• Destruction -- Anaheim, CA -- March 29, 2014

    Mar 31 2014, 18:29

    Sat 29 Mar – Destruction North American Tour 2014

    After Destruction's problematic tour a couple years ago Schmier claimed they would never return to North America. Thankfully it didn't take long for them to reconsider. This time around they hit Mirror Image Studios. It seemed like a strange place to book them, since the venue usually hosts local bands rather than international touring ones, but it turned out to be a nice choice. Although it's a small room the floor is wide enough for a decent sized pit to form. The biggest plus, however, is that the sound is great, which is not often the case in little clubs.

    By the time I got inside Exmortus had just started playing their final song. They're a rather generic band that seems to have made a name for themselves in the cesspool retro thrash scene. I was there just in time to see them pull a lame trick where the guitarists played each others guitars slung behind their backs. The few minutes of their set that I witnessed were more than enough for me.

    After a short changeover Krisiun was up. They've never impressed me much on record, but they put on an enjoyable show. Their brand of nonstop blasting death metal sounds very powerful live. They got the crowd going a bit, but there wasn't a whole ton of movement during their set. However, there was a fight started by a wasted guy. There seemed to be no security presence inside, so it was up to other attendees to calm the situation.

    1. Kings of Killing
    2. Combustion Inferno
    3. The Will to Potency
    4. Vicious Wrath
    5. Vengeance's Revelation
    6. Descending Abomination
    7. Ravager
      Drum Solo
    8. Blood of Lions
    9. Ominous

    For whatever reason Destruction always takes forever to set up and start their set, so there was quite a long lull after Krisiun. During this time the drunk guy that started a fight earlier had instigated another one for no apparent reason, but there was still no security around to kick him out. Eventually Destruction were ready, and so was everybody else. They opened with "Thrash Till Death", spawning a violent pit. Soon enough the drunk guy had started yet another fight, which this time ended with him on the floor with a bloodied face. I didn't see him for the rest of the night after that.

    The band was on point this night and sounded the best I've heard them. Schmier's bass was very audible in the mix, unlike previous times. And needless to say he still has the spitting venom in his voice that makes him sound so unique. Although the band was delivering in terms of performance, I had hoped for something more out of their choice of songs. On the setlist they had "Tormentor" and "Antichrist", but they opted for the same songs they usually play. Regardless, I enjoyed hearing the classics again, and I was surprised they actually played "Release from Agony" in full rather than only the first half like they've often done in the past. It was certainly a fun show and I was glad to see them again, but I hope next time they decide to change it up a bit!

    1. Thrash Till Death
    2. Spiritual Genocide
    3. Nailed to the Cross
    4. Mad Butcher
    5. Armageddonizer
    6. Eternal Ban
    7. Life Without Sense
      Beyond Eternity
    8. Release from Agony
    9. Carnivore
    10. Hate Is My Fuel
    11. Death Trap
    12. Total Desaster
    13. Bestial Invasion
    14. Curse the Gods
    15. The Butcher Strikes Back
  • Possessed -- Hollywood, CA -- March 13, 2014

    Mar 15 2014, 6:42

    Thu 13 Mar – Possessed, Lethal Fire, Velosity, Miscreancy, Mortifixtion, Darkult

    Regrettably I missed Possessed the last time they played here and since then I have been eagerly waiting for another opportunity to see them. Last year they started playing all of Seven Churches in their set without announcing it beforehand, so I couldn’t miss them this time around. Originally this show was intended to be a quick stop before the band headed to Mexico for the Hell & Heaven Festival, but that was unfortunately cancelled at the last minute. However, the sold out Hollywood gig was still on and guaranteed to be absolutely insane.

    The Whisky was packed wall to wall with dedicated maniacs when I arrived. Amongst the crowd outside I ended up meeting Don Doty and talked with him for a bit while we waited for Possessed to go on. Jeff was running late and eventually showed up about twenty minutes after the band was supposed to start their set. The rest of the members had already finished the sound check, so once he arrived they just had to get him on stage. Despite there being practically no room to move around inside the floor erupted in chaos with the opening notes of “The Heretic”. The crowd was one of the most enthusiastic I’ve seen at the Whisky and the band fed off the energy. Even though the floor had thinned out a bit as the show went on, those who remained kept it alive.

