• The final night of The Circus Tour-unbelievable night

    Lug 10 2009, 3:39

    Sun 5 Jul – Take That Present: The Circus (LIVE)

    I've written reviews for all 6 of my shows but I love this one the most

    My last day, how surreal it was. After stocking up on my queuing food the night before I set my alarm for 6.55am. I arrived at Wembley at 8 and got into the first pen! After a while I chatted to some people. At 9ish this girl I had met the day before in the crowd came up to me and said hello and that she was going by herself after having bought one after the show the night before-I had a queuing friend,yay! Whose name was also Laura and she loved Mark, woop. The day flew by, with the music coming on about half 12. The 2 girls next to us had speakers and were playing TT and Mark music which everyone appreciated. Laura had brought a pillow with her which when she went to the toilet and off to buy food I have 2 half hours naps on-heaven! Weirdest place I’ve ever fallen asleep, lol! I also made a banner saying ‘Happy Birthday Jason (In 5 Days!)’ which Laura helped me colour in. Soon enough, it was time for the running and I was feeling sick. They had squished up all up by then and some rude people had tried to get in front of us so we elbowed them back! Laura was running for the B-Stage and I was going for main so we said bye and good luck before the mania began. They moved us to another area and loads of people got in front of me, one poor girl lots her flip-flops! Poor thing had absolutely never done this before; flip-flops are the worst possible running shoes in the world.
    After the turnstile and the bag search I got to the stairs and saw that front row was EMPTY. I ‘walked quickly’ and got a spot right in front of the stage! It was a bit up (the good up) from where I had been in Dublin; it was as if I had come full circle. I had wanted the other side havn’t not been on that side yet but it was too long and too risky and Mark was always on the side I had! A few seconds later, who was to turn up right next to me but the Irish Thatters I knew from Dublin! The girl next to me, Tara was lovely and we were all nattering away. I found out from her, the reason that front row was empty is because they opened our gate before anyone else’s-brilliance! The one annoying thing was everyone around me was foreign and didn’t speak much English so whenever Tara was chatting to someone else, I was all alone, boooo. I chatted to the security guards; most of them recognised me from the day before, haha! One guy-Paul said he loved the Irish and befriended us lot. He said we were the best fans he had ever met-woop! Another one said Take That fans were the most dedicated. The usual ad’s and songs were on. There is one ad for Durex where there is an opera song played on it and all the Irish Thatters were singing along everytime it was on-brilliant! There was also a Chris Moyles ad for the TT show and the last Hey Jude singsong :(
    The ringmaster appeared and introduced Gary Go, I pretty much knew the intro off by heart at this rate! The security guards were as fed up with him as we were, lol! The girls next me had an ‘Irish Elite’ flag and there was another lot of them on the other side as well as my lil one on my Jay banner-the Irish were dominating front row! They were waving like mad at Gary Go and we got a wave, yay! I think he recognised us too. Lady GaGa came a little while later and credit to her did a different set than the day before.
    As the show was started earlier than usual as it was last night, the clowns soon appeared. I also saw Chris Vaughn (who I went HELLO to only to receive a strange look back, lol!)Kim Gavin, James and Paul and Skippy dressed as a clown! Oh yes clowns. They walked near us and after much persuasion I got a balloon off one! He then said (when he spoke it freaked me out, haha) ‘When you see Take That’ and I went ‘let it go’ to which he nodded. Soon enough another clown appeared and it was Ciaran! One of the dancers, whose been there since the comeback. I went to him ‘You’re a dancer not a clown’ to which he just smiled and nodded, lol! He seemed to like us since we were all Irish!
    Soon the intro started and I was nearly crying before it even begun! When the balloons were let go by the clowns on stage, I let mine go. I looked up into the sky as I heard Gary sing ‘Ooohhh’ and all I could see was color. It was beautiful, I shed a little tear! And then they began to sing and the crowd did too. All the girls around me looked as upset as I was feeling! Gary said ‘It’s our last night’ and we all cheered. Whenever I listen to GD now all I can hear is ‘Today this could be the greatest day of our lifes’ SING then the crowd singing and Markie going ‘I wanna see your arms in the air!’ I also love how everyone does the ‘Hold On’ arms for Greatest Day. And the guys hugging-aww! Then the boys did their usual ‘I’m Gary I’m etc We’re Take That’ woop. Then there was Hello with the ladders and the waving and the guys going into around the B-Stage crowd-jealousness. Could it be Magic had everyone dancing-the Italian trio in front of me (when I turned around to see the B-Stage :p) were doing the turning and all, lol! As it was last night, everyone was doing every single thing-the singing, the dancing, and the arms. Then there Pray and the ‘boyband dancing’. At the end I saw Mark slap How’s ass!
