade - You didn't love me then
    Belle ans Sebastian - For the price of a cup of tea
    Lily Allen - Knock 'em out
    Brunettes - Loopy loopy love
    Primal Scream - Velocity girl
    Hanson - Mmmbop
    Groovy little numbers - Happy like yesterday
    The Long Blondes - Once and never again
    Orange Juice - Wan light
    Cat's Miaow - I really don't know
    Snowbirds - Friends
    Wolfhounds - The Anti-Midas touch
    Pipettes - Guess who ran off with the milkman?
    Field Mice - Emma's house
    Pony up! - Matthew Modine
    Suburban Studs - I hate school
    Cars can be blue - Fuck me
    Belle and Sebastian - I'm a Cuckoo (The Avalanches remix)
    Another Sunny Day - You should all be murdered
    Saint Etienne - Only love can break your heart
    Spearmint - Julie Christie!
    Free Loan Investments - Diamonds are forever
    Mayfields - Feel like yesterday
    Pipas - Mental
    Pipettes - One night stand
    The Shermans - The umbrella song
    Milky Wimpshake - Scrabble
    The Apricots - What a beautiful day
    Buba & the Shop Assistants - Something to do
    Belle and Sebastian - The twelve days of Christmas (christmas peel sessions)