    It seemed like their set flown by too quickly when Jeff announced “Death Metal” as the last song. At that point there were still two songs from Seven Churches that they hadn’t played and I was worried they were being cut short due to starting late. There were no encores listed on the setlist, but they continued playing since the crowd was demanding more. After “Confessions” there were still numerous requests being yelled, so after a little discussion Jeff asked if the crowd wanted to hear “Holy Hell” or “Twisted Minds”. They chose “Holy Hell”, but only one more song wouldn’t satisfy the rabid fans. The band finished off with “Beyond the Gates” and finally “Twisted Minds”, rounding out Seven Churches. It was an experience that those in attendance will not soon forget. Death metal reigned supreme on the Sunset Strip last night and Possessed showed everybody how it is supposed to be done.

    1. The Heretic
    2. Tribulation
    3. Seance
    4. The Eyes of Horror
    5. Pentagram
    6. Evil Warriors
    7. Satan's Curse
    8. Fallen Angel
    9. The Crimson Spike
    10. My Belief
    11. Storm in My Mind
    12. The Exorcist
    13. Swing of the Axe
    14. Burning in Hell
    15. Seven Churches
    16. Death Metal
    17. Confessions
    18. Holy Hell
    19. Beyond the Gates
    20. Twisted Minds
  • Sadistic Intent -- Downey, CA -- December 21, 2013

    Gen 27 2014, 14:12

    Sat 21 Dec – Sadistic Intent, Daemonic, Scrapmetal, Depths Of Misery

    Although Sadistic Intent plays shows in Southern California frequently, I hadn't seen them since they opened for Morbid Angel in 2011. I had missed them a number of times since then, including their 25th anniversary show, so I was excited when this gig was announced. It couldn't have been better timing either, as the show was actually on my 21st birthday! What better way to celebrate than at a dive bar with some killer metal?

    This show was booked as an intimate hometown gig for the purpose of raising money to open the new Dark Realm store. Sadistic Intent needed no introduction; they got straight to the skull crushing, opening with "Funerals Obscure". Early in the set the mix was a bit off, but it evened out quickly and for such a small room the sound was surprisingly good. It was nice to see them do a proper length set and they played the majority of their material. Since I last saw them I had forgotten how great they are live. Over the course of the past couple of decades many of the old school death metal bands have deteriorated in some shape of form, not being able to deliver the same quality performance they did years ago, however Sadistic Intent has proven themselves to be one of the few exceptions.

    1. Funerals Obscure
    2. Eternal Darkness
    3. Lurking Terror
    4. Malignant Spirits
    5. Asphyxiation
    6. Dark Predictions
    7. Untimely End
    8. Numbered with the Dead
    9. Ancient Black Earth
    10. Existence
    11. Condemned in Misery
    12. Morbid Faith
    13. Impending Doom
    14. Conflict Within
  • Vader -- Hollywood, CA -- September 29, 2013

    Dic 25 2013, 21:04

    Sun 29 Sep – Vader, Vital Remains, Execration, Sacrificial Slaughter

    Vader was so incredible the last time around that I just had to see them again. Luckily they were coming around twice. They started off the tour here and now they would be returning for the final date before heading back home to begin writing their next album.

    Vital Remains was not very impressive at the first show and I have to say that didn’t change this time. Although they didn’t have horrendous sound, they just weren’t captivating. Brian Werner spends half the time acting like a showman and then rambles on between songs. It’s tiring watching him try to be the center of attention. However, they did pull out a surprise for once. They played a song from their second album, Forever Underground, which they rarely do. However, this wasn’t enough to save their performance for me.

    1. Where Is Your God Now
    2. Icons of Evil
    3. Scorned
    4. Descent Into Hell
    5. Hammer Down the Nails
    6. Let the Killing Begin
    7. Dechristianize

    Of course what I was really waiting for was another fix of Vader. Needless to say I was not let down. Once again they annihilated. This time the set had been trimmed by a few songs, but it was still packed with many killer tracks from the past. Piotr didn’t waste a lot of time talking between songs, but he mentioned that the Whisky was the first venue they played at in California when they came in ‘93 with Suffocation and Dismember. Due to Carcass playing a second night at the Troubadour down the street, this show was not as full as it could have been, but those who were there gave a nice response. It was definitely a better crowd than at the first date. With that said though, I still enjoyed the Santa Ana show more simply because we got a better setlist. This show was still a night to remember though and hopefully Vader will not wait another three years to return!

