• Nothing Gets Crossed Out

    Ott 20 2007, 16:07

    Fri 19 Oct – Bright Eyes, Andrew Bird
    This concert was not only breathtaking, but beautiful as well. What other theatre than the Chicago Theatre could make an already wonderful experience perfect? The theatre is simply gorgeous, and it blended perfectly with the lush sounds that Andrew Bird brought to the stage. Bird is most likely the best whistler ever to have lived. He whistles better than any bird, (no pun intended) and he does everything solo. I loved his performance greatly. The audience themselves were a hassle, (sitting room only) standing up and swaying rythmicly, until they were taken down. Finally.
    Once Bright Eyes took the stage, all I knew was that I couldn't control my urge to scream from exhileration. So I did. The band excutes such poise and brilliance, maybe possibley the most tight coherentness I've seen in a long while. So together with each other. Conor Oberst is such a brilliant musician, and his method of playing is diverse and driven, with an awesome sensibility to it. All the songs played were different, and they didn't just play songs from the latest record, which pleased me. The sound was fantastic, and the music was crystal clear. The emotion involved with each song was splendid, each one driving and more foot tapping from the last. Andrew Bird is a brillaint musician, who blended perfectly with Bright Eyes, delievered the whole package, making the perfect concert experience.