• PT Rocks!

    Ago 20 2010, 20:15

    Wed 18 Aug – Coheed and Cambria, Porcupine Tree, The Dear Hunter

    Awesome concert. I went to this concert to see Porcupine Tree and was NOT disappointed. Perhaps the only part I was disappointed with was the fact the The Dear Hunter and Coheed didn't open up for PT. Nothing against those two bands, but PT is an awesome band to see live. They played with passion and conviction.
  • Great concert

    Set 21 2008, 3:28

    Wed 17 Sep – Nightwish, Sonata Arctica

    SA was good but didn't play many songs. Don't Say A Word and Paid In Full were notable. The band didn't have a lot of energy.. maybe because they weren't headlining. The bass player looked and acted like the concert was the most boring thing he'd done in his life. I thought I almost saw him smile once.. but I was mistaken.

    Nightwish, on the other hand, frigging rocked the house! Great, great show. Each member in the band played their ass off. Too many great performances to pick just one song but Poet And The Pendulum was inspired. You could tell the band was having fun and enjoying themselves,,, and that is the key to a great concert, seeing a band do what they love most.