    1. Sothis
    2. Vicious Circle
    3. Fractal Light
    4. Carnal
    5. Reborn in Flames
    6. Silent Empire
    7. Chaos
    8. Return to the Morbid Reich
    9. Come and See My Sacrifice
    10. Decapitated Saints
    11. Dark Age
    12. Wings
    13. Sword of the Witcher (w/ Brian Werner guest vocals)
  • Carcass -- Hollywood, CA -- September 28, 2013

    Dic 24 2013, 13:45

    Sat 28 Sep – Carcass, Exhumed

    Hot on the heels of the release of their new album, Surgical Steel, Carcass set out on a small tour of intimate venues in the states. Unsurprisingly all of the dates sold out far in advance, most of them within twenty-four hours of going on sale. At approximately 400 capacity the Troubadour was one of the smallest, if not the smallest, venue on this string of shows.

    Joining them for the two nights at the Troubadour was Exhumed, who also put out a new album recently. It was interesting to see them opening for the band who has undoubtedly influenced them more than anybody else. In all of the past times that I have seen them there has been something off in their mix or their performance could have been better, but on this night that was not the case. It was easily the best I’ve heard them sound. However, I was let down by the setlist this time around. Their set was heavily focused on their newer material, with only a few of the older crowd favorites. It didn’t help that after “The Rotting” Bud Burke did a guitar solo, and then a skit in which he died and was revived by beer. In the time they spent on that they could have played another song. Overall they put on a good show, but it felt like nothing more than a warm up for the carnage that was about to ensue.

    1. Sickened
    2. Necrocracy
    3. In the Name of Gore
    4. Forged in Fire (Formed in Flame)
    5. Coins Upon the Eyes
    6. Limb from Limb
    7. Dysmorphic
    8. All Guts, No Glory
    9. As Hammer to Anvil
    10. The Rotting
      Guitar Solo (Bud Burke)
    11. The Matter of Splatter

    Many fans had been eagerly awaiting the return of Carcass, and they showed it. Immediately the floor turned into a sea of chaos. The band was on point, with Bill and Jeff taking command of the crowd. I don’t think they could have sounded any better. Jeff’s vocals are still as vicious as they were back in the early years of the band and although Bill doesn’t spend nearly as much time on the mic he delivered to the same extent. Some people may have been wary about the two new members, but they managed to pull off the job nicely despite having rather large voids to fill. Although Surgical Steel was just released a few days prior, they only peppered a few new songs throughout set while mainly focusing on their classic material. Most notably they pulled out some deep cuts from Necroticism – Descanting the Insalubrious. It was great to finally see Carcass again and I’ll be looking forward to their next tour.

    1. Buried Dreams
    2. Incarnated Solvent Abuse
    3. Carnal Forge
    4. No Love Lost
    5. Unfit for Human Consumption
    6. Edge of Darkness / This Mortal Coil
    7. Reek of Putrefaction
    8. Cadaver Pouch Conveyor System
    9. Genital Grinder
    10. Pyosisified (Rotten to the Gore)
    11. Exhume to Consume
    12. Captive Bolt Pistol
    13. Corporal Jigsore Quandary / Forensic Clinicism / The Sanguine Article
    14. Ruptured in Purulence / Heartwork
    15. Carneous Cacoffiny
    16. Lavaging Expectorate of Lysergide Composition
    17. Keep On Rotting in the Free World
  • Vader -- Santa Ana, CA -- September 6, 2013

    Nov 17 2013, 17:33

    Fri 6 Sep – Vader, Vital Remains, Execration, Extremely Rotten, Sacrificial Slaughter

    It’s hard to believe that it has been thirty years since Vader’s inception. Formed in ’83, they didn’t make their debut album until nearly a decade later in ’92, but they’ve been going strong ever since the beginning. Although they’ve been touring almost non-stop for the past couple years they had yet to make a trip over to North America since releasing their 2011 album Welcome to the Morbid Reich. This would be the first night of the tour here and their much anticipated return had my expectations set high.

    The venue this show was booked at was an odd choice. The Yost Theatre primarily functions as a dance club and rarely books metal shows. The capacity was far higher than a tour of this stature could draw, so the floor was rather sparse. By the time Vital Remains started setting up it had begun to fill in a bit, but there was still plenty of empty space. For whatever reason it took them forever to get through the sound check and it ultimately turned out to be a waste of time. During the first song the vocals and snare were dominating the mix. Everything else was nearly inaudible. Then on the second song the guitars and kick drums overpowered everything. It was the worst I’ve ever heard a band sound. It was to the point that I thought the sound man had to be deliberately screwing up their mix.