    Mike Stevens and Jamie Norton came on for A Million Love Songs. Everyone was swaying and singing and I even cried a little! Emotional night. Jay then said ‘Oh we have to leave this stage’ soon which caused loud cheering from our end and boo’s from the B-Stage. Jay went ‘Why do I always get the bad lines fellas, eh? We’ll have to sort this script out’ and I was like ‘You can’t, last night, argh!’ Back for Good had us all waving our arms and singing as the poor B-Stage lot got soaked. I adore when Gaz says ‘Let it Rain!’ The Garden and the elephant were next which meant they were coming our way! As they were right above us, we were waving and screaming like fricking maniac’s and they waved back, woop! As they went down under the stage, Mark stayed for a second and said ‘Do you mind if I just enjoy this for a minute’ before ‘Ladies and gentlemen are you ready to run away to The Circus’ before he went too. Bless him.
    Then the ringmaster said ‘Ladies and gentlemen, the moment you’ve been waiting for Welcome to’ and we all screamed with him ‘THE CIRCUS!’ The acts, the trapeze people and the swinging guy and the big cube guy and all the other ones I always forget did their usual before the guys appeared on the stage. Markie came right in front and cos I was waving like a maniac he looked at me, MORE THAN ONCE! Was amazing. It’ll be nice to know that the guys recognized me after being up the front so much. The other guys all looked at me during the rest of the night but because I don’t love them as much as Mark I can’t remember when! With Shine there’s the really long ‘Shineeeeeeeeeeeeeeee’ bit and you could see How smiling over at us that we were doing it too. Then the extra chorus which after 6 shows I never remember about, lol! That had us all waving our arms and singing. Mark went ‘I want to see you all dancing’ as Up All Night began and we all happily obliged! Jay wiggled his hips at us then, he kept doing stuff like that all night, it was brilliant! After Jay was doing his usual ‘What do you think of our’ when he mentioned the elephant Markie went ‘We need the home for the elephant, we won’t need him after tonight’ and everyone put their hands up, lmao! He laughed at that. Then they all got sidetracked and started saying how emotional they were all it was over and they would deffo tour again as they loved it. Jay even went ‘Look at us, 4 knobheads from Manchester licking Wembley’ to which the boys laughed at. It was a lovely lil goodbye chat. You can tell they’re all good friends and it was really nice. After getting distracted they got back to the off off off bit, Jay has been very reluctant all tour, grr. I got a bit overexcited and kept screaming ‘Take your trousers off Jason!’ He’s too damn hot. Jay then finally got back to the songs and went ‘This next song should have been a single’ to which we all wooped and we got a smile off Jay! And then he went ‘It wasn’t cos I’m the worst at lead vocal’s’ to which we screamed NO! Wooden Boat was lovely. Then it was ‘rock n’ rock Take That eh?’ time with a bit of How Did It Come To This. Mark put his pic in his teeth again for clapping, so effing gorgeous! Everyone was singing and clapping and Jay looked so happy, I was so pleased for him!
    Then the guys disappeared as Gary went to his piano and the runway. ‘The boys have made a mistake, leaving me alone with a piano and an audience. I hope you brought your sleeping bags!’ to which we all cheered! He did his singsong of Love Ain’t Here Anymore, Babe and Nobody Else which he hasn’t done at every concert so it was nice that I saw it 4 times. Being up front I saw the tightrope walker getting ready, but as usual I kept my eyes on Gary instead of watching him. He gets enough attention from the rest of the crowd! The tightrope walker, not Gary, lol. Not that Gary is deprived off love or anything :P What is Love was next and I could see the guys coming from the back of the stage so I screamed ‘BOYS!’ before the WIL intro was finished,lol. For the first time I saw them being handed stuff from inside the boxes had always wondering where the got it! Still think it’s amazing they put on make-up and sing at the same time.
