• Music Making

    Dic 13 2011, 22:14

    I want to get into producing some music, mainly ambient but would love to foray into basic beats and such as I progress. My question is where's a good place to start?

    I'm intelligent, software doesn't scare me, and I have a good idea how "music" works (no training in theory though) but I want to make things, even simple ambient type tracks, that evoke how I feel.

    I will admit it's a little scary. I've messed with programs before but find my self frustrated after a few minutes because I feel there isn't a "way to start" and I just get lost. I also understand that creating such a thing doesn't happen overnight, and a lot comes from experimentation and tinkering. But it's getting to that point I have trouble reaching.

    I hope I find a way to get going and become comfortable enough to use it and experiment, as opposed to running scared from production software.