    Despite the major sound issues, the band still received a warm reaction from the crowd. During their final song, “Dechristianize,” they tore out pages from a bible and threw them into the audience. Somebody pulled out a lighter and started setting them on fire, prompting other people to do the same. The security didn’t know how to react and just watched as a pit formed around some of the burning pages. One of the staff on stage simply wagged his finger, as if it would stop anybody. The hilarity almost made up for the terrible sound that plagued the set.

    1. Where Is Your God Now
    2. Icons of Evil
    3. Scorned
    4. Savior to None... Failure for All...
    5. Hammer Down the Nails
    6. Let the Killing Begin
    7. Dechristianize

    With the complications during Vital Remains’ set I was worried about how Vader would sound, however when they kicked off their set with “Sothis” it was immediately clear that they were not suffering from any of the previous issues. They sounded as tight as ever and Piotr’s vocals were especially savage. The crowd reaction was a somewhat disappointing, but that did not stop the band from annihilating. They continued with “Vicious Circle” before delving into their third album, Black to the Blind. Since the tour was billed as “Back to the Black” I suspected they would be playing the whole album, which they had been doing on the European tour of the same name. My assumption could not have been more wrong; they only played two songs from it. Instead they primarily focused on The Ultimate Incantation and De Profundis, which I was more than happy with. I was particularly surprised when they pulled out “Chaos” and “Decapitated Saints,” two deep cuts that absolutely ripped. For the encore we got another nice treat, a cover of “Hell Awaits.” It was easily one of, if not the best, setlists they’ve done in many years, and a spectacular performance as well.

    1. Sothis
    2. Vicious Circle
    3. Fractal Light
    4. Carnal
    5. Reborn in Flames
    6. Silent Empire
    7. Chaos
    8. Return to the Morbid Reich
    9. Come and See My Sacrifice
    10. Breath of Centuries
    11. Decapitated Saints
    12. Dark Age
    13. Vision and the Voice
    14. Wings
    15. Helleluyah!!! (God Is Dead)
    16. Hell Awaits (Slayer cover)
  • Black Sabbath -- Irvine, CA -- August 28, 2013

    Ott 5 2013, 16:09

    Wed 28 Aug – Black Sabbath

    It was eight years ago that Black Sabbath last played in Southern California and fans were eager for the fathers of heavy metal to return. This time they would be performing a full set list instead of the abbreviated ones they were doing for Ozzfest. It would be my first time seeing them and now I can say that hopefully it will not be the last.

    Thankfully it was not a long wait for the main event. Merely twenty minutes after Andrew W.K.'s DJ set the amphitheater went dark and the sirens for “War Pigs” began to blare. The band appeared on stage to a roaring crowd, nearly drowning out the beginning of the song. They sounded phenomenal, but naturally I was worried about how Ozzy would sound. To my surprise though, he was far better than I could have hoped for. He did struggle on a few songs, but throughout most of the set he stayed on key and was actually singing quite well, which is a feat when you consider his age and the self-destructive lifestyle he led for so long. Tony Iommi was in top form despite his ongoing health issues, delivering an incredible performance and looking genuinely happy to be back on the stage.

    The band focused primarily on their first four albums and also threw in a few cuts from their comeback album, 13. I was elated to hear so many of the classics, especially “Fairies Wear Boots," "N.I.B.," and “Black Sabbath." They showed that they were still going strong, even through all of the tribulations of the past. Going into this show I wasn’t expecting too much, but afterward I was left that overwhelming sense of ecstasy that you only get after a truly moving experience.

    1. War Pigs
    2. Into the Void
    3. Under the Sun/Every Day Comes and Goes
    4. Snowblind
    5. Age of Reason
    6. Black Sabbath
    7. Behind the Wall of Sleep
    8. N.I.B.
    9. End of the Beginning
    10. Fairies Wear Boots
    11. Rat Salad
      Drum Solo
    12. Iron Man
    13. God Is Dead?
    14. Children of the Grave
    15. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath / Paranoid
  • Bolt Thrower -- Pomona, CA -- May 25, 2013

    Mag 27 2013, 0:34

    Sat 25 May – Bolt Thrower, Autopsy, Benediction

    Bolt Thrower is a band I never thought I would have the chance to see. They hadn't been to California since 1991 on tour for War Master. So when this show was announced I was completely shocked. It seemed too amazing to be real. It wasn't just Bolt Thrower though. The whole lineup was mind blowing. Benediction, another one the UK's finest, had never played on the West Coast before and who doesn't love Autopsy? Needless to say, I bought tickets the second they went on sale. There was no way I could miss this.

