Fun @ Last.FM, or Songs of American Places


Ott 24 2006, 21:07

First a funny tag:

Songs named by American states/cities:

Sufjan Stevens: Chicago
Matson Jones: New York City Fuck Off
Tapes 'n Tapes: Omaha
Rufus Wainwright: California
Arctic Monkeys: Fake Tales of San Francisco
Decemberists: Los Angeles, I'm Yours
Strokes: New York City Cops
Delays: Chicago
Kooks: California
Eagle: Hotel California
Low: California
Kings of Leon: California Waiting
Wombats: Moving to New York
Martha Wainwright: New York, New York, New York
Sufjan Stevens: Say Yes! To M!ch!gan
Sufjan Stevens: Flint (For the Unemployed and Underpaid)
Razorlight: Los Angeles Waltz
Will Smith: Miami

I could probably put Editors' "Munich" on the list as well, as there probably is a place called Munich in the US.

Everybody's singing about California and NY. Why not Massachusetts? Or Kansas? (there probably are songs about these places as well, I reckon. It should, anyway!)

Sufjan StevensMatson JonesDecemberistsRufus WainwrightMartha WainwrightArctic MonkeysKings of LeonLowWombatsEagleKooksRazorlightStrokesDelaysTapes 'n Tapes


  • rockstarmouse

    new york city cops and when it started are different songs...

    Ott 25 2006, 10:28
  • rockstarmouse

    and how aboutAmerica for just america in general

    Ott 25 2006, 10:31
  • torbjorgsj

    Oops, you're absolutely right. Was beginning to wonder if they'd renamed it on the US version of Is This It, because when I imported it to iTunes it was given that name (When it started). Just found out that the US version of this album had When It Started instead of NYC Cops however. No wonder I got it mixed up.

    Ott 25 2006, 12:30
  • hemlockecho

    The Get Up Kids have a song called Campfire Kansas and a song called A Newfound Interest in Massachusetts (later renamed to just Newfound Mass)... But mostly you're right... songs tend to be about California or New York more than anywhere else.

    Ott 25 2006, 13:50
  • janeowit

    Seven of Sufjan's Stevens' songs on Illinois mention a city, and ten on Michigan do so. He's really doing his part! State Songs took the idea to the extreme and wrote songs about 15 states, avoiding California and New York.

    Ott 25 2006, 22:18
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