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Apr 23 2007, 11:57

Sun 22 Apr – Hit The Lights, Kill Hannah, Kids In Glass Houses, Beat Union at Birmingham Barfly.

The sole reason I went to this gig was to see Hit the Lights. I first saw them supporting New Found Glory at Nottingham Rock City, as I was suitably impressed that I picked up their debut CD This Is A Stick Up...Don't Make It A Murder.

If you're a fan of , then definitely check out Hit the Lights, I think you'll like them!

First on stage were Kill Hannah, who, along with the other supports, were an artist I hadn't heard of before. They were average. Nothing overly stood out, but there has been some interest in the band lately, so I picked up their CD for £7 to give them a listen.

Next was Beat Union, who I imagined as a Two Tone , who were actually an old-school-style punk band. Again, these were average, and nothing stood out. Although, they had one or two catchy songs. Maybe they'll be better when I see them supporting Reel Big Fish.

Finally, the last support Kids in Glass Houses. Again, I'd not heard anything by this artist, except for some clips on and on their MySpace page. They were quite catchy and I recognised 'Me Me Me'. I was going to pick up their CD, but it was £5 for 5 songs, and I'm afraid that's not worth it for checking out a new band.

Hit the Lights came on stage at 21:55 and the sedated crowd came to life. They were decent again, and it was good knowing all the songs this time through. However, they finished at 22:30 — playing for only 35 minutes, which I thought was a bit poor. They did mention that they'll be back later this year for a full headlining tour, with some 'special guests'. I'll be going, I suggest you do to!

Tip: New bands, make your album cheap (£6-£8) and more people will just take a chance and check it out.


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