    To ensure a good spot in line I arrived at the venue an hour and a half before the doors opened. With the show being sold out I expected there to be a fair amount of people lining up already, but to my surprise there were only about ten or fifteen people. Shortly after I got there Ben & Jerry's parked their truck out in front of the venue and gave out unlimited free ice cream to everybody. They even walked down the line to pass it out. When the doors finally opened everybody rushed to the merch tables. The tables were set up on the balcony and there wasn't much room up there. It was a giant swarm of people. Luckily I was able to get my shirts quickly since I got to the show so early. I picked up three Bolt Thrower shirts since they were so cheap. I was considering getting an Autopsy shirt, but I decided to just get as many Bolt Thrower ones as I could since it would be my only chance to do so. After going back downstairs I could see the massive line that had formed for the merch. There were so many people trying to get shirts that the security started to only let small groups go upstairs at a time.

    While waiting for Benediction I talked with a guy who drove all the way from Salt Lake City to see the show. It wasn't a long wait though and before we knew it Benediction's intro began playing. They came out and destroyed. For whatever reason not everybody was inside for them though. They made a poor choice in missing them. Their riffs sounded ridiculously heavy in a live setting and Dave Hunt's vocals were great. They played a nice mix of new and old material; the highlight for me was "Nightfear". Going into the show I wasn't sure what to expect from them, but I ended up being really surprised by how good they were.

    1. The Grey Man
    2. Nightfear
    3. They Must Die Screaming
    4. The Grotesque
    5. Unfound Mortality
    6. Shadow World
    7. The Dreams You Dread
    8. Suffering Feeds Me
    9. Jumping at Shadows
    10. Subconscious Terror
    11. Magnificat

    Next up was California's own death metal masters, Autopsy. They were crushing when I saw them last year, so I was really looking forward to seeing them tear it up again. They set up quickly and were ready in no time. They didn't have an intro; they just burst right into "Severed Survival" and mass headbanging ensued. They continued on with two more cuts from Severed Survival and then Eric Cutler took over on vocals for "Dead". Both Eric and Chris sounded like sadistic killers. In between some of the songs Chris was letting out some torturous screams and the reverb made it sound insane. Somehow from behind the kit he still manages to be an awesome frontman.

    They played a couple new songs from The Headless Ritual for the first time. "Arch Cadaver" had a slow, eerie intro that reminded me of the material on Mental Funeral. Both of the songs sounded good. After a track from Macabre Eternal they stepped back into the '90s with "Voices". Up to this point the pit hadn't very active. One guy was pissed about it and decided to start pushing everybody who wasn't moshing. Moments later somebody slammed him to floor. He took a few seconds to get up while people laughed at him and then he staggered off and didn't return. Autopsy finished off their set with more classic material and that's when the pit finally got intense. The band put on an awesome performance and the setlist ruled. I'm really glad I was able to see them again.

    1. Severed Survival
    2. Pagan Saviour
    3. Embalmed
    4. Dead
    5. Gasping for Air
    6. Arch Cadaver
    7. Mangled Far Below
    8. Seeds of the Doomed
    9. Voices
    10. Critical Madness
    11. Charred Remains
    12. Twisted Mass of Burnt Decay
    13. Ridden with Disease

    The show was getting progressively better as it went along and now we were awaiting the grand finale: Bolt Thrower. It only took them twenty minutes to get ready. The lights went out and the crowd was roaring. As their intro began to play it felt like a completely surreal experience to me. I've only felt this way a few times in my life. While watching the band appear on stage I thought there was no way this was actually happening. Then they started playing "The IVth Crusade". At this moment I was in awe that I was actually witnessing Bolt Thrower live. As they continued with "Entrenched" the pit opened up and there was a headbanging frenzy. Then they pulled out "In Battle There Is No Law" and everybody went crazy, myself included. The Glass House has a wide open floor, so there was plenty of room for a big circle pit. It was intense to say the least. They trudged onward with "Anti-Tank (Dead Armour)", opening with the driving bass intro by Jo Bench. The band sounded incredible. Karl's vocals were commanding and the guitars sounded spectacular. Nothing was overbearing in the mix.

