brian jonestown gear stolen


Set 20 2005, 6:21

The Brian Jonestown Massacre show at the ottobar on the yesterday (19th) was cancelled, after the band's gear trailer was stolen the day of...or the day before the show.

Not a hundred percent on the date since I talked to Anton about it via myspace... five something in the morning.

Regardless, the show was called off and there are some very unhappy people. (Anton included)

I guess we'll never know who their special guests were.


  • thedesburrito

    i think it was courtney taylor.

    Ott 11 2005, 23:57
  • tsilihineht

    the guest or the thief?

    Ott 12 2005, 21:28
  • thedesburrito

    I was thinking the thief... but he could have been both.

    Ott 17 2005, 18:55
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