    Then it was time for the Medley! The guys all thrusting and dancing-yum by a million. I adore that part of the show. When the guys came out with their unicycles, Jay was wearing sunglasses which was strange! For each member we chanted their name. When it came to Jason we were chanting JAY JAY JAY and he fell off for two seconds! Just while trying to get on though, so we gave him extra cheers. I still love that Mark needs help getting on-bless him! I loved being up the front that everyone was as mad as me that we were all doing the dance moves with the boys, brilliant. When they got down to the B-Stage they did Take That and Party before pulled their pants down to great appreciation! There was an adorable bit where they were all standing in their pants trousers around their ankles, symbols on their bums and they all joined hands and started jumping up and down! Cuteness. My eyes filled as they began Said It All. When they were all back on the stage and Markie was well into his bit the ticker tape exploded. And this time it was DROWNING me. I had ticker tape in my hair, on my clothes, everywhere! I was singing Said It All (my fav bit) with Take That a few metres away as ticker tape exploded around me, with me trying to catch every bit. It was magical.
    For Never Forget, all the guys’ crew came out into the gap between the barrier and the stage and did the arms, it was so nice! The guys looked really touched, especially Howard. It was amazing doing the claps so close to the boys. I looked around one last time as we all did the Never Forget claps and in that moment I felt so happy, it was unbelievable. Patience was next. Howard came in front of us and took out his earpiece and was gesturing at us to sing louder. He kept smiling :P The guys all looked over at us. The stadium was soooo loud and we were waving our arms around like mad. Mark was stomping like mad! It was brilliant. Relight was next and I knew the fire was coming. I ducked down and put my banner over my head, I didn’t want my scalp burned again! It was still soooooo hot though! I hid for the majority of Relight cos of the fire. I did get to see Mark whip his whip at us though-omfg amazzinggggg. And him in a cage-also amazing! Oooh and all the fans were doing the Relight arms over the barrier which was brilliant. I was so happy when Relight was over, I hate that damn fire!
    But it meant only 2 songs left :( Mark appeared crouched over, his arm in the air as he began Hold Up A Light. Then the rest of the guys appeared and How and Jay got us all jumping up and down. The security guys were trying to give out water with us all going mad, lol! I love Hold Up A Light live; it’s just made to sing to a live audience. And Mark WAVED AT ME during this song-AMAZING! Before I knew it, it was time for Rule the World and I’m seeing here welling up at the pure memory of it. Gary went ‘Time for one last song?’ to which we went NO!’ and then Gaz went ‘How long have we got’ and we went AGES! They did their usual thanks and said a huge thanks to the crowd which was nice. They started Rule the World and the tears began. I was crying, the girls next to me were crying, I even saw a crew member crying! The guys all took their earpieces out and the crowd and the boys gave it their all for the last time. The lyric ‘You saved my soul, don’t leave me now’ really got to me. Because not that the boys have saved me or whatever but they helped me through a really tough time this year. They helped me through loads and that lyric just means a lot to me. It was so emotional. Then Howard started to cry which made it worst! I don’t remember this but have since seen a vid of Jay hugging Howard mid-song which is so cute. The fireworks exploded for the last time and you could tell the guys were as emotional as us. When it all ended Mark went ‘I don’t want to say goodbye so see you soon’. They all waved and said bye. They put their arms around each other and walked off stage for the last time this tour. This night was easily the best of an amazing set of concerts.
    The lights went up and we all stood in disbelief, in tears that the tour was over. No one let go of the barrier for a good few minutes. I felt quite lonely cos everyone was hugging. So I rang my dad and then got hysterical when I had someone to talk to. I couldn’t stop crying all the way home. As upsetting as it was and still is, it was an unbelievable experience. It was the best few weeks of my life, travelling around, meeting other fans, seeing my boys 6 times. It was worth every last penny I spend on it, worth every last second I spend lying on the floor queuing. They make me happy, simple as. The tour made my world bright and colourful and made me feel normal for a few weeks. It was a magical time and I won’t ever forget it. Thank you Take That for absolutely everything.
  • Take That Dublin-My memories.