    After a couple tracks from ...For Victory Karl announced that it was time to roll out the big guns. They started to play "World Eater", prompting the most violent pit of the night. It was pure chaos. I couldn't help but completely lose it in there. The end of the song segued into "Cenotaph", keeping the pit going strong. The band seemed to be feeding off the energy of the crowd. They were headbanging just as much as everybody else. After a couple more songs they finished the main set with the monolithic anthem, "When Cannons Fade", which sounded even more powerful live.

    After leaving the stage the crowd chanted their name. They returned for a few more songs before saying the final farewell. When it was over I really couldn't believe how incredible the show was. I still can't. It's hard to properly explain it. It was truly an experience to see Bolt Thrower live. Adding Autopsy and Benediction to the equation just made it that much better. I've never headbanged and moshed so much in my life. I can honestly say this is the most fun I've ever had at a show.

    1. The IVth Crusade
    2. Entrenched
    3. In Battle There Is No Law
    4. Anti-Tank (Dead Armour)
    5. When Glory Beckons
    6. ...For Victory
    7. World Eater
    8. Cenotaph
    9. Salvo
    10. No Guts, No Glory
    11. When Cannons Fade
    12. War
    13. Remembrance
    14. The Killchain
    15. Powder Burns
  • Cro-Mags -- Hollywood, CA -- February 1, 2013

    Feb 4 2013, 19:39

    Fri 1 Feb – Cro-Mags, Strife, In Defence

    I had been waiting for Cro-Mags to return since I regrettably missed the Scion show in November 2011. Lucky for me they came back much sooner than expected and I wasn't going to miss them again. Joining them on the lineup was LA's own Strife, who recently put out a great comeback record. It was guaranteed to be a great show.

    I got to the Key Club at bit later in the evening, just after In Defence started. They were entertaining and got the crowd going, but there were way too many lulls during their set. Their vocalist would talk for a good minute or two after every other song. It really killed the momentum. They could have played a lot more songs if he had stopped talking so much. Aside from that, they put on a good show.

    A couple months ago Strife did a few shows for the release of their new album, Witness a Rebirth, but I missed the date here. I was happy to have another chance to see them so soon. As expected, when they started playing the place went off. They started off with the opening song from the new album and then dove into the old material. They had a lot of energy on stage and sounded awesome. There was plenty of stage diving going on and the security didn't know how to handle it. They were shoving people back into the crowd throughout the whole set. It culminated in a fight during "To an End," causing the band to stop in the middle of the song. Before starting the song back up Rick said, "Rule number one at a hardcore show: don't hurt the fans." They finished off the set with a couple more old songs and then "Rise Above," which got a massive circle pit going.

    1. Torn Apart
    2. Waiting
    3. Will to Die
    4. Stand as One (Redemption)
    5. Never Look Back (w/ Billy Graziadei)
    6. Lift
    7. Carry the Torch
    8. Forgotten One
    9. To an End
    10. Through and Through
    11. Blistered
    12. Rise Above (Black Flag cover)

    For whatever reason it took Cro-Mags a long time to set up. They eventually came out at midnight, about forty minutes after Strife had finished. The floor level turned into absolute chaos as they started "World Peace." The energy in the room was stepped up a good two or three notches for them. As expected, the set was almost completely based on The Age of Quarrel, including all of the typical crowd pleasers. Despite being 50 years old, John Joseph is still a madman on stage. He delivered a great performance and it was almost as if it was still 1986. As with Strife's set, the security had their hands full with stage divers and a violent pit. Around the middle of the set one of them jumped into the crowd and instigated a fight, to which John Joseph responded, "Take it easy. There are a lot more of us than there are of you." They finished off the set with some covers and more old material before returning for the two songs everybody always wants to hear. It was a perfect end to the night. However, as great it was I will definitely be avoiding the Key Club for any future hardcore shows since the security apparently can't handle themselves.

