• Julian Cope reviews Hintergedanken!

    Set 29 2007, 15:47

    Remaining for a while in that same Kabalist half-world, I'd next suggest checking out the superb self-titled debut from Hintegedanken, a Wisconsin stuporgroup ensemble that unites the Harry Parch-ness of the Residents' FINGERPRINCE period with the freaked-out acid campfire of '70s Japanese commune bands Brast Burn and Karuna Khyal. Hintegedanken calls itself "the latest in a long line of cosmic supergroups reaching from the Cosmic Jokers through Queen Elizabeth to the Zodiac Mountain". C'mon! And if that mouth-watering combination sounds totally essential, then believe me the reality is the absolute pig's business, the mutt's nuts, and wholly useful to any fucker searching for doorways to the underworld. Clad in a high gloss three-panel digipak, and bearing song titles that inhabit the same realms as early Fugs and Mothers of Invention LPs ('Ritual Dance of the Sugar Rush Fairies' or 'Prelude to the Twilight of a Sexually Confused Sunflower' anyone?), this enormous ever-unfolding Cresta Run through the collectively disturbed minds of itinerant rock'n'roll priests can be copped from Barbarian Records (available via