    Giu 15 2009, 1:16

    Sat 13 Jun – Take That, The Script, Gary Go
    I had waited 217 days for this and it was finally here! My chance to see Take That in Dublin-the first Irish concert I’ve been to in years. Me and my mum sent off at 6.15 and having got lost quite a bit, arrived at the stadium gates at 8.00 to find about 15 other people in front of us. Groups turned up every about half an hour for a while and by 11 o’clock probably every ten minutes. I met some lovely people in the queue-all going to at least 5; one fan was going to 18! I felt like I was at home, we were all just as mad as each other! By about half 3 the queue had about 300 people in it so they had to move us to another area. What followed was absolute chaos, running, being moved all over the place, people who had been there for hours nearly getting pushed to the back. Mental, it should have been organized much better. When it came to the actual running to the pitch I have never been so terrified! I was legging it with 20 guards all yelling at us crazy lot to slow down but we weren’t going to stop! My shoe nearly came off and I practically hobbled to front row! I saved a spot for my mum who turned up like 2 minutes later. I was soo ecstatic I was shaking and nearly cried!! I was next to a person who I recognised off the net which was weird! The couple on my mum’s side were really lovely-they were doing 5 dates. So we settled in and waited for the first support act.

    Gary Go came on at about half 6 and played for about half an hour, he was quite good. After he went the Trafalgar Square ad came on the screens and we all sang along to Hey Jude! After a little while The Script came on and they were BRILLIANT! I never realised how hot the singer was! After they did The Man Who Can’t Be Moved, we cheered so loud that he nearly burst into tears. He said he was so happy to have such a good reception from his home town. After they went another 20 minutes went by and the show started!

    A dozen fat clowns in cloud costumes appeared with MASSIVE balloons and went onto a little runway from the A to B stage, where a huge gramophone and a pushy thing(no idea what it was lol) were already. This circusy music filled the stadium as they pushed the thing up and down and made their way over to the B-Stage where a man appeared out of a huge balloon! He proceeded to jump up and down until the balloon popped. I can’t really remember how but suddenly the guys appeared on the B-Stage and I went mental! I even said sorry to the person next to me, lol!