    1. World Peace
    2. Show You No Mercy
    3. Malfunction
    4. Crush the Demoniac
    5. Street Justice
    6. Seekers of the Truth
    7. Signs of the Times
    8. Right Brigade (Bad Brains cover)
    9. Attitude (Bad Brains cover)
    10. Rise and Fall (Leeway cover, intro only)
    11. It's the Limit
    12. Life of My Own
    13. Don't Tread on Me
    14. We Gotta Know
    15. Hard Times
  • Napalm Death -- Santa Ana, CA -- November 13, 2012

    Nov 18 2012, 11:53

    Tue 13 Nov – Napalm Death, Municipal Waste, Exhumed, Repulsion, Attitude Adjustment

    Every once in a while there is a lineup you know you can't miss. A lot of other people seemed to feel the same way, as the venue was pretty packed considering that it was a Tuesday night. Two of the most important bands in grindcore would be sharing the stage, along with some other great bands. To ensure I wouldn't miss anything I arrived early and waited for Attitude Adjustment to start. Although I wasn't really familiar with their material I enjoyed them a lot. There were plenty of great riffs and they sounded great. Also, Barney came out to do a song with them. If you have the chance to see them don't miss it.

    1. Destruction's End
    2. Dead Serious
    3. American Paranoia
    4. Actions Speak Louder Than Words
    5. DSFA
    6. Hunger and Poverty
    7. Dope Fiend (w/ Barney Greenway)
    8. Satan is God
    9. In the Center
    10. Johnny
    11. Grey World

    Exhumed was up next and by the time they came out the crowd had filled in nicely. As expected the pits were much more intense than at the Summer Slaughter tour. They sounded tight and put on a great show as usual, but Matt's vocals were too high in the mix. During "Limb from Limb" Dr. Philthy came out with the chainsaw, which they didn't do the last couple times I saw them. I was happy they brought back "Torso" and "Necromaniac" for this tour, and the Siege cover was cool as well. They're putting out a new album next year, so I'm looking forward to hearing new songs the next time they come around.

    1. All Guts, No Glory
    2. Decrepit Crescendo
    3. As Hammer to Anvil
    4. Slaughtercult
    5. Torso
    6. Limb from Limb
    7. Distorted and Twisted to Form
    8. Necromaniac
    9. The Matter of Splatter
    10. Drop Dead (Siege cover)

    After them Repulsion was up. Before they started their set Scott said, "This has been a long time coming for us. We've never played with Napalm Death." They went into the opening track from Horrified, "The Stench of Burning Death," which got the pit going. It seemed like the crowd was a little smaller for them, but they still got a great response. They played all of the usual songs, but the highlight of the set was when Barney came out to do "Maggots in Your Coffin" with them. It was great to see Repulsion again and they put on an awesome show.

    1. The Stench of Burning Death
    2. Slaughter of the Innocent
    3. Decomposed
    4. Radiation Sickness
    5. Splattered Cadavers
    6. Festering Boils
    7. Pestilent Decay
    8. Helga (Lost Her Head)
    9. Driven to Insanity
    10. Bodily Dismemberment
    11. Black Breath
    12. Maggots in Your Coffin (w/ Barney Greenway)
    13. Horrified

    I was looking forward to seeing Napalm Death again as I hadn't seen them since 2008, but I was disappointed knowing they would probably have to cut some songs. Originally the venue's website listed them as the headliner, but then it was changed to Municipal Waste for some reason. They came out to loud cheers and began playing "Circumspect," and then segued into "Errors in the Signals." Something was off though. Mitch's guitar was too low in the mix, so it was hard to decipher the riffs. This continued for the entire set. However, they still put a lot of energy into their performance and Barney's stage antics entertaining. He's like an extremely angry mentally challenged kid on stage. The floor level was packed and the crowd was going insane the whole time. There were so many people that there was hardly any room to move, so anybody around the pit automatically became a part of it. The setlist could have been better, but hearing "Practice What You Preach" was awesome. Unfortunately as I expected they did have to cut some songs, including "Human Garbage" and "Instinct of Survival." Despite the disappointments, I was glad I got to see Napalm Death again, and unlike some of the other recent shows we at least got "Unchallenged Hate."

    1. Circumspect
    2. Errors in the Signals
    3. Everyday Pox
    4. Protection Racket
    5. Silence is Deafening
    6. The Wolf I Feed
    7. Fatalist
    8. Practice What You Preach
    9. Quarantined
    10. Dead
    11. Deceiver
    12. When All is Said and Done
    13. Unchallenged Hate
    14. Nom de Guerre
    15. Suffer the Children
    16. Nazi Punks Fuck Off (Dead Kennedys cover)
    17. Scum
    18. You Suffer

    Municipal Waste isn't my thing, so I left after a few songs. I will say that their sound was great though.