    They broke into Greatest Day with everyone singing along and shoving their arms in the air (like Mark does in the vid with ‘Hold On Hold On’). They looked amazing in military type uniforms.
    After GD, they sang Hello with them climbing up and down these really big bright ladders and these clowns doing all these dance moves on the stage. There were hugee flowers as well, some newspapers and empty television boxes. Hello was bright and cheerful.
    Could it be Magic came next, which was a surprise as I didn’t think they’d do it! Everyone was singing along while the boys jumped up and down on stage.
    Pray brought some much needed dancing with all the old moves still being used-you can’t beat it! The guys MD and piano player came onto the B-Stage and another huge surprise came when they sang A Million Love Songs, everyone was swaying and the fans were screaming! Mark sat on top the piano and swung himself backwards which was funny!
    Back for Good was quite early in the show, one of the loudest songs of the night. The boys were covered in rain (and half the crowd properly were too!) as they sang the old classic and near the end they got the umbrellas out. The boys moved to the as a giant elephant magically rose up from the stage. I saw one picture of it but it was so much cooler in real life! The boys were atop the elephant as they sang The Garden as the elephant walked back towards the main stage! They got to the end where a little bridge appeared and they disappeared under the main stage.
    The tent which has previously been over the main stage lifted up and the stage got sooo much bigger, revealed a massive circular screen as lots of circus acts did some tricks. The boys came back on in white and red outfits and sang Shine. It was unreal how close they were, when Markie walked over to our side, I say he was mere metres away! It was amazing. Mark was wearing a huge hat as per usual and lots of stomping! They did the end of the song the same as the vid with Jay and How swinging Mark over a box! After Shine Mark had said his trousers had spilt! Everyone showed off off off until he said that was the old Take That! He then got us to sing Fields of Athenry and looked like a giddy schoolboy as we broke into a round of Olayolayolay.
    Next was Up All Night, where all the guys played their own instruments (Gaz-piano, Jay and Mark-guitar and Howard on drums).There was a black and white picture playing of their outlines on the circular screen. Up All Night felt like a giant party.
    What came next was a HUGE surprise! After Gary has observed how tight Jason’s trousers were and went ‘You can get great stuff in M&S’ which everyone cheered! Everyone began to show off off off again until Jay said his dad was in the audience and he said he thought the next song should have been a single! I was amazed when he started to sing Wooden Boat. It was beautiful. The huge screen then did a close-up of Jay which lasted for the whole next song! Jay swapped his guitar for an electric one and sang How Did It Come To This which is a very fast song, I was out of breath singing along! The security kept looking at us as if we were mental, lol! Jay did amazing; he has come so far since the last tour.
    The boys then left the stage except Gary who went to the runway and sat at the piano. We all had a singsong with snippets of Love Ain’t Here Anymore, Babe (which was very strange to hear Gary sing) and Nobody Else for the dedicated fans! The next song was The Circus where a man walked across a tightrope suspended in the air above the stages and did some brilliant tricks. He was incredible, Gary’s spotlight was stolen!
    The guys all reappeared wearing stripy tops and bright trousers carrying boxes. They sat on some crates and Howard began to sing What Is Love. They all opened the boxes and proceeded to put on their own clown make-up. Singing and applying make-up at the same time-now that was good! The guys also produced bright top hats adorned with their initial and bright jackets.
    Another giant surprise came when the guys started Do What you Like which including lots of trusting! Amazing. All the dedicated fans went mental. The dancing was brilliant-very old school! Do What you Like was part of a medley including Promises and Only Takes a Minute where Mark, Jay and How all did some breakdancing and rolled over each others backs! Then the unicycles appeared with Howard and Jay putting them in a very rude place! They rode ride out to the B-Stage with Mark being very persistent and practically being pushed down with the help of 2 dancers. Then Gary appeared on a kid’s tricycle and the stadium burst into laughter-it was so funny!
    Upon reaching the B-Stage the guys started Said It All which strangely enough I forgot had existed considering it’s one of my favourites. It was so moving live, I nearly cried! They walked back towards the main stage as they sang and disappeared yet again under the stage.
    Ton loads of drummers appeared on stage and began to play a tune as circus acts performed around them. It was like the start of Take That Come to Town. Their was a giant symbol on the circular screen. The boys came back on stage in gorgeous yummy gold and black military outfits. Howard sang the fan anthem that is Never Forget, he looked so happy! We all shoved our arms in the air and when the clapping began I looked around the stadium and it was a sight to behold. 83,000 people all doing the Never Forget claps at the same time, it was incredible.
    The guys sang Patience with lots of emotion and you could hear the ‘Iiiiiiiis’ ringing around the place. Brilliant. Gary said it was their 2nd to last song which scared me as I knew they had 3 songs left that they couldn’t not do.
    When the guys had left the stage, this huge top hat came out of nowhere which turned into a giant puppet with the creepiest face ever! The scantily clan dancers appeared and there were even some in cages! The fire started to come out of the stage and it was ROASTING. I seriously thought it was going to burn! It was not a nice feeling; the poor security guards were hiding under the front row’s coats! The guys came back in sparkly waistcoats, black trousers, big hats and WHIPS! Omfg-now that was yum. They did the classic dance moves with lots of leaping and whipping thrown in too. This new voice rang out as a woman came on to sing Lulu’s part. It turned out she was the original Relight singer! She said she adored the boys and we all cheered. Milton (guitar guy) came on and did a solo as the fire kept going, couldn’t wait for him to finish!
    Gary having said it was their 2nd to last song with Patience, we thought there was just one left and they had to sing Rule the World. However there were 2 songs left! My favourite track of the album Hold Up A Light was full of lights and strings players and lots of dancers on the runway. The guys were all wearing black except Markie who was wearing an all in one silver bodysuit! Very Markie, very yum. Rule the World ended the night, it was amazing, very emotional and the crowd sang along and the fans gave it their all. The guys ran around the stage singing goodbye and I looked up into the sky as they sang ‘All the stars all coming out tonight’ and I saw a few. Gold fireworks illuminated the sky as the guys smiled and finished RTW. They bowed, waved around,Jay blew us all some kisses and got some back and then they went off stage.
    It didn’t rain all day, I can’t remember when but Jay, Mark and Howard all looked at me at some point! I couldn’t put into words how amazing it was to have my boys just a few metres away, all the stress and everything was completely worth it. It was the best concert in the whole world ever; the atmosphere was out of this world. I can honestly say I have never been so happy and it was the greatest day of my life.